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Prison is no joke. The food sucks,
My roommate snores,
And the only thing I have to look forward to is Monroe.
My lawyer, can look at my briefs anytime.
She"s smart, beautiful, and the only way I"m getting out of this hellhole.
I didn"t kill Blaze, but when you"re a Dead Soul MC member, no one cares about the truth.
And maybe that"s for the best,
Because no one can know about Canyon.
Monroe is not just getting me out of jail,
She"s also getting into my heart.

Knox is the first book in the Dead Souls MC Series.Books in Series:Dead Souls MC Series by Savannah RylanBooks by Author:Savannah Rylan Books

Chapter 1


"The fuck are they doin" now"" I asked, as I slowed my bike down. Rock pulled up next to me, followed by Mick, Brewer and Grave. We had been tailing several of the guys of The Black Saddles MC for most of the day, and I was getting sick and tired of following them all around fucking Redding.

"They"re moving closer to our territory, and I don"t like it," Grave said.

"Who the hell do they think they are"" Mick asked.

"What do we do from here"" Rock asked. "Anyone got any ideas""

The Black Saddles were known for their shitty maneuvers and their pushy tactics. They knew exactly where the territorial boundaries were, but lately it seemed as though they didn"t give a shit. We kept to ourselves and we expected them to do the fucking same, but they weren"t having it. They wanted our territory enough to posture for it, and multiple warning shots had been fired off over the past couple of weeks. We"d chased them out of more alleyways and broken up more fights in our own damn town than we"d ever had to do before, and I was getting damn tired of it all.

"This supposed to be some kind of damn mission" Or are we pow-wowwin""" Brewer asked.

"The Dead Souls don"t pow-wow," I said. "But you"re starting to get on my damn nerves."

"We"re supposed to be doing surveillance," Mick said. "So" what do we see""

"A bunch of pussy assholes who don"t wanna adhere to boundaries," I said.

"So" a bunch of Graves"" Rock asked with a smirk.

Grave slapped him on the back of the head, almost knocking the man off his damn bike.

"Settle down, kids," Brewer said. "We don"t wanna get too loud. I see some of them up ahead."

We all turned our attention on the assholes walking around in leather cuts with a pin up girl riding on a Harley as their back patch. The Black Saddles had started hanging around the area about six months ago. At first it seemed like our club"s would get along. Or at least co-exist in the same area. But the second that they started moving closer into our territory, all of us started to get a little more on edge.

"Why are they out here by one of our sites"" Grave asked.

"Snoopin" around, that"s what," I said. "And we can"t have them doin" that. Not with so many jobs out right now."

Our club ran and laundered money for a hefty price on whoever wanted to use our channels. We had a monopoly on it on this side of the country. The wilderness was the perfect place to do something like this because no one expected tens of thousands of dollars to be filtered through shabby shacks in the fuckin" forest. Redding, California was our city, and since it was near the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, it was the perfect place to conceal our operations.

But the Black Saddles were threatening to blow that shit sky high.

The last thing we needed was the feds coming into our damn town because of some nosey, loud ass biker club and stirring up trouble. And if these fuckers rolled up in here trying to take what was ours, we would fight for it.

"You guys. Come here. It"s Diesel," Brewer said. Diesel was the president of our club, and the one that sent us out to follow the fuckers.

We all hopped off our bikes and surrounded Brewer"s body to listen in on the phone call.

"You guys all there"" Diesel asked.

"Yup," Mick said. "Hit us with it."

"I got a tip that The Black Saddles are having some dumbass party in the woods on the other side of Redding."

"This whole place is near the fucking woods," I said.

"Don"t get smart, Knox. It doesn"t suit you," Diesel said. "You"re no longer doing surveillance. You"re going to that damn party."

"And shooting them dead"" Grave asked. I stifled a laugh.

"Not today, Grave. Save your bloodlust for later. Make it an informal meeting. Go with beer or whatever the fuck it is those pussies wanna drink."

"You want us to set formal boundaries," Brewer said.

"Yep. And you guys are gonna get it done. Don"t swing the first punch and you sure as hell don"t blow off the first round. But if things get hairy with them, bury "em in the ground," Diesel said.

"I like the sound of that," Grave said with a grin.

"And make sure our hot-head doesn"t massacre them," Diesel said.

"We"ll make sure he"s locked down," Rock said.

"I don"t need a damn babysitter," Grave said.

"Nope. Just maybe some meds," I said.

"Call me when it"s done," Diesel said.

"Will do," Brewer said.

We all got on our bikes and headed for the other side of Redding. We parked our bikes at a gas station and grabbed a case of beer, then set out for the woods. We could already hear them partying up a storm. Loud as fuck with a massive fire raging in the middle of the woods. Like they weren"t risking burning the damn place down altogether. Reckless clubs were the worst. Loud as hell, thought their dicks swung to the ground, and had nothing to back up their threats.


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