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Screw him.
My ex was more wife beater than bad boy, and I’m never going back.
But that means I’ve got to be careful.
I can’t let anyone get close. Especially not Ted.
His endless biker tattoos and thick muscles are haunting my dreams, but they’ll have to stay dreams.
Even when Ted tells me he wants to be more than friends.
I made some promises to myself when I ran. No romance. No men. And definitely no falling in love.
I never thought I’d break those promises so soon.
Ted says he’ll protect me, but he wants to know my secrets.
How can I tell him the truth"
That husband of mine is closing in. Which means I’ve got to run.
There’s no time for goodbyes. No time to tell Ted about our baby.
But Ted won’t let me go without a fight.

And the prize is me.Books by Author:Mia Ford Books



"Hey girl, how"s it going"" Alyssa"s green eyes sparkle gleefully at me as she strolls across the sticky diner floor with ease. "Excited for our long-ass shift in this gorgeous eatery""

"Gorgeous if you like a side of rat droppings." I roll my eyes. "Honestly, how can you actually look happy to be at work" It"s going to be another long-ass night of people constantly being rude to us. Are you mad""

"I"m excited because"" She does a dramatic drum roll on the side. "It"s my birthday on Friday and we"re headed out in the town." She holds up her hands to stop the complaint from falling out of my mouth. "Now, I already know what you"re going to say, that you don"t ever go out, yada yada yada, but you cannot say no to your best friend when all she wants to do is go out dancing on her twenty-second birthday."

"Don"t flutter your eyelashes at me," I chuckle. "You know it won"t work. I don"t go out for a reason""

"No, I won"t hear it. Twenty-six years old is not too old to go out. You can"t spin that one at me again, I won"t hear it. And the excuse of work won"t roll either because we"re both off that night. I"ve covered absolutely all bases here so unless you can tell me right now why you can"t celebrate my birthday with me, I don"t want to hear it."

She flings her hands onto her hips, her eyes flashing happily at me. "So, are we going or what""

I part my lips, desperately searching my brain for any reason to say no, but there"s nothing. She"s right, there"s no more excuses. I"ve run out. This is why I should have stuck to my original plan when I moved to the city and kept myself away from everyone. I was supposed to be just another anonymous face in the crowds, someone who no one even looked at twice. I thought a harmless little work friend, just someone to talk to so I wouldn"t get lonely would be absolutely fine. How wrong I was. Now, I"m stuck with this nightmare!

"I suppose so." I gulp down a ball of fear. "Where were you thinking about going anyway""

"You could sound a little more enthusiastic about it! It"s my birthday after all. It"s gonna be fun!"

"Yeah, sorry I don"t mean to sound like I"m not excited. I am." Just fucking terrified too!

The dinging sound rings out from the kitchen which means food is ready to go. Alyssa grabs the two plates and shimmies herself across the diner to dump the mush down in front of two bikers. Maybe when I first started working here, big muscular tattooed guys would have terrified me because I"d never experienced them before, but I"ve eased up over time. They"re in here a lot and actually, they"re the friendliest guys around.

"Well, thank you there, you sexy little minx." One of the guys winks at Alyssa. His eyes rake up and down her like she"s something to eat. "It"s always a pleasure to be served by someone as gorgeous as you."

She giggles and flicks her long dark hair over her shoulder. Alyssa loves the flirting, I think it"s the only thing that keeps her working here. It certainly can"t be the crappy pay. None of us are here for that. I like it here because there"s not a chance of anyone I have ever known in my life coming in. I can keep hidden.

"Well, it"s always awesome to have you guys in here. Is there anything else I can get you""

"Nah, we"ve got the ketchup thanks, love. But did I hear it"s your birthday soon""

"It is actually, I"m going to be twenty-two. I"m just trying to persuade my gorgeous friend, Kym, here to come out with me to that new club in the city center. Pummel. It"s supposed to be incredible."

Both guys look at me and a heat fills my cheeks as their gaze pierce into me. One of them has the darkest, warmest brown eyes ever known to man, and the other guy, the one who"s remained silent so far has a stunning, piercing green color that"s almost hard to look at. I automatically dart my eyes to the ground.

Mr. Green Eyes is very good looking, in a rugged, manly, dangerous type of way. He"s the sort of man that I might fantasize about in the dark by myself, never to tell another person about, but never someone I can let into my tiny little circle. I have had enough danger in my life. I don"t need more.

Not that someone as magnetic as him would be interested in me anyway. I"m too petite, too feminine, too nothing. He"s the sort of man who"ll end up with a badass rockabilly, tattooed, super cool woman on his arm. Not me with my ashy blonde hair, my sky blue eyes, my tiny skinny frame" no, we"re far too different. That"s what makes it a sexy fantasy, not something that would ever happen in real life.


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