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Do you believe in true love"


Im tired of waiting for Mr. Perfect to come along.
Im going to find someone to give me all the things I want.. a baby, a marriage, and a happily ever after.
Posting an AD on the internet should find me all those things, right"
It sends a lot of bad men to my door and leaves me frustrated and sad.
It isn"t until I get a mysterious email that everything seems to fall into place.
Ive been fooled before into believing in love, but will I give love a second chance when it comes knocking on my door"


Ive loved Winter since forever.
So when I find out she wants a baby all bets are off.
I knows I’m the perfect man for the job, so I send her an email, anonymously of course.
She’s been mine since the day I met her on the first day of Kindergarten.
I screwed up once before, and ill be damned if I’m going to let her get away again.
This time I’m playing for keeps, and nothing will stop me from possessing the woman of my dreams.
Winters going to give me a second chance and I’m going to give her everything she"s ever wanted.Books by Author:J.L. Beck Books

Chapter One


I stare down into my coffee pouting. I was nearly twenty-five. I hadn"t lost my virginity or even shared anything more than a kiss with a man before and yet, I was more than ready to start a family, and get married. My thoughts drift to Silas the one and only man I"ve ever loved, and considered giving myself to. He was everything I could"ve ever asked for in a man but he chose his future over me and since then, I had yet to meet a man that met my expectations.

"You"re so pure Winter. Maybe you should wait and explore your sexual needs and wants before deciding to settle down," Sapphire, my best friend tried to lecture me.

"You always say things like this." I roll my eyes. Since the day I told her I wanted a baby, she"s tried everything she could to convince me that it was a bad idea. What she didn"t know was I didn"t really care if she thought it was a bad idea. It was what I wanted"I wanted a baby, and a family. I wanted something more to live for, and wake up for every single day.

I had half a mind to go and do fertility treatments but I want to experience everything the way it should be. The real deal. I want to experience a man taking me for the first time, owning me and possessing me in a way that only a man can.

"Only because they"re true and I"m worried that you"ll settle for less then you deserve."

I give her a look that said shut up. "Let me be the judge of that. I won"t be choosing just anyone to help me with the deed. It"s going to be someone special. Someone I know can handle it." It would be nice if the man I find would like to attach himself to me but if not that"ll be fine too. I"ve come to the conclusion that I might just end up being that woman that has children without a man and guess what" I"m okay with that too. I open my laptop and navigate to the Internet. It dawns on me then exactly what I should do"

"Would it be crazy if I posted a wanted ad for a baby daddy"" I laugh at the mere thought.

Sapphire all but chokes on her coffee, coughs and excess coffee sputters from her lips. She shakes her head, her dark mocha colored eyes widen. "You can"t actually be serious" Do you have any idea how many crazy stalkers and just overall fucked up people are out on the Internet" You"re asking to be murdered."

I purse my lips at her comment because it"s not like what she"s saying isn"t true. People get murdered all the time. Do I really want to risk my life to have a baby" The answer is on the tip of my tongue, "I"m actually super serious. I think I"ll post on craigslist first and then maybe Facebook"s Marketplace," I say the words out loud more for myself than for Sapphire since I know she thinks I"m absolutely insane.

"Whatever"" She puts her hands in the air as if she"s giving up on me. "It"s your funeral girl. I"m tired of trying to warn you. You"re just too na"ve. Do what you need to do."

Sapphire"s anger only makes me want post the ad more, and I decide then that I will. I start to type, and before I realize it my fingers are flying across the keys.

I type out the ad just as I want it.


I read the ad a couple times, adding a couple things here and there, and then I post it to Craigslist. I bite at my bottom lip nervously and look up from my laptop and over to Sapphire.

She looks displeased as hell with me. "From the sounds of it, you created an ad. Did you post it""

I nod my head smiling, feeling as if I just defeated the dragon and saved the Princess. "I did post it. Now we just wait until someone responds to it." Patience wasn"t really a strong suit of mine but I"d have to be patient if I wanted to find Mr. Perfect.

"Aren"t you afraid of who will respond""

"No not really," I lied. I was terrified of who would respond. I"d attached a picture to the ad as well, so they knew what they were going to be working with. It was crazy but it was no different than signing up on one of those dating sites.

Sapphire rolled her eyes not believing me for a second. "You could always ask one of your exes" I"m sure they"d be okay with the banging part and the not sticking around""


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