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Holly Lang has a hard time trusting men. Eight years ago, her husband tossed her aside and took her son away from her. Finding the little town of Bliss has given her a second chance at life, new friends, and sense of belonging. Unfortunately, Bliss also seems to have filled her days and nights with dreams of two beautiful men. She can"t stop thinking about the gentle but haunted Dr. Caleb Burke, and the exotic and dangerous Alexei Markov.

Caleb Burke isn"t your ordinary town doctor, but he"s always dedicated himself to trying to be a good man. His journey to this quirky little town was not an easy one. Some of the stops along the way left him scarred in more ways than one. But when he first sees Holly, it"s like someone threw open the blinds and let the sunlight into his life for the first time in years.

Alexei Markov is nothing like Caleb Burke. Working as a hit man for the Russian mafia, he was forced to do unspeakable things. He suffered through all the moral compromises to fulfill one simple goal, killing the man who murdered his brother. When a mission led him to Bliss, he found something more precious than vengeance. A woman named Holly Lang. Throughout months of living in witness protection, testifying against his former employers, all he could think about was finding his way back to her.

After returning to Bliss, Alexei and his strange new ally Caleb discover that they aren"t the only ones interested in Holly. Someone else is stalking her and appears to want her dead. The only way to discover the identity of the killer is for all three to face up to the secrets of their past and work together to fight for everything they have found in Bliss.Books in Series:Nights in Bliss Colorado Series by Sophie OakBooks by Author:Sophie Oak BooksLexi Blake Books


The Road to Bliss

Denver, Colorado

Eight years ago

Holly Lang stared at the papers. "What is this supposed to mean""

Scott Lang sighed, barely glancing up from the desk in his beautifully designed Congressional office. "It means what it says, dear. My father was right. You"re a liability. I"m never going to move out of state politics with you at my side. I"m going to make a run at Washington in two years. I can"t do that as long as I"m married to you. Don"t get me wrong. You"re a gorgeous woman. You"re fun, and the sex is amazing. Was at first. I was caught up in it. I should have done exactly what my father told me to do. I should have screwed you until my eyes popped out and then married a proper political wife."

Rage threatened to choke her. "Well, I think you can tell your father that I feel pretty damn screwed."

Nearly ten years of marriage down the drain. She"d done everything the bastards had asked her to do. She"d worn the right clothes, gone to all the proper parties, kept her mouth shut when she wanted to scream. More than that, she"d done everything he"d needed her to do. She"d dropped out of college to support him. She"d had their baby.

She looked through the papers, catching on one particular clause.

"Well, I understand you mean to enforce the prenup."

He sat back, cold blue eyes assessing her. His perfectly coiffed hair had a hint of silver at the temples. His stylist put that in once a month. Scott"s hair didn"t have a hint of silver. Those strands were dyed to give him a regal air of maturity. Like everything with her husband"soon to be ex"it was an illusion created to play to his voters. "That is what a prenup is for, dear."

"Your timing is impeccable." According to the prenup, if she"d stayed married for another six months, she would be paid a sizable sum if they divorced. At the time when she"d signed the damn thing, she"d hated that clause, hated the whole idea of a prenuptial agreement. It had seemed so unromantic. But she"d been madly in love. She"d signed it because she"d known they wouldn"t need it.

Two years in, she"d realized that Scott was a vacuous idiot who cheated on her at every given opportunity. But she"d had Micky to think about. Her son was everything to her.

Scott"s fingers drummed along the top of his desk as though he was bored by the whole scene and ready to move on. "I"ve had this on my calendar for years. I was never going to give you that money. I would have divorced you last year, but I was up for reelection, and it doesn"t look good to the voters."

Bastard. So cold blooded. What had she ever seen in this man" "How is it going to look now" You"re kicking your wife and child to the curb. I"m sure your constituents are going to love that."

The reptilian smile that crossed his face chilled her to the bone. In that moment, she knew she was screwed. He opened a manila folder. "Oh, I think they"ll understand when they see these."

Five photos were laid out in front of her, each more damning than the next. Her stomach churned as she looked at those pictures. Whoever he"d paid had done a damn fine job with Photoshop. The woman in the photos was a dead ringer for her. It looked like she was standing outside a seedy motel with her husband"s bodyguard, Rick. Her hand was on his chest, his on her hip. The next picture featured a deep kiss as Rick"s hands delved into her blouse. She turned her eyes away from the other two pictures. They were taken through the window and showed her riding the bodyguard, her head thrown back.

"Dare I ask who played the part of me"" Tears threatened to squeeze out of her eyes. Rick had always been nice to her, but she supposed her husband"s money and influence bought anything he wanted.

"It doesn"t matter. Rick is ready to go on record to the press. The motel manager has proof that you"ve been going there every week for several months. It"s all lies, but that"s irrelevant. The press will see what I want them to see." He pulled the photos back in and neatly stacked them. "I don"t particularly want to use these. I think it would be hard on Micky, don"t you""

Micky was only nine, the light of her life. He went to a private school, and they would eat him alive if his mother was involved in a sex scandal. Of course, she wouldn"t be able to afford that school now. She would have to find the best public school she could and do whatever it took to move into the district. "Yes, it would be hard on him. We"ll go. I won"t give you any trouble."


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