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The gorgeous soldier doesn"t remember who I am.

Brent Lewis was everything to me five years ago.
But he left me to join the Army without even a goodbye.

Now he"s back.
Devastatingly gorgeous, with a body hardened from war.

But Brent doesn"t remember who I am.
Not the days laughing and holding hands under a bright summer sky.
Nor the nights, sweltering with need.

So how do I tell him my devastating secret when he doesn"t even know who I am"

Hey Readers " As usual, this is another off-the-charts crazy story where a hardened soldier meets his match in our curvy, feisty heroine. But we promise, you"ll love the romance between Claire and her military man. As always, read with an ice cold drink nearby because you"re going to need it! :)Books by Author:Katie Ford BooksSarah May Books

Chapter 1


"Don"t forget to have the research and analyses for the Davidson case written up and on my desk by Monday morning!" Dave, my boss, booms out behind me from the open doorway of his office.

With his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his jacket off, and his vest slightly rumpled, Dave looks like he"s ready to camp out here for the weekend. His sharp gray eyes look even more alert now at almost six-thirty in the evening than they did when he first arrived at work. His thin and elegant frame hums with energy that didn"t come from a coffee pot. Even his hair looks electric. It"s thick and blond, standing up in wild curls around his head from him constantly running his hands through it.

How can he have this buzz so late on a Friday" By lunchtime today, I was ready to throw the week away and go hibernate for the weekend.

Right now, with my purse on my shoulder and my patience with the paperwork generated by my paralegal job completely at an end, I"m more than ready to head home and just collapse on the couch with a pint of ice cream and some mindless TV.

"The report is already on your desk," I tell my boss as I keep walking backwards between the rows of empty gray cubicles. Everyone else has already left for the week.

"What"" Dave frowns and looks briefly behind him like the report is just going to magically appear in his hand. "I don"t see it."

I shake my head and keep moving. If I stop, he"ll catch me and lure me into working for even longer. He"s such a workaholic that he expects the office to be just like him. But most of us are human"I can"t speak for those freaky IT guys"and just bleed regular red instead of the law firm"s signature Prussian blue ink.

If I go into Dave"s office and show him exactly where I put the completed reports, he"s going to somehow rope me into doing something else for him that"ll have me leaving here closer to midnight.

No thanks.

"It"s in the salmon-colored file folder. Under the signed birthday card for the twins, and next to your ""World"s Greatest Boss"" mug."

The frustrated frown on his face almost makes me laugh. Almost. But tiredness has already set in, and I no longer have a single amused bone left in my body.

"See you Monday, Dave!" I wave and then slip out the door before he can ask me anything else. My high heels tap quickly against the marbled floor of the hallway as I book it toward the elevator.

I walk faster when my cell starts to play "Super Freak" from inside my oversized purse.

My fingers quickly fumble to find and then answer it. "What"s going on, Mandy""

"Are you out of there yet"" my best friend grouses at me through the phone.

"Yes, yes. I"m out of the office and racing to the elevator as we speak. I told you"he"s not roping me into working late tonight."

"For once." Through the phone, I can hear Mandy moving around and cloth rustling like she"s digging around in her closet for something. "It"s like you"re one of the lawyers there and not a damn paralegal. Come on home, girl! We have some good weekend fun to get started."

I frown. "Should I be worried""

Because Mandy"s fun weekends are notorious.

Booze. Boys. Suspicious baked goods. Those are just some of the things my bestie enjoys as often as she can. Ever since college, she"s always been the girl to try"and sometimes succeed"in getting me into more trouble than I"m ever ready for. And this trouble usually involves"you guessed it"booze, boys, and suspicious baked goods.

Mandy and I are both twenty-two years old now, so college is only a year or so behind us. Sometimes, though, Mandy acts like we"re still in the dorm room we first shared four years ago when we didn"t know each other. It was a random assignment that changed both of our lives for the better because these days, I don"t know what I"d do without my crazy best friend by my side.

"No need for you to ever worry around me, baby cakes," Mandy tries to reassure me. "Don"t forget where we live. There is no fun to be had in Jefferson Meadows, Virginia, population 17."

A giggle bursts out of me. Every time she talks smack about the town we live in, the number of people who live here gets smaller and smaller. Pretty soon, at least according to her, the town will just have me, her, and the designer label-wearing bum who lives in the basement of our local church.

"Whatever, Mandy. Get off the phone, girl. I"m about to get in the elevator, and you know there"s no reception there. I"ll see you at home."

"How convenient," Mandy huffs. "See you in a few."


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