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Tanner O"Ryan is in desperate need of help.

When her mother suddenly suggests they drive to Sumner, Georgia to get assistance from her father, Cameron Wagner, she is more than floored. In her twenty-three years, she"s never known who her father is, and now she has to put her trust in the man. Not only does she have to trust him, but an entire club full of men and women who live a life she didn"t know anything about.

She quickly realizes she needs more help than she originally thought.

*Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*Books in Series:Ravage MC Series by Ryan MicheleBooks by Author:Ryan Michele Books

"TANNER"" MY MOTHER"S whispered voice comes across the phone.

My body tenses immediately, going on alert, and the smile adorning my face dies instantly.

"Mom, what"s wrong"" I ask, pulling over to the side of the road. I wasn"t going to pick up the phone since I was driving, but when my mom"s name popped up on the screen, I had to answer. In life, there are certain people you don"t put off answering a call from, and my mother is number one for me.

"Baby, I need you to come and get me." Her voice is so muffled it"s as if she"s covering the phone, afraid someone will hear.

"What"s going on"" I fear the answer she is going to give me. In the pit of my stomach, I can already hear the words that will escape her lips, and I don"t want to hear them. I never want to hear them.

"James has been drinking again."

Fuck me.

The asshole said he was going to AA, claiming he was getting his addiction under control for my mother. Unfortunately, James is a violent drunk, not one who passes out or can function on the stuff. He is downright nasty.

The first time I saw marks on my mother and questioned it, she did what she always does: covers for him, makes excuses for him, blames herself for why she"s so badly bruised she can"t go out of the house for a week.

I told her that, if it ever happened again, I would take her the hell out of there and wouldn"t give a shit if she wanted to come or not. If I had to duct tape her to the car to get her wherever in the hell I took her, I would.

"You have got to be kidding me," I snap a little too harshly into the phone. I can visualize my mother flinching at the tone. I dig deep and take a breath, needing to calm myself for her sake. There is no sense in adding to my mother"s pain, especially when she called me for help. "I"m on my way. Is he there""

James is a big man, and when I say big, I mean five-eleven and between two hundred fifty pounds to three hundred. The thing with him, though, is he can move and do it fast. He"s been trained for years by the police academy, after all.

"Yes," she muffles into the phone, a slight tremor in her words. "He"s passed out in the living room."

Crap. Their living room is where their front door is, and from the way their house is set up, even the back door can be seen from there. Getting my mother out might be tricky without waking him, but I"ll give it everything I have.

I throw the car into gear and begin the twenty minute drive to her, keeping her on the phone with me. "Gather up what you need, Mom. Throw it in a garbage bag if you have to. Be quiet and move quickly." I pause, pain splitting my heart in two. "Can you move " quickly"" What if she"s hurt to the point that she can"t move" Oh, God.

"I " I"ll try." She groans roughly over the line and sniffs her nose, no doubt crying. I would love to reach through the phone and take away her pain. On to plan B.

"Where are you in the house"" I maneuver the car in and out of traffic, feeling like every precious second away from her is a second too damn long.

"Bathroom. I locked the door." A small bit of comfort comes from that, even if the flimsy lock wouldn"t keep James away from her if he really wanted in.

"Stay there. Don"t come out. When I get there, I"ll pack for you, and then we are gone." Where the hell are we going to go" I have no clue yet. I do hair for a living, so it"s not like I have elaborate exit plans for escaping from a cop who"s supposed to love my mother. That"s a lie right there.

I knew the first time he put a hand on her that he didn"t, but she was too damn infatuated with him to listen. I"ll do what I always do"figure it out as we go, moment by moment. That"s what I do: I fix it.

"Okay." Her voice comes out weaker than only seconds before, and I fear she may pass out on me. If he hit her in the head, she could have a concussion. I have to keep her alert, with me.

"Mom, keep your eyes open. Do you hear me"" She mumbles something. "How bad is it"" My heart squeezes. I can"t lose my mom. I just can"t. She"s the only thing I have in this world.

"I don"t think he broke anything, but it"s not good, Tanner. Really not good."


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