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Flynn Phillips stole my orgasm,
And I need a plan to take it back.

Since our hook-up months ago,
Even my BoB isn"t doing it for me.
I think I need a do-over,
A chance to prove the problem is all in my head.
That he didn"trock my world.
That he isn"t the star of my R-rated fantasies.
Because the man is cocky and annoying and I can"t stand his Australian ass!
I can"t stop thinking about it, either.
But as pretty as Flynn Phillips is,
He won’t feature in my long-term plans.
Even if I wanted him to

Or would he"Books by Author:Donna Alam Books

Chapter 1


I"m in bed.

With my rabbit.

And I don"t mean the fluffy, toothy kind.

Quite honestly, I could be in bed with Liam Hemsworth, and it wouldn"t make a blind bit of difference because, queen of erotica or not, my orgasm is ruined, and it has been for months. The whole thing makes a mockery out of what I do for a living.

Because my name is Chastity, and I run an ethical porn company.

It totally is a thing.

I prefer the title cinematographer. I just happen to film people having sex. I also pay them to do so"pay them very well because my market isn"t the Porn Bub demographic. Fast Girl Media produces porn and erotica for women and couples, and my images and recordings are tasteful and sensual and very high end. According to Camilla, my eldery aunt, my work very much gets the job done. Though why I"m recalling my ancient relative"s enthusiasm for my subscription-based website, I don"t quite know. Because that"s not going to help me right now, is it" It really is no wonder I haven"t orgasmed in six months. Who thinks of their seventy-three-year-old aunt and her hairy chin when trying to get a moment" A moment . . . for a pornographer, that expression is probably a little too coy.

Because my name is Chastity, and I haven"t orgasmed in six months.

As much as I"d like to blame Camilla for my problem, I"d only be kidding myself. I am solely to blame for losing my orgasm following a recent weak moment when I slept with the cockiest, most infuriating man on the planet.

Flynn bloody Phillips.

We"d spent a glorious night screwing each other"s brains out following the wedding of my best friend. He"d bent me in shapes I"d thought were impossible, while whispering things that still make the tips of my ears burn. And though I"m not sure how it happened, that night, he also seems to have stolen my ability to orgasm from me.

Bloody man. I"d both lusted and loathed him at first sight. Loathed because he"s a loud-mouthed bastard who"s far too full of himself"he knows exactly how good looking he is and seems to think a compliment and a cheeky grin will get him out of anything. And into anyone. But it"s hard not to lust after him when he looks like a younger Henry Cavill. At least until he opens his mouth. Because when he does actually speak, a cocky jerk seems to fall out. He"s so full of himself. So damned arrogant. And hell if that doesn"t do something for me! Especially with his accent. What is it about an Aussie drawl that makes the elastic of a girl"s underwear loose" I once heard him describe his accent as "true blue". I don"t know about that, but he certainly turns the air blue in the bedroom. Yes, my poor burning ears. It"s strange how I can still hear him whispering . . .

Come on, Chastity. Come for me. Come all over my face.

It"s unfortunate that I both have a thing for Henry Cavill"The Tudors anyone" That man rocked a codpiece back in the day"and a love of confident men. But there"s confidence and then there"s arrogance, and they just aren"t the same thing, so I"m at a loss to understand why Flynn"s inflated self-worth both turns me on while annoying the shit out of me! It"s baffling.

He looks like he could be in the movies, and I mean that in the mainstream way. Though with his looks and anatomy, he"d make a killing in my kind of movies, too. Broad shoulders and powerful arms, and the kind of abs that almost make you want to reach into the laundry basket to get a dirty shirt or two out. Just to rub. That"s my kind of washboard. Plus, the man is hung so he could definitely do porn. And then there"s his magical tongue . . .

But it doesn"t matter how gorgeous he is, or how talented his tongue happens to be because what it boils down to is that I want my orgasm back!

How is it that I"ve been able to let my fingers do the walking quite satisfactorily since I"d discovered what fun a clitoris could be at boarding school, and now I can"t even get myself to come" M"nage " moi used to be one of my favourite pastimes"a party for one where fun was always had! But now" Now I"m broken.

God knows I"ve tried"I"ve tried every trick in the book! Over the past few months, I"ve even acquired a drawer full of toys"a dildo, a rabbit, a wand, vibrators that bend in various ways, and something that looks like a vibrating pink rock that, though is very pleasant, has yet to seal the deal. I"ve tried lotions and potions and lube that promised tingles but delivered little more than an itch, and even bought a strange looking two-ended thing described as "the Swiss army knife of sex toys" that did nothing but rattle my teeth a bit.


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