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I can"t get pregnant, but that won"t stop him from trying.

David Carlson is rich, handsome, and brilliant. He"s so far out of my league that it makes my head spin. And during our one and only night together, he does the impossible.

I"m not supposed to be able to get pregnant, but David makes it happen anyway.

I can"t tell him about our daughter. Especially not years later when I end up working for his company.

He comes to me with a business proposition, and it takes me totally off guard.

He"ll pay me two million dollars to be his surrogate, but he wants to get me pregnant the old fashioned way.

It won"t happen again, it"s just not possible, but I can"t walk away from this opportunity. I"m a single mom and I need the money.

Plus, night after night of passion with this man won"t be the worst thing in the world. I still dream about his body, even years later. I haven"t felt so good since.

I have David"s perfect baby already, but he can"t ever know about her. I"m terrified he"ll learn the truth and take my daughter away from me. He"s rich and powerful enough to make it happen.

One night of passion with David gave me a baby. Several months of passion might give me so much more than that, if only I can give myself over to him completely.

His Perfect Baby is an over-the-top miracle romance with tons of steamy scenes and bad language. It"s only recommended for readers 18+.

His Perfect Baby is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.Books by Author:B. B. Hamel Books



I have never in my life been surrounded by so many nerds and I have never in my life felt so at home.

Well, maybe that"s an exaggeration, or at least the part about feeling at home. There are a ton of nerds here, including me, considering this is a conference on autonomous vehicles.

That"s right, self-driving cars. It"s a lot more than that, but the place is really buzzing with the recently approved Envoy Mark 1, the first commercially available self-driving car in the world. It"s hitting streets soon, and the inventor and CEO of the Envoy company is here at this conference to talk it up.

I have only one goal here. After four years of study, of being the only girl in engineering courses, of dealing with brain-dead asshole guys making comments about how girls can"t do math, all of that garbage, my only goal now is to meet David Carlson and get on his team.

Maybe that sounds a little silly. I"m supposedly all about female empowerment, but all I want is to meet some dude. I get it, not exactly burning my bra here, but whatever. The Envoy is the most interesting self-driving car and I want to be a part of that team, and to get there, I need to meet the young CEO himself.

I spot him for the first time during a lecture he gives on the regulation problems and ethical dilemmas facing self-driving cars. I barely hear anything he says, because I"m too busy staring at his handsome face, full lips, thick hair, tall frame, light blue eyes. He"s handsome, easily the most attractive man in this whole room, and he"s rich as hell and brilliant, to top it all off. I don"t know how he got so lucky, but the man is a genetic marvel, practically a freak of nature. I knew he was handsome, since I"ve seen pictures and interviews, but seeing him in person is a totally different game.

Still, I keep it together. I bide my time. There"s a meet-and-greet tonight at a bar nearby and I know he"s supposed to be there, or at least my super-secret source tells me that"s where he"ll be.

I get to the bar early and order a glass of wine. I sit on a stool in the corner of the room, watching as more and more nerds fill the place up. It"s actually pretty crowded by the time eleven rolls around, and I"m guessing my super-secret source wasn"t so super or secret after all. It"s a guy I met on Reddit who claims he works at Envoy, and I"m starting to think he went around telling every single person alive. To think, I put up with a week of flirting and one dick pic to get this info, and apparently it"s not worth anything.

I drink my second glass of wine and as midnight gets closer, I"m starting to despair. I don"t think I"ll ever have another chance to run into David, and if I can"t go through the man himself, I"m practically screwed. Envoy is notoriously hard to get hired at through conventional means, which is why I"m taking this unconventional route.

When I finish my second glass, I"m ready to give up. Just as I"m getting up, there"s a murmur in the crowd, and suddenly a group of ten people come into the bar. Like a rock star and his crew, David Carlson posts up at a booth and they start ordering drinks.

I"m freaking out a little bit. In my head, I"d play it cool, walk up to him, make some small talk, that sort of thing. Instead, in the actual moment, I"m panicking. I know, I know, we"re just in the same bar at the same time, so it shouldn"t be a big deal, right" It"s not like he"s some amazing celebrity. He"s just a rich tech genius that owns the company I totally love.

I realize suddenly that I need another drink. I get up and walk over to the bar. Fortunately there"s an empty stool at the very end that I grab, my back to David and his group. I ask for another glass of wine and just as it comes, I feel someone looming over my shoulder.

Ready to tell whoever it is to back off, I turn my head slightly and stare up at David Carlson"s face.

He"s not looking at me, so I quickly look away, and then I do a double-take. I can"t help myself. He"s that handsome, and it turns out that I"m a huge nerdy fangirl for this guy.

Right in the middle of my double-take, David looks down at me, and this wicked grin splits his face.

I blink and I swear my whole face turns red. I turn back to my wine and grab it, taking a long drink.

"Do I know you"" he asks me.


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