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Revolution and war come with a price in the fourth volume of USA Today Bestselling Author Frost Kay"s The Aermian Feuds Series.

Returning to Aermia should"ve been easy, but nightmares and death haunt her, leaving Sage as an outsider, even in her own family. Nothing is ever as it seems, and that"s more apparent than ever as she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the one man who"s carved himself into her unwilling heart.

As war looms on the horizon, she must decide who to trust and what sacrifices she"s willing to make for her kingdom. But with every decision, she feels the warlord"s dark web of secrets, deceit, and betrayal closing around her. One mistake may mean destruction not only for herself, but for those she loves.

In this thrilling fourth book in this Internationally Bestselling Series, Sage and Tehl will raze the world to protect their people and each other from the one man that threatens to tear them apart.Books in Series:The Aermian Feuds Series by Frost KayBooks by Author:Frost Kay Books


Fear is a powerful thing.

It can slap you in the face or sneak up on you, and then slowly drag you into the suffocating darkness that always seems to linger right out of sight.

It"s crippling to know that it could strike at any moment, and steal the very breath from your body, the thoughts from your mind.

But there are worse things than fear.

Haunting memories. Pretty monsters. Self-destruction.

But they aren"t all powerful. They can be conquered. Broken does not mean ruined.

There"s strength in healing.

In love.

Sage thought she knew love.

She didn"t.

Until Tehl.



Stars above. She was here. In his arms.

Tehl buried his nose in his wife"s hair, trembling. Sage was home.

He"d always been realistic, and, deep down, he"d felt like he"d never see her again"that he"d find her dead body somewhere. A tear dripped down his face, mingling with the dirt and sweat on his skin. Only now, as he held her in his arms, alive and breathing, could he accept that, deep down, he"d never really expected to bring her back for more than a proper burial.

"You"re home," he murmured, his lips brushing the top of her damp head. His mind raced with questions, but he dismissed them, oblivious to anything but the woman in his arms.

"Home," Sage whispered into his vest, her voice weak as her body slumped against his.

He tightened his grip as she sank into him. "I"ll take you home." Her family would be beside themselves when they saw her. "Let"s go home."

But Sage didn"t reply. Alarmed, Tehl craned his neck and peered down at her. Face slack, lips blue, she lay heavy in his arms, her parted lips releasing small unsteady puffs of breath.

"Sage"" he asked, shaking her. His own breath caught in his chest when she didn"t stir. Something wasn"t right. He hoisted her and shivered as the chill from her body seeped through his clothing.

"Zachael! I need you. She"s too cold." Tehl turned on his heel and then froze at the menacing snarl that ripped through the air. He slowly turned back to the leren, making eye contact with the man-eater.

"Steady, boy," the weapons master breathed from somewhere behind him. "The beast is concerned for its mistress. Speak slowly and calmly to it."

Tehl"s arms trembled as he held Sage away from his body like an offering, forcing his movements to be precise. "Easy. I"m not going to hurt your mistress, but she needs to be warmed or she"ll die."

Sage shivered as he spoke, her whole body trembling, punctuating his statement. The beast"s ears flattened, but it remained where it was. Tehl nodded; likely, that was all he was going to get from the creature, and he didn"t have time to wait for more. Ignoring every instinct that commanded him to do otherwise, he slowly turned his back to the animal, his heart thudding in his chest. Zachael detached himself from his men and warily approached, his gaze pinned over Tehl"s shoulder. The weapons master pulled his attention from the leren and motioned to Tehl.

"We need to get her dry as soon as possible," Zachael murmured. He laid a hand against Sage"s chest, his face grave. "Her body is dangerously cold. There"s no time to lose." The weapons master yanked his cloak from his shoulders and placed it on the ground.

Tehl dropped to his knees and gently laid Sage across the cloak. She looked so fragile and blue, as though she was already dead. His breath caught at the grim thought, and he steeled himself. Life was never certain, but surely it couldn"t be so cruel as to give him a few moments with her and then let her die"

He shook his head, dismissing the idea as he began to unbutton her heavy, sodden vest. It did her no good for him to sit in fear. All that mattered was here and now. He hesitated when her shirt opened beneath his fingers, revealing creamy skin pebbled with goosebumps. He glanced at his men. Warmth and gratitude filled him despite the circumstances; his men had turned their backs and formed a protective barrier around him and his wife, respecting her privacy.

"Hurry up, son," Zachael admonished. "We don"t have time to dally."

Tehl"s numb fingers fumbled as he yanked off his cloak and dumped it unceremoniously on the ground. With care, he lifted Sage"s torso, pulling the sodden top from her body before hastily covering her bust with his own cloak.

His jaw ticked when he caught sight of the monstrosity still wrapped around her neck, partially hidden by her hair. The collar"s thorns had embedded themselves into her delicate skin, causing an angry red. It made him want to puke. The warlord had collared his wife like an animal. A rage unlike anything he"d ever known ignited inside him. A hard haze descended over his vision; the only sound he heard was the beating of his own heart.


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