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When Texans meet Australians, all bets are off.

Brea Plush is a curvy, beautiful young woman, who is shy and tired of her dreary life.
Her insecurities haunted her since she was a young girl and all she"s ever wanted to do was break free of them.

When she meets Trevor Kincade, an irresistibly hot cowboy who starts coming into the diner she works at, she knows she"s found the one thing to bring her out of her shell.

And she"s got the perfect plan to make him notice her.

Only when he does she finds there"s no escaping the sexy cowboy who makes her body flush with need.

One taste and Trevor is hooked.

But life isn"t always what it seems and with more insecurities than she cares to admit, will Brea be able to let go of her fear and fall in love"Books in Series:Triple K Ranch Series by J.L. BeckBooks by Author:J.L. Beck BooksCassandra Bloom Books


"Both Barrels"

Brea watched him walk to the parking lot. Darkness helped to cover her presence and her shameful stalking. Rolling her eyes, she knew this was an awful thing to do in the first place. Pitiful is what it was all right. She could just hear her Momma"s voice tisking in that way she had when she was disgusted.

Watching from the corner, she viewed him getting into his truck. His powerful legs just seemed to launch him up and in through the high door. Yeah, a huge Ford F-150. Mighty as Texas trucks go, and just as mighty as he was.

He started the big engine and pulled out in a cloud of Flatonia dust.

Standing in the dark part of the side building, she stared at the large vehicle until it disappeared down the street.

Looking up, she saw the neon flashing sign" "Happy Daze Diner" just as it blipped off. Looking all around to make sure no one had seen her, she hurried over to her Ford. Hers wasn"t the least bit mighty and you could call it meek. It was a Ford Fiesta and it ran all right, but just barely. She tugged at the door handle and it didn"t budge. Dang-it, I"m gonna have to go around and use the passenger door!

She got in, climbed over to the driver"s seat, and started her little tin can of a junk pile. She pulled out of the parking lot with lurch of the engine and a cloud of smoking oil fumes. She"d bought the car because it was priced right. Cheap! She smiled and wiped the dust from her rearview mirror.

It would get to home and back. For four hundred dollars that was a bargain, compared to walking. She dimmed her headlights because she really didn"t want to waste the battery juice as it was like the car itself"on its last cell. The streets were empty, so it didn"t matter anyway.

The car needed all kinds of things that she couldn"t afford, but maybe it needed to be dropped off at the junkyard too. Brea just couldn"t bring herself to do it though; she sort of mixed herself with the beat down car. She sometimes felt like she didn"t match up to the slim modeled woman, but she was loyal and steady as hell. So, she held onto the car out of sympathy.

Night had fallen over the sleepy looking town and the empty streets just added to her somber mood. She needed to stop all this sneaking around and hiding her feelings under a dark, damp rock. Why couldn"t she just be like a modern woman and ask him out" Because you"re too afraid, that"s why, Plushy butt!

The nickname had been tagged on her in high school and she"d gotten way past feeling bad about it. It matched her name and her behind. I have a great butt and someday, someone else may think that too! But someday was kind of like the word tomorrow"it was always looming but never really here. Her thoughts drifted again. Someone" Well, there was a someone; he just wasn"t her someone.

She parked in her spot at the apartment building and tried her car door handle. It gave way and for once, and she was able to get out of her car the respectable way. Yay! She felt like the bucket of bolts was thanking her for the junkyard reprieve.

Looking around, she knew most of her neighbors were already asleep. Ten o"clock and the streets of Flatonia instantly rolled up. Is this gonna be my life when I"m old" She made her way up the stairs and tried to think of what she could do differently. Well, you could ask that someone out and maybe he would be taken off guard enough to actually say yes. But you just keep puttin" that off till tomorrow, which you know will never be here.

Brea sighed as she took off her apron and dropped it onto her couch. Her feet hurt and her back was strained. The day had been super long and she just wanted a hot bath. Waitressing was more than hard work"it was a total beat down on some days. She kicked off her shoes and winced. Ten hours on your feet while rushing all over and trying to please everyone was rough. The tips bought the groceries but sometimes, you couldn"t pay the bills.

Yep, sometimes you had all chicken, while other times, all you got was the feathers. Another wise but offbeat proverb her momma was always telling her when the bills couldn"t be paid. Brea stripped away the rest of her well-worn, food-splattered uniform. Chicken, she shuddered. Icky-chicky, she would say after a full week at the diner.

She headed to the bathroom, as was her nightly routine. While running the bath water, she paused and looked in the mirror. Her mom said she had an hourglass figure. Brea turned sideways while gazing at her body and thought, what the hell did that even mean" Hourglass" Like maybe your ass was full of heavy sand"


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