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Our pasts were a part of us.
Mine hijacked my dreams every night, drowning me in guilt and staining my hands red.
It wasn"t just a part of me, it stole a piece of me"the piece that stopped me from letting people get too close.
And I"d become pretty damn good at playing the untouchable asshole card just to keep them away.
But apparently, Dakota Samuels didn"t get that memo.
From the moment she accidentally walked in on me naked, she began to demolish any and every wall I"d ever built.
She was sexy and tenacious.
And I was addicted to the way she looked at me.
To the way she fought for me.
To the way her body felt beneath mine.
We were both done with running from the demons of our pasts.
They were going to find us.
They were going to try and destroy us.
And they may have won before, but like hell I was going to let them take her from me too.
Because if they tried, this time the blood I saw in my dreams would be theirs.Books in Series:The Exiled Eight MC Series by Addison JaneBooks by Author:Addison Jane Books


I was desperate to use the bathroom. To the point where I almost considered walking out the back of the outlaw motorcycle club where I was currently located, and just popping a squat on their lawn.

There was a huge part of me that knew they wouldn"t appreciate that though, so here I was, trying my best not to pee my pants as I rushed past one door after another, pressing on the handle and praying that it would"



I pushed on the door, and it slowly swung open revealing one of the messiest bedrooms I"d ever come across. I couldn"t say I was the queen of perfection, or that I was even a princess. But holy shit, someone needed to take a moment, pick up some clothes, make the bed, and get a giant-sized wastebasket for the amount of condom wrappers that lined the edge.

I was almost tempted myself.

Except then I heard the running water, and everyone knows what running water does to you when you need to take a piss. It"s like hell on earth.

Looking over, I saw a cracked door. Everything inside was white, and I knew it was a bathroom. The water sounded like it was coming from a shower, but I didn"t care, I inhaled deeply and rushed toward the doorway. It flung open with a hard thud against the wall behind, and while I"d already planned some "I"m so sorry" speech to whoever was inside, instead, I froze.

My mouth hung open, and I imagined hitting the floor like a bad cartoon.

"What the fuck"" he growled, his eyes dark and gloomy, threatening to release a raging storm around me. But it was hard to be scared when all I could see was this sexy, god-like man, with his long, thick cock in his hand. A cock that instantly had my pussy clenching as I imagined just how good it would feel stretching me as it pounded in and ou"

"You better have some good fucking explanation for being in here," he demanded, his face red, and the muscles all over his body clenched, almost like I"d interrupted him just before he was about to get to the good bit.

The fact that I could wet my pants at any moment was quickly replaced by a different wetness in my pants, and I was all but ready to pull up a chair and plead with him to carry on.

"I" um"" I stumbled, something I didn"t often do. I always had a witty comeback, some kind of off-the-cuff remark in awkward situations, but this one" I was just in complete and utter shock.

I"d been cockstruck.

And I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

The storm in his eyes began to cool slightly as he realized I wasn"t just some blonde bimbo who liked to burst in on guys in the shower jerking off. He had tattoos that decorated his chest and sprinkled down over his shoulders and arms. He was broad and muscular, but had a slim waist and strong legs"the third one growing between them wasn"t counted, but it sure could have been.

Suddenly, his entire demeanor changed, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He opened the shower door, his hand tugging at his cock as he stared me down.

He looked dangerous.

Like someone I should stay the hell away from.

I should have followed those instincts.

"You just gonna stand there" Or you gonna get on your knees""

That was the slap in the face I needed.

I almost choked on my own saliva. "Excuse me, Sir Jerks-a-lot""

It had been a long time since I let a guy get away with treating me like he could order me around with the curl of his finger. This asshole wanted women to fall at his feet and idolize him like his cock was made of gold. And I was more of a kick-them-in-the-balls kind of bitch if they even looked at me like I was beneath them.

I stood a little taller, finally finding myself. "The only reason I"m gonna get on my knees right now is if I"m praying to Jesus and asking him to remove your cock from your body and shove it straight up your ass, you arrogant bastard."

His eyes widened at my retort, but the smirk on his face only grew. "Is that fucking right" Because what I think is going to happen, is that you"re gonna wrap that smart mouth of yours around my dick until you choke, and I come down your throat."

My hands balled into fists at my side.

Holy crap.

I couldn"t tell if I was more angry or more horny.

"So, your dick needs a hazard warning, does it"" I threw back, taking a step forward into his space and letting him know he couldn"t intimidate me, even though he was much taller and probably a shit load more dangerous than I was.


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