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Kyle Stafford has a crush.

He"s his own boss and answers to no one"except his sister, who he"s hired to help out with his highly successful food truck business. But he"s drowning in paperwork he doesn"t understand, and while he should be focusing on that, all he can think about is the attractive man who just moved into his building. When Kyle finally gets an opportunity to introduce himself, he fails miserably and is rebuffed in a spectacular fashion. But Kyle is persistent and won’t be so easily dissuaded.

Kyle struggles to find an in with his hot neighbor, until one night, thanks to a package with a familiar return address, Kyle discovers that they have a lot in common than he thought…

Alex Holloway is starting over.

When most twenty-one-year-olds were club hopping and graduating from college, Alex Holloway was filing for divorce and dropping out. Freshly relocated to a new city, his ego is bruised and his emotions damaged, but Alex is determined to be happy. To be himself. His best friend urges him to go out and meet someone, anyone" anyone except the neighbor who comes on too strong, steals Alex’s mail and bakes him cookies.

Kyle is everything Alex has ever wanted. Strong, smart, capable, caring, and kinky as hell. But is a mutual appreciation for silk and lace worth another heartbreak"Books by Author:Kate Hawthorne BooksE.M. Denning Books



Alex had been on edge all day. Theresa had been unusually nice to him this morning, and after the past few months of her gravitating between being furious with him and giving him the cold shoulder, her sudden switch in mood had him worried.

When Alex turned on to his street and saw it lined with familiar cars, his first instinct was to keep driving. Theresa"s family had always been tightly knit, and several times a month they got together for dinner, but they"d never had it at Alex and Theresa"s house. He supposed that was the reason for her good mood.

Alex took a breath and parked the car in the driveway. His stomach clenched at the idea of spending the evening with her family, but it wasn"t worth blowing them off. His marriage was already on the rocks, and pulling a stunt like that wouldn"t exactly help matters.

Alex walked in the door, expecting to hear the usual murmur of conversation and the aroma of Theresa"s cooking. But there was only icy silence and dead air. "Theresa""

Heels clicked on the wooden floor and his tight-faced wife appeared in the doorway. "We"re in the family room. We"d like you to join us, Alex." She swept out of the room and Alex took a deep breath. This was bad, this was very, very bad.

The reality was worse than he could"ve imagined. Alex entered the family room and stared, mouth agape. Her entire family and half her church group were there. Even the pastor had shown up. Alex"s insides turned to liquid. "Theresa, can I speak to you in the other room"" Alex"s voice barely worked, but he managed not to lose his mind and demand to know why everyone was staring at him with a mixture of disdain and pity.

Theresa took his hand and led him further into the family room. She practically shoved him into an empty chair, then sat down on the footstool in front of him. "Alex, honey. I"ve arranged this intervention for you because you need help."

Alex watched her eyes go glassy and she sniffled. She blinked at him and tears rolled down her cheeks. "You"re sick, Alex. You"ve been tempted away from God, but we can help you."

Alex couldn"t breathe. His chest tightened. His hands shook so hard he shoved them between his legs and pinned them there. He tried to draw in a breath, and maybe he succeeded, but it didn"t stop him from feeling lightheaded. "I don"t understand."

He watched Theresa"s face crumble and the pastor came over and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Alex, Theresa has told us about your"deviations."

Alex didn"t know if he wanted to cry, or scream, or throw up. Maybe all three. Simultaneously. "My"what""

"Your attraction to men is not healthy, Alex, nor is it holy. But you can overcome it."

She reached for his hand. "Please, Alex. Please, hear us out. We all love you and just want you to get better."

"I don"t understand." He was repeating himself. He didn"t want to be there anymore. Not with everyone staring at him, knowing his secret, judging him, telling him he was sick.

"You"re getting worse, Alex. First the gay thing, and now the underwear."

His whole body shook, but he couldn"t stop it. He tried. He didn"t want them to see him fall apart. "You told"" Alex"s voice had the decency to sound incredulous at the idea his wife had told not only her family, but half the community that he"d been caught trying on her panties. She didn"t know it wasn"t the first time, though he"d sworn up and down that it was.

"I had to!" she screamed. "The gay thing was bad enough, Alex, but the panties. Really" You"re sick and you"re getting worse. You need help."

The word help had never sounded so completely dangerous before, but it did when it was laced with hate and venom and was spat at him by a woman he suddenly didn"t recognize.

"We"ve arranged a spiritual retreat for you, son. You"ll be well cared for and they"ll help you get back on the path to God."

If Alex weren"t sitting down, his legs would"ve given out for sure. "You want me to go to conversion therapy"" He swallowed a mouthful of bile and gritted his teeth. Tears burned at the corners of his eyes. "I won"t do it."

"You have to, Alex. You"ve been led astray." Giant tears rolled down her cheeks and she hiccoughed. "You won"t even have sex with me anymore."

The accusation stung. Alex had tried really hard to reach out to Theresa, but ever since he"d confided in her about his attraction to both genders, she"d treated him like a leper. She wouldn"t let him touch her. She constantly accused him of cheating on her. She refused his advances at every turn for months. It was all too much. Alex looked at her and took a deep breath. His shoulders shook and his legs quaked. "Well, maybe I"d still want to fuck you if you weren"t such a frigid bitch."


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