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There’s more wood than meets the eye for Lyra in this forest.

Lyra has been keeping a secret from everyone.
Still stinging from her parents" divorce, her life is falling apart.

When her mom finds out what Lyra"s been hiding, she pulls her from her world of partying and takes her to a reclusive cabin in the woods to get herself together.

At first, Lyra wants nothing to do with the solitude of nature, until she stumbles upon a small commune deep in the forest and three gorgeous, intriguing men who live there.

Completely different from one another, Rain, Paul, and X grab Lyra"s attention and pique her curiosity each in their own unique way.

Can these three men living a simple life in the woods help Lyra find herself and the love and intense pleasure she"s been missing with all of them".Books by Author:Victoria Belle Books



My phone shrilled a ring and I picked up.

It was Sam, but that"s as much as I could tell. Beyonc"s Single Ladies is blaring out any hope I had of making out what she was actually saying.

Good old OCD Sam. "Hey, I can barely hear you over the music. I"ll be home late, and I promise I"ll be quiet," I say before ending the call.

As I hung up, I shrugged in response to Chaz and Ivy"s questioning looks. It wasn"t all that unusual for Sam to call me in the middle of the night for anything as off the wall as I forgot to put my shoes in the closet, therefore setting off her OCD radar.

Although this time there was a certain pitch to her voice.

"Are you ready for this"" Chaz"s fire engine-red lips yelled over the music as she pulled away. Her eyes scanned the crowd, looking for the guy who would get her attention that particular night.

"Do we have to"" Ivy asked, same as always.

"Told you she needed another porn star shot." Chaz said, her velvet skirted hip bopping Ivy"s. "What, afraid those douchebags are gonna judge you""

Spotting the usual crew, we giggled some more. With their muscles straining out of their Ed Hardy, True Religion, and Adidas tees, tight jeaned legs in a ready stance, styled hair caked with so much product it looked about to crack off, they"re easy to distinguish from regular Vancouver guys. Tonight, they are, as usual, lounging on the outskirts of Celebrities" dance floor, scanning their potential prey.

"Yeah, no," Ivy said, her charcoaled eyes narrowed at the mere thought of what Chaz was suggesting.

"But wasn"t there that one guy last May…" I began.

Ivy doesn"t let me finish, holding up one finger, shaking it in my face. "Um, hold up right there. Firstly, he was French," and secondly, I was blackout drunk and thirdly, all we did was talk."

"For like two hours," Chaz reminded her with a pitying pat. "But don"t worry. We all make mistakes, darlin"."

"Like tonight," Ivy said, clearly cranky. "Should"ve known better than wearing non-waterproof shoes in Raincouver."

Usually, our city"s nickname was said with affection. This time, though, Ivy was clearly pissed. And for good reason. Despite our brief attempt at blow-drying her shoes in the bathroom, by the looks of them, they"re still soaked through. All thanks to our stubborn insistence to walk to Celebrities in the middle of a downpour. Although Chaz"s and my creative puddle-hopping helped us escape major shoe soakage, Ivy wasn"t so lucky.

"Hey," I smiled at Ivy. "What if we do the rounds, then try blow-drying your shoes in the bathroom again" If anyone starts making faces, I"ll chuck your sopping-wet Steve Maddens at them myself."

That was what had stopped us from fully drying her shoes last time " a pack of over-tanned bitches who"d downright sneered at the sight of us, and sent Ivy fleeing for the dark anonymity of the club.

Ivy smiled uneasily, but finally agreed.

"We gonna do this"" Chaz asked.

I linked my arms with hers and Ivy"s. "Hell yeah, we are."

We strolled arm in arm and scouted the perimeter of the club, looking for anyone interesting enough to be worth our time. Infected by the music, I let the night " and Chaz " pull me through the club and the crowd. We passed handsome boys with too much hair and sad eyes, the usual gym-obsessed assholes, girls with too much lipstick and not enough smiles, and clumps of people shuffling in their respective groups, barely mingling, like high school all over again.

And then, just like that, we were back in the black mirror-ed bathroom standing at the blow dryer.

"Here." I took off my shoes and scooted them Ivy"s way. "Wear these while I dry yours. That way I"ll be the shoeless ho if the other girls come back."

Taking off her sopping heels, Ivy quickly wiped her feet with some paper towels before slipping them into my flats. Immediately, her bright pink lips drooped with relief. "Shit, these are comfy. Remind me why I don"t wear flats more""

"Because, unlike Lyra, you"re all of five foot nothing"" Chaz piped in.

"It"s not like you"re exactly tall." Ivy glared at the side of Chaz"s head uselessly. Chaz"s full concentration is on the mirror, where she"s applying some extra red gloss on the corner of her lower lip.

"Guys, this is very important, ok"" I say in a mock-serious tone as I start up the blow dryer. "We could be spotted at any minute."

They giggled, even though I was right. So far, we"ve lucked out with no one else in the bathroom. But that was not going to continue indefinitely.

Not to mention, something in the back of my brain is telling me that I should really call Sam back. The more I thought about the tone in her voice, the more I started to think she wasn"t calling me out of her usual overreaction.


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