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I was too broken to have a baby.
Until my best friend put me back together and got me pregnant.

When I met Will Eaton, I was a mess.

He listened to me. He held my hand. Slowly, I came out of my shell, and we were best friends ever since.

At least until one night when we finally gave in to our desires and he got me pregnant. The doctors all told me that I"d never have a baby, but clearly they never met Will. He gave me a little miracle and one of the best nights of my life.

But as soon as I find out, Will leaves for two years. He joins a professional hockey team in Europe, and it"s like I"m torn to shreds all over. I keep my daughter a secret and vow never to speak to him again.

Two years pass, and now he"s back. I hate him, but I still dream about his athletic body pressing me down on the bed. I dare you to pretend like you don"t love this"

I can"t let him near my daughter. He abandoned us, even if he didn"t know about her.

I"m too afraid to let him in. But I can"t help the way I feel when he"s around.

I want another taste of that night, and I know he"s going to give it to me.

His Wonder Baby is an over-the-top miracle romance with tons of steamy scenes and bad language. It"s only recommended for readers 18+.

His Wonder Baby is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.Books by Author:B. B. Hamel Books



I roll my eyes as the lake splashes up against the shore. "Put your shirt on, Will."

He gives me the boyish grin that always drives me crazy and flexes a little bit. He does a little dance, rubbing his arms against himself, trying to warm his skin up in the freezing air. I have to look away from his defined chest and abs, trying to hide the red on my cheeks. I don"t need to listen to him mocking me for an hour if he knew I was blushing.

He"s always been stupidly handsome, but it"s these past few years at college that made his body a true work of art. Playing college hockey has been really great for his sex appeal, unfortunately for me.

"Or else what"" he asks, cocking his head.

"Or else you"ll freeze to death and I"m not going to help you." I cross my arms, breath streaming out white. "Come on, seriously."

"You"re always so hard to please." He laughs a little bit. "Plus, this is sort of the point of everyone being out here." His rubbing gets more frantic, hands on bulging triceps.

"Hard to please"" I groan a little bit. "Come on, seriously. It"s freezing out. You don"t have to prove yourself." I speak in a hushed but insistent tone. I don"t want any of his jerkoff jock friends to hear me, since they"ll never let me live it down.

His grin gets bigger as he slowly takes off his jeans. I can feel myself getting flush and hot again as he ends up in just a pair of dark boxer briefs, huddled close to me for warmth. I want to reach out and touch his skin like I"ve wanted to so many times in the past, but I stop myself. Other groups make small talk, someone yelling about his "tiny frozen nuts" and passing around a bottle. I"m supposed to stand guard over his clothes, but really all I want to do is get the heck out of here, preferably with my half-naked best friend in tow.

"Come on, dude," Mike says, making a lewd gesture and coming over toward us. He"s tall and broad, like most hockey guys, with a crooked nose and a furrowed brow. "Don"t be a little bitch."

"Hear that, Addie"" Will asks me. "He thinks I"m a little bitch."

"You are!" Mike says and turns to the water. He jogs over and steps in, making a little squealing sound of surprised as he submerges his legs up to the knees.

I sigh and I know I"ve lost this already. "Fine," I say. "Get hypothermia. See if I care."

Will"s smirk is so familiar, like the sunrise, and it never fails to make me smile in return. "Don"t worry, Addie. If I die, who"s going to take care of you""

Without another word, Will Eaton follows his meathead friends into the freezing freaking lake, and I"m left shaking my head and watching them. It"s a yearly tradition for the senior hockey players to take a frozen plunge, and Will says I should be honored to witness it, but I don"t feel too honored. The guys gather together, shivering and laughing and splashing. There are nine of them, all equally idiotic and freezing and exuberant. Someone produces a bottle of vodka and they pass it around, taking a big swig, waiting for someone to decide they"ve had enough. The moonlight"s bright against the water and the ripples as the guys push each other and splash, shouting and laughing.

Other girls stand around, watching the guys, some of them yelling out. There are a few younger guys too, barred from joining in on the idiotic fun, trying to flirt with the girls, but it"s clear tonight is all about the senior boys. I stand apart from everyone, like I always do, trying to pretend like I"m comfortable, when really, I feel like I"m standing in that freezing cold lake too.

The guys don"t last long, which is typical for college bros. It"s just too cold, and while they want to pretend like they"re all a bunch of macho men, they"re still human. They come back out, shivering and laughing as they towel off and get dressed again. Will winks at me as he pulls on his pants while Mike tries to shove him over. The guys end up wrestling, arms locked around each other until a few other hockey players break it out. They"re all laughing like it"s the funniest thing ever, even though they look like idiots.

Will wasn"t always like this. Heck, he"s still not. When we"re alone, which is most of the time, he"s the sweetest and smartest guy I know. He always says that hockey is just a ticket to a better life, one far away from all the shit we went through in our past. I don"t argue with him, because I know it"s true, but I wish we had a better way.


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