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Zico is a filthy man, playing a filthy game.
And he"s about to drag me down with him.
I"m kicking. I"m screaming. I"m begging for help.
But my hands are tied"
And I"m powerless to resist.


I"m a young detective.
New to the city.
Learning fast, but a long ways yet to go.

That is, if I make it.

The way things are shaping up now, that might not be the case.
I accepted a favor to help out my partner"

And somehow ended up in the hands of a mob boss.

Zico knows I"m innocent.
But that won"t stop him from shattering me.

If I want to get out of here, there"s only one thing to do:
Get my own hands as dirty as his.


I"ve never yet met a cop with a clear conscience.
But in my line of business, dirty cops just come with the territory.

Sometimes, though, they get a little out of control.
And they need to be reminded who the real boss is.

I"d take care of the son of a b!tch myself.
But where"s the fun in that"

It"s much easier and more entertaining to let the gorgeous Detective Anna Grasso do it for me.

I just love the way she squirms when she knows there"s nothing to do but obey me.

HANDS TIED is a full-length, standalone, super steamy, bad boy mob romance novel from bestselling author ZOEY PARKER.

This suspenseful, action-packed mob romance is intended for mature audiences, due to violence, strong language, dark themes and elements, and explicit intimate scenes. The romance between the alpha male bad boy and the fiery woman he can’t resist ends with a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA) ending, has absolutely NO CHEATING, and does NOT include a cliffhanger of any kind.Books by Author:Zoey Parker Books

Chapter One

The city streets were like a maze of one-way roads, construction, and traffic jams, but I tried to navigate them as best I could. My partner, Gary Unwin, was aggressively unhelpful, making surly remarks every time I asked him for directions, mumbling about whether I"ve ever driven a car before.

Working hard to make a good impression, I kept my mouth firmly shut. However, in my head, I was explaining to him all the ways driving in a big city is not anything like driving in a small town. It was basically like learning how to drive all over again. It was so different that I almost wondered whether I needed to go retake my driver"s test.

The last department I worked at sat on a main street that was less than a mile long, and I could drive from one side of town to the other in ten minutes. There was one street light in the entire town, and it flashed yellow constantly.

"I turn here, right"" I asked, gesturing to the light ahead of me, my blinker already on.

"One-way road. Next street is your turn," he said without looking up.

I flipped the blinker off and nodded, trying to take mental images of my surroundings and memorize the landmarks to help me navigate the route better the next time. I didn"t want to endure another trip of constantly needing to ask Gary questions.

"Lots of one-way roads," I said. "And traffic."

"Yep," Gary said flippantly, looking at a small black notebook and then tucking it into the inside pocket of his blazer.

I silently chastised myself. I may as well have tried talking to him about the weather. Of course, there was a lot of traffic. Gary already knew that. He"d grown up in the city, had driven here his entire life, and he knew the route we were taking very well. He"d explained to me in as few words as possible that it was his daily rotation and had been for many years now.

At my last job, the entire town had been in my rotation. I drove the streets a few times per day to keep an eye out for the rare speeder or any bad brake lights. When we did get a call, it was almost always for a medical emergency, in which case the officers would arrive to ensure there was no foul play, and there never was.

In the city, however, there was way too much area for any one cop to cover it on their own. Every team had a route, and Gary wanted me to memorize ours, though he had a very hands-off teaching method.

In all honesty, I"d almost turned down the big city detective job. It had always been my dream to work actual cases, to solve crimes that would get criminals off the streets, improve people"s lives. And the fact was, cases like that didn"t exist in the small towns. However, I felt rather uncomfortable with the promotion. Because it was quite the promotion.

Before becoming a detective and being paired up with Gary, I"d only been a cop for two years"hardly enough time to call myself anything more than an amateur. So, it was a complete mystery to me how I"d even managed to score the job. Apparently, my new sergeant"Sergeant Hale"said I"d come highly recommended, but there had to have been more experienced officers than me who had applied, I was sure.

Like always, I tried not to listen to the rumors, but this time they were rather hard to ignore. Everyone assumed it was because of my appearance. A police station is definitely a male-dominated environment, so any female detectives draw a fair amount of attention, but I"d always seemed to draw a bit more.

And as much as I hate to sound cocky, I knew it was because of my looks. I was petite, yet curvy, and perhaps I wore my jeans a little too tight. However, I liked to believe my work spoke for itself. That, despite my appearance, I was recommended and accepted for the position because of my passion for the work and my drive.

"Pull over here," Gary barked out suddenly, surprising me and causing me to swerve slightly into the lane of oncoming traffic. "Be careful, Grasso," he added, using my last name like an insult.

I wanted to tell him that he ought to be careful about shouting at people while they are driving in congested traffic, but I stayed silent and pulled over in front of the laundromat he"d pointed out.

"You have some dry cleaning to pick up"" I joked.

Gary narrowed his eyes at me. "Just stay in the car." He slammed the car door behind him and disappeared inside the shop.

The East Side of town had a pretty rough and tumble reputation, and I knew for a fact Gary lived on the West Side so I couldn"t begin to imagine what he was doing inside at an East Side laundromat. However, before I had much time to think about it, Gary was sliding back into the car, gesturing with his finger for me to keep going.


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