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For as long as Violet Robinson can remember she has been in love with her best friend"s older brother, Brendan Archer. But she is only ten years old, and he breaks her heart by rejecting her, just before moving away.

Eight years later, Brendan knows he"s got to keep an eye on his sister and her best friend, Violet, when they move overseas for college. He has always felt bad about breaking Violet"s heart, but he was tired of her following him around. He wasn"t interested in little girls.

Only, Violet"s no longer a girl. She"s a woman. Now he wants her and knows he can"t have her. Or can he"

In a different country, Violet misses home. The only constant in this new place is Brendan. Being around him awakens all the feelings she"s been trying to deny. Falling into bed is a big mistake, but fall she does.

Brendan knows what a gem he"s found, and he feels damn lucky that she now belongs to him.

But what will happen when he finds out she"s pregnant" Will he be her prince charming now, or will he turn his back on her"Books by Author:Sam Crescent Books


Brendan"or Dan to all of his friends"Archer winced as he watched his baby sister and her best friend come riding down the hill. At ten years old, his sister was a fucking menace, and he was getting tired of babysitting them. In fact, he couldn"t remember a time he ever liked having a sister. She was a pain in the ass. Not that he"d ever tell her that, and if anyone tried to hurt her, he"d fucking kill them. She was his sister. He could hate her, but that didn"t mean anyone else could. She was family, and his father was a big believer in taking care of their own.

Now, his sister was never alone. Nope, Penelope had a lifelong best friend in the form of Violet Robinson. They"d been friends for as long as Dan could remember. They were inseparable. From the day they went to daycare to now, they were always together. Neither of them could be apart. In fact, the Archers and the Robinsons had even gone on vacations together. Being the lonely older brother, he was allowed to bring a friend, but there was no way in hell he was ever going to allow that to happen.

Penelope was always saying stupid stuff that made his friends laugh, and besides, who wanted to invite someone along to witness his torture"

Like now, he had studying to do, but instead, he was watching Penelope and Violet to make sure neither of them broke their neck. At eighteen years old, he"d already settled on a university in England rather than a college close to home. He didn"t want to rely on his parents.

This was his time to get out there, spread his wings, do his own thing. All that was left was a few more months and he"d be gone.

"Look at me, Dan," Penelope screamed. She was no longer holding onto the handlebars as she threw her arms into the air.

Violet was sailing down the hill, and he wondered if she saw the small hole in the earth. He"d been caught by it many times himself. It was like a horror movie moment waiting to happen.

They went right into that damn hole, and he heard both of their screams. Before they"d even landed on the grass, he ran across the road, heading toward the hill. So many kids used it to sail down during the summer. When winter came and the first snowfall, the entire street would be sledding down it without a thought.

Sinking to his knees beside his sister, he rolled her over and saw a cut on her head where she"d hit a stone.

"Damn, that was our bad," Penelope said, grabbing her head. "I wasn"t supposed to do that. Vi said not to. Damn."

Then he heard a moan. Glancing across the grass he saw Violet wasn"t in such good shape. The bike was tangled around her, and he saw her left leg was at an odd angle.

"Shit, you okay, Pen, you good""

"Yeah, yeah, I"m good. I promise."

"Go home, phone the ambulance. Tell them where we are and then come straight back out here." He checked his watch. "I"m counting. Five minutes."

His sister got to her feet and started rushing across the street. He kept his eye on her until she was inside the house before looking at Violet. He didn"t want to move her in case there was more damage than he could see.

She"d passed out, and as he pressed a hand to her forehead, he didn"t have a fucking clue what he was doing.

"Violet, come on, honey, wake up." He spoke as he recalled his mom doing to Pen when she passed out at the first sight of blood. That had changed with her and Violet constantly going out exploring all over town. They had come home sporting many cuts and bruises.

She opened her eyes, turning her head toward him. "Pen was supposed to keep an eye on it."


"I told her there was a hole in the hill. Ow." She ran her hands down her body. He saw tears spring to her eyes, and he hated seeing her in pain.

"You"re going to be okay. What you did was fucking stupid."

"You told me not to go on the handlebars. You said I was too big to fit. Pen wanted to go down the hill together, and I didn"t want to say no."

Damn it. He"d been angry at her the last time they"d tried this, and he"d yelled at her then as well.

"It hurts," she said.


"Everywhere." She sniffled, and before he could stop her, she attempted to move the bike, only she screamed out instead.

Checking the time on his wrist, he was tempted to just pick her up and carry her to the car.

No, he couldn"t do that.

Watching her in pain wasn"t an option.

Pen charged out of the house. "They"re coming. I called Mom and Dad. They"re coming home."


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