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Ashley is done playing by the rules. It’s time for a walk on the wild side.

She’s going after what she’s always wanted, and what she’d never admit to wanting.
Forget what her mother and her ex have always said, she’s going to be a painter. But that’s not the only thing that’s going to change now that she’s home.

All three Thomas boys are glad to throw off the shackles of ‘stepbrother’ since the nasty divorce between their parents. Even better, she’s not engaged anymore.

Now they’re free to go after what they’ve always wanted: their hot former stepsister.

Nights of captivating pleasure consume them.
They can’t imagine ever letting her go.
They don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks.

Ashley and the Thomas boys are a wicked match made in paradise.
But when Ashley’s life is in danger, they could lose her for good.

As if that son of a b*tch stands a chance against three former Navy SEAL’s when they’re protecting the woman they love.Books by Author:Victoria Belle Books



I could feel the eyes of most of my students"minus the ones in the back row who were whispering in what they thought were quiet voices about their plans to meet on the corner at lunch to smoke"on my back as I scrawled the page numbers on the white board for them to open their books to. As I turned, the room was filled with the sound of rustling paper as everyone opened their copies to the directed pages and waited as I perched myself on the edge of my desk.

We"d been reading George Orwell"s "1984" for the last two weeks, and I"d been hoping that my time as a substitute teacher for this particular English Literature class would be over by now for two reasons: one, they were a rowdy group of inner city kids that loved to push my buttons, and two, we had stumbled upon the first sex scene in the book, and I had no interest in reading it aloud to a class of kids who were very likely more familiar with the sexual terms in the novel than I was.

But there I was, dressed in my yellow skirt, pink flats, and white blouse, about to read an intimate scene to them about Winston Smith getting steamy with the dark-haired beauty, Julia.

Curse Mr. Patrick for having to get his appendix removed this week and having complications.

I flipped open the book and glanced up at the students. Some had started reading ahead and were looking up at me expectantly. For them, this would be like watching one of those terribly awkward movies where you just can"t look away but you"re cringing the whole time.

I swallowed, crossed my ankles, and started reading.

I stuttered and blushed before we were even a page in, and the kids started giggling. Thank God this was my last day before my vacation.

"Maybe we should just skip ahead a bit," I mumbled as I flipped through the next couple of pages in a desperate search for a more vanilla scene. Maybe Winston would start talking about Big Brother again soon, and I could dive into that. It was more important subject matter anyway.

"Oh, come on, Miss Rowe," one of the kids groaned in the back.

"Don"t skip the good parts!"

My cheeks burned hotter. No. I wasn"t doing this. Mr. Patrick could indulge his crew of horny teenagers when he came back to teach if he wanted. This was far out of my comfort zone. I slapped the book closed and put it behind me on my desk, and then I walked around to collect a stack of papers that I had left on my chair out of sight of the students.

"Such a prude!" one of the boys said. It was innocent teasing, I knew, but I blushed anyway because it was true.

I handed out the pop quiz to shut them up.

It only sort of worked. They erupted in groans of protest, which I ignored as I plopped down behind my desk and adjusted my skirt around my knees. "No talking. This should take you to the end of the class, so you"d better get started. And put your phones away."

As pencils started frantically scribbling on the paper, I pulled my phone out of my purse, which was neatly tucked under my desk, and smiled at the dozen notifications from my group chat with the Thomas brothers.

My ex-stepbrothers.

I scrolled through the messages I"d missed. I shouldn"t have been reading them in class because they were so racy and steamy that I probably turned an even brighter shade of red than I"d been when I was reading the sex scene.

"Can"t wait to see you, Ash."

"Don"t forget your bikini."

"Bikini" Who needs a bikini""

I suppressed a giggle and shook my head at their incessant flirting. Ethan, Jesse, and Dean had been in my life since I was young. My mother met their father at a fundraising event when I was eight, and the two of them were married within a year. I went from being an only child to sharing my mom and my house with three boys, and being the tomboy that I was, I flourished with their company.

I"d loved every minute of my childhood. The four of us spent most of our time outside, and I had a lot more freedom because my mom knew I was safe when I was out with the boys. Dean, the oldest, was six years my senior, so he"d been a teenager when I met him. He"d taken to me pretty quickly because of how competitive I was and how much I thoroughly enjoyed kicking his younger brothers" asses at any and all sports we played.

I was faster than them, too. Minus Dean. He had longer legs than me and a serious advantage. But by the time I was fifteen, I could catch up to him, which embarrassed him a bit because he was in military school at that time. But I was fast. Always had been.


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