Giving Her A Baby J.L. Beck ~ Page 2

I deadpanned. "Thanks, but no thanks. I really do want to find a man for more than just a baby, and preferably one that wants to be with me and won"t choose college or something else ridiculous over me." I closed my laptop, and tried to stop my worrying thoughts. If it was going to happen it would. The ad was finally out there, and anyone could see it and respond. Now all I had to do was wait" Mr. Perfect would find me eventually" right"

Chapter Two


I chuckled staring at the ad on my cell phone screen. The picture she posted with her ad definitely told me it was Winter Montgomery. In the picture she had long brown hair, and piercing blue eyes, her make up was minimal just as it was back in high school. She didn"t look as if she"d aged a second. Her skin was tan, and the smile she wore made me weak in the knees.

Fuck, I was a stupid man for leaving her. I regretted it every single day since, but there wasn"t a damn thing I could do to make her believe me, at least not until now. This ad would save us both some heartache. I was also fed up with mindless women, and sleeping around and well, I wasn"t sure if marriage was something I wanted, but the possibilities when it came to Winter were endless. I"d do anything for her, and for a second chance.

I had to respond to the email. It was the only way I"d be able to get her to meet up with me. After breaking her heart, there was no way she"d willingly show up to meet somewhere. I"d done a number on her, making her believe that I didn"t want her anymore. She was insane to actually believe anything I ever said, but I couldn"t picture her waiting for me. Business school was rough and I knew she wanted to see the world, and to travel, and there was no way I would"ve been able to do that with her.

I had to let her go. I couldn"t hold her back from her dreams. Though, from the tabs I"d kept on her over the years I knew she got to do everything she ever wanted. Though now it was apparent she hadn"t found a man to give her a baby, or share a life with just yet.

I bit my bottom lip, thinking of all the wicked things I wanted to do to her. I missed her so fucking much it hurt me sometimes to think about her. I threw myself into building my business into an empire, instead of focusing on the ache that throbbed inside my chest.

I had to respond to her ad. I"d set up a meeting at one of my favorite restaurants and treat her to dinner like she"d never been treated before. Then I"d spill the beans and tell her if any man was going to give her a baby it was going to be me. I"d loved her since the first day of Kindergarten and there was no way in hell I was going to let her slip through my fingers all over again.

I opened up a new email and replied with a response, telling her I was the perfect man for the job. I even signed the email with Mr. Perfect. My molars ground together at the thought of another man being with her, and responding to this email. God only knows how many replies she got.

She was very specific to the kind of man she wanted in her ad though, so I was certain she wasn"t setting up dates with some crazy ass people or maybe she was" If so, I needed to shut that shit down.

I pondered for a moment wondering if she was still a virgin" There was no real way that could be possible. A woman as beautiful as her had to have met a man that was good enough to take her virginity, at least by now. We were almost twenty-five.

Then again, Winter was pure, and na"ve, and often thought through things before making a rash decision. I guess that"s why the ad surprised me so much.

I ran a hand through my brown locks. I tried to keep my hair shorter on the sides and longer on top, making styling and brushing easier.

I loosened my tie feeling as if I was suffocating as I pressed the send button on the email before I could stop myself from doing so. I needed Winter back in my life. She was the air I needed to breathe, the sunshine that made me stronger with each passing day, and I was a dumbass for thinking I could ever live without her. Now all I had to do was try and convince her that we could make this work.


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