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Cormac: “Hooking up was stupid. Unfortunately, certain lower parts of my body overrules my brain. But then falling for her" The mafia boss’s daughter" That"s beyond stupid. That"s suicide.”

Briar: I"m the good girl who never gets into trouble. I always play by the rules. Then he arrives at my ER. I try to do the right thing, but when he shows up at my door weeks later, drunk and out of control, I can"t deny that he stole my heart. I know I should stay far away but I can’t. I’m no longer playing by the same rules.

Briar, the only daughter of Seamus Downing, has always stayed out of the family business. She"s a surgeon in training and on a path for a bright future. But, when Cormac McTavish steps into her life, a man who leaves a wake of broken bones and hearts behind him, all bets are off. Their fiery attraction could lead to something real or destroy each other.

You don’t want to miss His Target, Briar’s story in The Downing Family, an Irish Mafia romance series.Books by Author:Cassie Wild Books



"Honey, can you get me some coffee""

The honey annoyed me, but the sight of a coffee cup being thrust in front of me flat-out pissed me off. I stared at it for a beat before shifting my gaze up to the older man standing just to my side.


I nudged the cup back over to him and gave him a brilliant smile as I pulled my stethoscope from the oversized pocket of my doctor"s coat. While there were others in the medical field who wore lab coats, it was generally safe to assume that if somebody stood at the nurses" station in a knee-length lab coat, that person was likely a doctor.

Unless, of course, that person was a female. I could wear a copy of my medical license around my neck, and I"d still have people assume I was a nurse. I refused to even get into how annoying it was that some doctors thought a nurse"s job was to play fetch for them, either.

But I definitely wasn"t going to let this asshat use me as his gopher.

"I"m sorry, doctor. But I have to make my rounds. There"s coffee in the doctor"s lounge, but I have to warn you"it"s pretty strong." I showed off a smile displaying teeth so straight my dentist had wanted to use me as the before and after models showcasing the benefits of braces. Then I turned to Sarah, the charge nurse for this shift. "Are you ready, Sarah""

"Absolutely, Dr. Downing." The corners of her lips quivered like she was trying not to smile. She nodded at the other doctor and said, "I"ll be with you shortly, Dr. Wayne." She waited until we were halfway down the hall before flashing me an amused grin. "You need to come to my floor more often, Dr. Downing. Maybe he"ll finally stop seeing women as coffee-fetchers."

I rolled my eyes. "Not likely." I didn"t know Dr. Wayne"this was the first time we"d ever encountered each other"but I knew too many others with an attitude like the one he"d just showcased.

Get me some coffee, honey"

If I was prone to grinding my teeth, all thirty-two of mine would be worn to nubs at this point in my career. I"d been called honey, sweetheart, and sugar by so many of my supposed peers, it was pathetic.

And I was just starting out in the medical field too.

I knew I wasn"t the only female doctor to put up with this shit. Several of my professors in medical school had been female, and I"d met quite a few during my internship as well. I had witnessed a number of them get referred to as honey or sugar while we were in the clinical setting. The assumption that any female in the medical setting was a nurse was rampant, especially among older male physicians.

I had all the respect in the world for nurses. A good one made my job so much easier, and an incompetent one could be far more than just a pain in the ass. Many of the nurses I"d met at Green Valley Medical Center were probably more competent than some of the doctors I worked with. But it was annoying as hell for somebody to assume that I was a nurse all because I had long hair and boobs.

"You"re probably right. He"s one of the worst. He"s tried to get me in trouble with the nursing director more times than I can count. All because I won"t fetch him coffee and have redirected him when he tries to use my floor nurses for the same thing. Sexist old prick." She checked her chart as we came to a stop outside one of my patients" rooms. "Quiet night here. Some pain meds were given just before four."

The words were delivered in a low voice as we stood just outside the door.

Twenty-year-old Natasha Stokes had presented in the ED with severe stomach pain, rebound tenderness, and uncontrolled vomiting. It hadn"t taken long to diagnose her with severe appendicitis, and we"d had her in surgery within two hours of her arrival.

It was a good thing she hadn"t waited much longer to come in because the appendix had been on the verge of rupturing, a complication nobody"neither doctor nor patient"wanted.

"How did Ms. Stokes sleep"" I asked Sarah as I opened the nurse"s notes from the previous shift.

"Once she got up here, she seemed to do fine. She"s got something of an appetite this morning, so that"s good news."

I checked my watch out of habit. It was coming up on eight o"clock, which meant she was able to take another dose. As if on cue, the light over the door came on.

Sarah knocked on the door, and we stepped inside. "Hello, Ms. Stokes," Sarah said in a cheerful voice. As she moved to turn off the call light, she gave the patient her full attention. "What can I do for you""


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