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Trained killer. Government hacker. MC.
I"m many things, though my friends call me Jag.
And like the big cat I"m ruthless, especially where my club is concerned.
I lost my first love in a warzone and I"m not interested in revisiting that pain,
Until a certain electric-blue-haired hacker chick reappears again.
She"s totally badass"we were the best of friends in another life.
And now someone wants her dead.
For real.
I don"t want to fall in love again,
But I don"t want her to be my friend.
When she"s in my arms, I can"t let go.
When her cherry-lips sigh my name, everything is suddenly sane.
In protecting her, I"m starting a war.
But war is my sandbox and I"m ready to play to have her.

Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a whisper" You got it!
Heavenly Hacked is a full-length standalone MC romance with no cheating, and no cliffhangers!Books by Author:KB Winters Books

Chapter One


Everything had gone to shit tonight. Everything that could go wrong did, starting with the fucking shootout at Bungalow Three. At least none of the girls were seriously injured. A few scrapes and bruises from flying glass and grabby gangsters but no life threatening injuries. Even Stitch, who"d managed to take a bullet, had a through and through that would heal in time. The doctor we kept on the payroll showed up about five minutes before the law did and was taking care of it. Discreetly.

It was bad enough the Killer Aces and their stupid ass leader, Genesis, had come to town thinking they"d leave with Lasso"s wife and baby. But at the whorehouse, we"d put down a couple members of Roadkill MC, along with a few Killer Aces. Now wasn"t the time but it wouldn"t be long before my club, the Reckless Bastards, had them in our crosshairs. Those fuckers had been playing with us long enough and it was time to make them pay.

"Yo, Jag! Some hottie with blue hair is looking for ya." The words registered but the voice didn"t, not with so much shit going on. Cops and forensics had showed up and they were taking their sweet ass time looking around. Luckily Lasso and Rocky were already on their way to the hospital after a brutal run-in with her ex. Because there were so many cars, vans and trucks clogging up the place, nothing bigger than a bike would be able to get through.

It shouldn"t be all that hard to find a chick with blue hair. I scanned the cluster of people beyond the crime scene tape until my gaze landed on a halo of bright blue hair. Her skin was pale and appeared deceptively delicate, until I saw the sleeve of tattoos on her left arm, fully on display thanks to a sleeveless Grateful Dead t-shirt. She looked around, her gaze freezing when she finally spotted me.

I didn"t recognize her and as I drew closer I knew I"d never met her before. I would have remembered those unusual gray eyes. "You"re looking for me"" I asked, wary of this bundle of contradictions.

She nodded and her smile was soft, almost affectionate like we knew each other. "I am." She seemed stunned to see me, which I found odd considering she"d sought me out.

"Look, this isn"t really a good time for you to be here. Who are you really looking for because I don"t know you""

"No," she sighed. "You don"t. Not technically." Her shoulders fell but only for a second before she recovered, once again squaring her shoulders and looking at me head on. "But I am looking for you, Jeremiah. It"s me, Vivi."

That one word. That name sucked all the air out of my lungs. It was a name I"d like to say I hadn"t thought about in the past almost fifteen years, but the truth was, Vivi had crossed my mind on more than a few occasions over the years. "Wow. Vivi. How the hell are you" What are you doing here" How did you find me""

She let out a long slow breath and raked a hand through her blue hair. "Not bad but I"ve been better. Do you have a minute"" She looked nervous as hell but good. Healthy. Not strung out. Thank fucking goodness.

I really wished I could stay and chat but too much shit needed to get done and Cross needed my help. "Tonight"s not good for me, Vivi. Where you staying at"" I let out a long breath. It was still surreal to say her name and have her here in front of me. I"d spent the better part of my childhood wishing for that very thing.

"It"s Vegas," she said simply. "Finding someplace to stay is the easy part. If you get un-busy in the next couple days, give me a call." She handed me a business card, all black with raised silver lettering. Vivi M. was all it said. "It was nice to finally meet you in real life, Jeremiah."

Yeah it was. Too damn bad that she hadn"t wanted to meet all those years before. But that was water under the bridge. She"d looked me up because she clearly needed something, and when I had a free moment I"d give her a call and see what that was.

"You too. I"ll give you a call as soon as I can."

"Yeah, okay." She said as she turned to walk away. She sounded doubtful, but I had things to do and now wasn"t a good time.

I needed to check on Lasso and especially Rocky. She"d taken a few nasty hits to the face and her pregnant belly and I knew Lasso had to be out of his fucking mind right now.

My club and my brothers were my first priority.

As much as I hated it, Vivi would have to wait.


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