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These lawyers can go screw themselves. If they think I"m going to let Everly go into witness protection, they got another thing coming.
Their right that she is in danger,
But I can keep her safe.
So she will move in with me.
At first, it seems simple,
But as the lies unravel,
I realize that Everly might be the only good thing in all of this.
She"s pure, innocent and everything I"m not.
But for her, I would change.
Be the man she needs me to be.

Grave is the second book in the Dead Souls MC series.Books in Series:Dead Souls MC Series by Savannah RylanBooks by Author:Savannah Rylan Books

Chapter 1


"Grave, you comin""" Knox asked.

"Nope. Got shit to do," I said.

"Like sit there with a bullshit look on your face and hope Miss Long Legs comes back."

"She"s got a fucking name," I said.

"She"s also got legs for days," he said.

"Should you even be looking" With that pretty little thing of yours knocked up and strutting around""

"Monroe"s the one who points it out every damn time we"re around her," he said.

I shook my head as I stared out the window.

"Come on, Grave. She"s gonna be just fine."

"I don"t give a shit how she is," I said.

"Then you"re a fuckin" liar," Knox said. "But who cares. More beer for me."

"Monroe know you"re going to drink with the guys"" I asked.

"Know" She"s the one takin" me," he said with a grin as he started to walk out.

"Hey Knox."


"You got yourself a good one there."

My eyes whipped over to my friend. My brother. My confidant. He was standing in the doorway with his shoulders rolled back and his nose tipped out towards the front. I could hear a car pulling up. Probably Monroe. The two of them had become inseparable and I had vowed to make sure they were safe. If there was one thing these asshole Black Saddles weren"t going to do, it was fuck up someone"s life who had a child on the way. There were a lot of things I fucking tolerated in the world of bloodshed and mayhem, but harming pregnant women and children was not fucking one of them.

"I know I do," Knox said. "Play your cards right, and ya might get one yourself."

"What makes you think I want one"" I asked.

"The fact that you"re staring out that damn window instead of coming and drinking with us," Knox said.

He was right. I wasn"t going to admit to his damn face that he was right, but he was. I couldn"t stop thinking about Everly. Ever since she rolled up into our lodge with information on her fucking brother, my mind started going. My cock pulsed with life and my veins ran hot with the fire in her eyes. That long blonde hair whipping around her shoulders and those kaleidoscope eyes. Yellows and blues and greens.

I still didn"t fucking know what color her eyes were.

Knox slammed the door behind him and I got up to go look out the window. I wanted to make sure him and Monroe got off safely. That was my role in this club. Making sure everyone was okay. I was the protector. The blood-shedder. The punisher, in any form it came. No one fucked with my club or the people they cared about outside of it.


I wondered what Everly was doing. I knew her greatest concern was Rex finding out what she"d done. She"d been in a panic that day about it after spilling her guts to us. She was a brave woman, but she was scared as hell.

And she should"ve been.

This was some scary shit.

After Knox dropped her back at her car, he told her that our club would look out for her. Once Monroe found out about what Everly knew, her law firm convinced Everly to do a written testimony of what she saw. So, the firm could use it for the RICO case along with helping close some of the cold cases they had in their files. We only convinced her because then she wouldn"t have to testify in open court. Her brother would never know it was her, until they were sealing his jail cell.

I watched as Monroe"s car fell into the horizon before I went and sat back down. I loved moments like this. When the lodge was quiet and dark, with no one there except me. Being bloodthirsty meant always hearing the screams of others. Them begging for their lives and to not be hurt. And silence was the only way to counteract the voices I still heard in my head. The soft darkness of silence was the only antidote I had to the harsh darkness of my mind after I closed my eyes at night.

But for a few days now, things had been different.

I didn"t see the faces of those I"d killed when I closed my eyes.

I saw her.


With her fuller lower lip and her chameleon eyes and that beautiful blonde hair I wanted a fistful of.

Shaking her thought from my mind, I headed over to the kitchen. I was fucking hungry and I wasn"t gonna burn the gas heading into town to get food for one. I threw open the fridge and started pulling out some shit. Chicken. Grape tomatoes. Spinach. Cheese I could grate. I was glad Rock loved to eat well because I fucking hated grocery shopping. I learned how to cook from my mom when I was younger, but the grocery store was something I hated. Aisles and aisles of fucking food and people breathing down your neck to get to the latest deal their coupons boasted of.


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