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My first love, Mason, was a god.
I worshiped every inch of his body and thought those endless nights would last forever.
But then everything went wrong and we were torn apart.
Now he wants to put it all right again and seduce me with his devilish charm.

I’m lying on a bed in a luxurious furniture store.
It’s a modelling gig to pay for law school so that I can finally get back what Mason’s family stole from us.

In struts this gorgeous man in an Armani suit, clean-shaven and smelling expensive.
He seems to be more interested in me than the bed, and the cheeky twinkle in his eye tells me he wants to lie down and kiss me.

Is he nuts" Kiss me, a stranger" Right here"
But I’m powerless to his charm.
His arms around me.
His warm lips on mine.
It’s hot, passionate, and somehow… familiar.

What happened to his long hair and beard"
I’m supposed to hate his guts.
I want to destroy his family.
I can’t fall in love with him again.
He’s the devil.

But the devil wants me in his bed… and there’s no way out.

In Bed with the Devil is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words with a hot-as-hell alpha and a HEA.Books by Author:Tia Siren Books


10 Years Ago


I didn"t used to be the devil.

I was eighteen and I knew Ava was the one. If anything was ever going to happen between the two of us, that day was going to be the day. We had known each other our whole lives, and I had always been in love with her. Maybe it was young love, the reckless kind, or so my parents liked to refer to it as, but it didn"t feel reckless; it felt heavenly.

Ava was curvy, had big hips, was still going through the young juggling of our hormones. She was self-conscious with everyone else, especially since most of our friends were rich and perfect and constantly talked about it. With me, though, she let down her guard, let me see her for who she really was. And I loved everything about her.

I had asked her over under the premise that we would just relax together, watch movies like we always did on Friday nights, but I wanted something more. From the look in her eyes when I started to kiss her, she wanted more too.

Normally, we would mess around a little, kissing, light touching over our clothes, but this time she was more aggressive. There weren"t any pullbacks, no stopping to think about where the night was going. She threw herself into my arms full speed ahead. We had talked about it a couple times, but she"d always shied away, saying she wasn"t ready yet, and I respected that. I respected her. It was hard, though. I wanted her so badly, and the light kissing and touching had only expounded on that fact. I tried to show her how hot I thought she was, tried to get her away from her inner thoughts, but until that night, it had always ended with her stopping it and me fighting blue balls through an entire chick flick. This night was different, and I was so excited, I had to slow myself down.

We were all over each other, our hands exploring every inch of one another. I pulled her into my lap, running my hands down her sides as our mouths passionately pressed together. She shivered, and it made me even more excited. I cupped the back of her head and kissed her deeply, wanting to show her this was more than just s*x to me.

We had been friends, dating"whatever you wanted to call it"behind our parents" backs for quite a while. It was more my parents who had an issue with it. Even though they were friends with Ava"s parents, they didn"t think she was the "ideal" girl for me, whatever that meant. I had different theories, and part of what always stopped us from going all the way beyond just her nervousness was that one or both sets of our parents were always somewhere close by, leaving us little time to be alone, much less to make out.

This time was different, though. My parents were out of town on business, my older brother was at college, and my younger brother had gone to a friend"s house for the night. We had the whole place to ourselves, and there was no way anyone was going to catch us. I had made sure the place looked nice, cleaned up my room, and made it extra romantic before she came over. There were candles, music, and I even changed the sheets and sprayed linen spray on them so everything was nice and inviting.

I pulled Ava off me and laid her down on the bed beside me before turning and kissing her again. I slowly ran my hand up her shirt and over her soft skin, careful with every move, not wanting to spook her, wanting her to enjoy every stroke of my hand and every roll of my finger. She was so s*xy, and I couldn"t wait to get her clothes off.

She opened her eyes and pulled herself up to a sitting position, smiling at me as she seductively pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, tossing that too. Her breasts bounced out, and I stared at them for a moment, my mouth hanging slightly open. She giggled, bringing me back to reality, and I wasn"t sure exactly what to do next. All that planning and her tits had left me speechless.

I snapped myself out of it and pulled my shirt over my head, sitting face to face with her, and leaned forward and softly kissed her. Her touch was incredible, and I had wanted it for so damn long. The music changed to something a bit more seductive as I pulled myself on top of her. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist before lying gently down on the pillow. Her warm skin touched mine, the softness of her body smoothing over me like a blanket. It was sensual how I could feel every inch of her skin, how I paid attention to every sensation between the two of us " after all, it was my first time and I wanted to remember that moment forever.


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