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He"s coming for his dream baby.
And he wants me to be the mother.

I never asked to be a mom, but when my cousin made me swear to watch over her son after she passed away, I agreed to adopt him.

But I had no clue his father was still around.

Connor is gorgeous, but he"s such an a**hole. He"s the sort of cocky jerk my cousin would go for, and not at all my type.

He wants his baby back, but I made a promise. I don"t care how charming and handsome Connor is, he’s still a total stranger. I"m not letting him take my boy without a fight.

But Connor wants more than just his baby. He wants my body, and he"s not shy about it.

He says we’re going to have a big family. He says he"s going to get me pregnant over, and over, and over.

It scares me how appealing that is. I want to feel his hard body against mine, lips crushed against my lips, hips pushed tight against my hips.

Connor says he"s getting his baby back plus a little extra.

It"s crazy, but I just might give it to him.

His Dream Baby is an over-the-top bad boy romance with tons of steamy scenes, some graphic violence, and bad language. It"s only recommended for readers 18+.

His Dream Baby is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.Books by Author:B. B. Hamel Books



Two Years Ago

Harper disappeared three days ago, and I"m starting to think she"s dead.

I called the cops, but they know her. We"ve gone through this song and dance before. Harper disappears for a while, goes on a fucking bender, gets ripped and wasted and shoots up as much heroin as she"s physically able to before she finally comes crawling back home. We"ve been doing this for years, and although I"ve gotten her into rehab twice now, it never sticks.

I don"t know how to leave her. I don"t know if I even can. It"s not love at this point and hasn"t been for a while now. Maybe it"s just this feeling of crippling duty, like if I leave her and she fucking overdoses, it"ll be my fault.

She wasn"t like this when we first met three years ago. Fuck, there were warning signs, but they"re easy to ignore for a woman like Harper. She"s beautiful, outgoing, funny as all hell, and the last person you"d think would have a horrible drug problem. But it got worse as the relationship progressed, and I realized that I was just as stuck with her as she was stuck with drugs.

I fantasize about saving her, but I know there"s no fucking saving her. At this point, I"m resigned to the whole thing. I"m in this for a long time, for the rest of my life really. I doubt we"ll ever get married or have some storybook romance, and I guess that"s fine with me. She is what she is, but she"s not the important thing anymore.

I knew that the second she said she was pregnant.

It wasn"t planned. I don"t even know how it happened, but it happened during one of the rare times she was sober, right after a stay in rehab. I know the baby"s mine, especially after seeing him. Ryan has my nose, my chin, he"s my son without a doubt. He"s the son I"ve always dreamed of, the start of the family that I"ve always wanted. He"s my little dream baby, and I loved him more than I can possibly explain.

Keeping Harper sober during those nine months was the hardest thing I"ve ever done, but we got through it. Problem is, as soon as Ryan was born, she relapsed and she relapsed hard.

That was four months ago. Chubby little baby Ryan basically only knows his daddy. Harper"s been in and out of our little house since basically the first week we brought Ryan home. This is without a doubt the worst she"s ever been, and I"m just waiting to find her dead in a ditch somewhere.

I linger in Ryan"s room. The lights are off and he"s been asleep for an hour now. It"s eight at night, and he"ll probably stay down until five in the morning. He might wake up once in the night, but his sleeping has gotten so much better. I smile, looking down at his cute little face, his chest rising and falling slowly.

I turn away, shutting the door quietly. I check the monitor, and he"s definitely down. I grab a beer, watch some baseball, and I"m in bed by nine that night. I try Harper"s cell once, not really expecting anything, and sure enough there"s no answer. I turn out the lights, set up the monitor on the nightstand next to my bed, and I go to sleep.

This has been my routine for a while now. It was hard when he was first born, being the only person taking care of him. I probably would"ve lost my job if I didn"t fucking own the business myself. We install and repair power lines, and we"re doing pretty good with all the government contracts we"ve picked up the past few years. I have good guys taking care of the business on that end, and they all know my situation, so I have a lot of flexibility.

I"m looking forward to getting back sooner or later, but right now Ryan is my priority. I know I"ll have to get him into daycare soon, it"s just hard to walk away, and I keep having this fantasy where Harper gets her shit together, realizes she wants to be a mom, and actually comes home to live with us.

I know it"ll never happen. I go to sleep early, knowing I"ll be getting up early with Ryan. Tonight"s no different, and I sleep a deep dreamless sleep. When I finally wake up, it"s not to the sound of Ryan fussing and crying, but to sunlight coming in through the curtains.

I blink and grunt a little bit. I don"t remember the last time I woke up to actual sunlight. I check the time and nearly gag.

It"s after ten in the morning.

"Ryan," I say, rolling over. I grab the monitor and turn it on, heart beating fast in my chest.


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