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The second Penelope Banks stepped into his office, Jackson knew that she was trouble. She could fight it if she wanted to, but the lust in those baby blues said all he needed to know. Penny belonged to him. Now, all he had to do was claim her.

The second she stepped into Jackson Steele"s office, Penny knew he was trouble. The man had everything in one look that could take down a hoard of women: sexy, pure, raw appeal. If she was smart, she"d keep her distance. And she sure tried, but no one can fight their forever.

This is the 3rd book in the series.Books by Author:C.M. Steele Books



I tip my sunglasses and survey the property my brother just purchased for damn pennies. I"m proud of him, but I feel like I"ve stepped into an old mining town that"s in some John Wayne movie. "Boomer, this looks like a fucking ghost town. Bro, we have our work cut out for us." Truthfully, I"m shaking with excitement inside, not that I"d show it. I"ve always been one to hold back my feelings, but damn this is going to make me let loose a howl. My eyes adjust, then I close my eyes and picture all this could be. The vision is fascinating.

"Think of it this way, next week it"ll be a blank canvas." He smiles at me because he knows that"s when Steeleville will become my project to work my magic on. As an architect with my own company, I love planning and overseeing some of the builds. The end result and the happiness with my customers is the best part. This is so much more. This is ours.

"I guess you"ve got a point there. Let"s check it out so I can draw up some blueprints for you to approve." I look at the classic look of some of the old building and see that maybe it could work. "Now that I"m looking at it, bro, there"s a lot of potential."

"I want it to have that old town feel with all the modern upgrades."

"Gotcha." I make some notes in my favorite leather-bound legal pad binder. There"s so much we can do. I can see a strip mall of businesses that make life a lot easier for people living so far away from the city.

I look up and see Boomer giving me a once-over with a cocked brow. "Jackson, have you been lifting more"" he asks.

"Yep, it helps me think." It does clear my head. It"s as if ideas form and problems are resolved when I let the burn hit me at the gym.

"Don"t think too much or your brain will be your weakest muscle soon. I was starting to wonder if you put yourself up for the Strongman competition."

"Fuck off. I"m not a gym rat," I complain. He"s ridiculous. He"s still bigger than me. Changing the subject, I get back to the town issues and ask, "Have you talked with any city project managers" There"s an integral amount of planning involved."

"Yes. Once you give me your blueprints, I"ll contact the company for the electrical grid and get the ball rolling. It"s going to cost a fortune to get the basics running, but I"m sure once we get that set, the other plans will fall into place."

"Okay, I"m just saying you"re under the county guidelines until everything else can be implemented. You might as well get some help from them. They would love to have a greater tax generating place filling their coffers," I scoff. It"s no damn joke. They"re going to take a cut of the earnings of any sale of property. I don"t know the ramifications for permits to build considering he"s the owner of the town itself, but I"m sure they have a stipulation in that, too.

"I bet. I know we"re going to need a set of houses built, a five-floor apartment building, a grocery store, and gas station to start. I want everything up and running before we populate it."

"What are the odds on the name, Boomer"" I ask, looking at the old general store sign. Steeleville General Store.

"That"s why I picked it. No need for a name change," he remarks, nudging me on the shoulder. I roll my eyes and nod. It"s a bonus for sure.

"Since this used to be an old steel mill town, there"s a large factory building I had inspected. It"s on the edge of the land and sound. I was thinking that"s where our club will be."

I"m grinning like a motherfucker. It"s what we need. When he first mentioned the town to me, I thought of the criminal element that would want a safety tax for staying away. If we handle our own problems besides a small law enforcement, then we wouldn"t have shit to worry about. Besides, we had our crew already set up. "Fuck yeah, let"s check it out. I"ll question you on the way there about the rest."

"Sure thing, bro," Boomer answers. We head over to the truck, getting out of this shitty heat that"s baking my skin.

"Do you know how much is going to be used for farming"" If we can be self-sustaining, it might attract more people to the area. And it"s also a possible revenue stream or tax write-off.

"That"s still up in the air. I can start with two hundred acres, and if they need more, I"m sure that"ll be no problem."

I look around as we drive and there"s not much. It looks as if Main Street was the ticket. I wonder if it was all farmland. "Most of this area was never really developed. There are a couple dozen rowhouses I"m assuming for the steelworkers, but that"s about it. So, what happened to the town" Why are you sure it"s financially viable""


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