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I glossed over the specs he"d left on my desk before checking my messages to get started on another day but somehow I was too restless.

I left the desk and moved over to the wall of glass to look down at all that my family had helped build over almost a century.

I love this, love looking down from this great height at the different structures my father and grandfather had erected around our great city.

Loved seeing our family name proclaimed proudly on the marquis of some of the city"s most outstanding architecture.

This new project had been like a shot in the arm though. I"d started to grow bored I guess, and needed something new and exciting to get the blood flowing.

The new hotel in Switzerland promised to be just the thing I needed. Not to mention the travelling back and forth should help to ease the sense of ennui that has been plaguing me the last few months.

At thirty-two I guess I"d pretty much seen and done it all. That happens when you"ve been raised with a silver service in your mouth. You"re exposed to a lot from an early age since people are always willing to do pretty much anything when money"s involved.

But the downside is that once you"ve tried everything by your early twenties, shit starts to become repetitious and boring as hell.

The excitement surrounding this new project, the fact that the whole world was watching to see what we were gonna come up with had given me new life.

Except for the constant tabloid coverage and assholes with cameras in my face, it was the best thing that could"ve happened at the right time.

I"d dealt with the unwanted press. By that I mean I"d threatened them to within an inch of their lives for messing with my privacy until they backed the hell off.

With that little problem taken care of I"d been able to focus on what I knew was going to be the thing that launches the company into a whole new market.

The client had asked for something unique, something that hadn"t been done before to fit into their elite ski village in the Alps.

They wanted it to stand out, which was our forte. My brother and I had a different vision than the one our father and grandfather had, but that was because of the change in times.

Dad had given up the reins over five years ago, intending for me to run the company. As the eldest son I"d inherited it all, with my brother receiving a monetary inheritance along with property.

I didn"t like that so once the company was in my hands I had my lawyers draw up a new contract making him equal partners with me.

He"d made a fuss at first, thinking he was robbing me of what was mine, but that"s not how I saw it.

He was as much my father"s son as I am, and had as much pride in the family name as I do. Had he been a worthless piece of shit I wouldn"t have cared so much.

But my little brother, younger than me by five years, has always followed in my footsteps. He"s looked up to me since he was old enough to walk and the love I have in my heart for him, wouldn"t allow me to do any less than share everything with him.

Of course there are days when I want to chuck his ass out a window just to get some peace from his constant annoyance. But the little shit can laugh his way out of anything.

Almost as if we"d planned it, he had concentrated more on the building aspects of our family enterprise while I looked after ways of making it grow.

I"d fought like hell to prove to our father that it was the right decision, and now with this new project, arguably the biggest one we"d tackled thus far since we took over, he was finally beginning to see the truth in my words.

It was a great opportunity for the company to spread its wings beyond the Americas and Great Britain.

And if this woman was as good as Gavin says she is then things should not only run smoothly, but catapult us into bigger and better things.


I got lost in reports and phone calls and lost track of time until the knock at the door. My assistant walked in with coffee in one hand and more reports in the other.

"The rascal is on his way here with the new architect, do you need anything before they get here""

I looked up at the elderly woman who should"ve retired a decade ago but who was such an integral part of the company that I find it hard to part with her.

She has very unorthodox names for my brother and I, and except for our mother is the only one allowed to get away with the blatant disrespect.


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