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I have it all.
Money. Fame. Women.
But now-I only want her.

As a star linebacker, I"ve had my share of fun. Girls throw themselves at me and until now I"ve been happy to let them.
Until I met her.
Janelle. She"s gorgeous.
She doesn"t know it. She gets my jeans bulging and my head spinning.
And the best part" She has no idea who I am.
It"s hard for a guy in my position to find a girl I can trust. A girl I could make mine forever"and until now I"d given up on the idea.
But after the night we spent together, I knew she was the one.
But I screwed up. I made a mistake and I don"t know if I can make it right. It"s been two years"
Two years since I felt her, smelled her, looked into those gorgeous eyes. But now I"m back, and I"m not letting her go.

Not this time-Not when she"s the mother of my child.Books by Author:Eva Luxe Books

Chapter 1


"Hey, sweet cheeks! Why don"t you bring some of that hot stuff over here""

It"s a loud, crass, drunk voice shouting at me from the booth at the end of the Northbend Diner. It"s hot as Hell, it"s late, it"s stuffy, and I"m not even supposed to be here tonight. I"m filling in for Miranda, the hot mess that calls out more than she"s here but never gets fired because Frank likes staring at her ass. And I"ve had it up to here.

I whirl around, my face beet red, and blurt out, "What did you just say to me""

The asshole smirks at me. He"s wearing a sleeveless t-shirt covered in skulls and some tasteless drawing of a naked woman holding a sword, and looks like he hasn"t washed his hair in a month. The only thing more disgusting than him are his two friends, even more filthy looking carbon copies of him. They"re giggling like schoolboys. He raises his glass.

"Relax, babe," he says with a voice of a lifelong smoker. "I just meant some coffee."

He says it as though that"s somehow going to make things better. Like I"m going to just accept that, smile, go right over and fill his cup with a smile and say, "Aw, that was pretty funny, honey!"

And maybe on another night I"d manage to put on a smile, no matter how fake it was, and do just that, but being called in on my night off, all because Miranda does whatever she wants no matter who it inconveniences, has me in the worst of moods, so the best I"m able to manage is a sarcastic smile before I turn around and head over to the coffee machine.

The old air conditioner hanging in the corner window whines like a dying dog as it fights to keep the place cool against the September heat. I can hear the familiar drip, drip, drip of the water as it spills onto the tin baking pan someone"s put on the floor. I fill three tan mugs with black coffee that"s probably burnt by now, slide them onto a worn tray and head toward the asshole"s table.

It"s a slow night, and some waitresses would say that"s a good thing, but I"d just prefer it was busy. It helps the night go faster. But right now, the only people in the place are just a nice older man named Ronald at his usual booth, finishing up his regular apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and the three jerks at the other end of the room.

As I make my way over to them, I check the big chrome clock hanging over the counter. Eleven twenty. My best friend Carla should be here around eleven thirty. She"s my ride tonight and I"m counting down the minutes.

I reach the table full of douches and set their coffees down. I don"t make eye contact with the one with the loud mouth, but I can feel him staring at me. It feels like greasy snakes crawling all over my skin.

"Anything else"" I say without looking at them.

"Hey, whassamatta with you, sweetheart"" One of them says.

"Yeah, got a stick up your ass or somethin"""

I can feel my temperature rising with my annoyance level. There"s nothing I"d like more than to give them a nice good smack in the face, but I"m not going to do that.

I"m not going to do that because I"m a smart, well-behaved, responsible young woman, or at least that"s what I tell myself. And also because Frank would fire my ass immediately.

"Nothing in my ass, hon," I say sarcastically and turn to walk away. But as I do, I feel something tug on my skirt.

"Hey, not so fast," the leader says. "Lemme get a quick peek""

I whirl around to see him lifting my skirt at the hem.

"Hey!" I yelp, slapping at his hand and then pulling my skirt back down. "Get off!"

Behind me, I hear the familiar ding of the door as someone comes in behind me, but I don"t have time to turn around and greet the new customer. The guy harassing me must be drunk. He actually reaches around my leg and gives me a pinch on the back of my thigh.

"Come on, baby," he snarls. "We"re just having a little fun."

"Get off me!" I shout, slapping at his hand.

But it"s no use. He"s much stronger than me and he wraps his hands around my legs and pulls me toward him. I can smell the coffee and cigarettes on him as he moves his hands up toward my ass.

"You need to loosen up. I can show you a good time"”

"Hey," I hear a firm voice behind me. The man stops, his hands still grabbing the back of my thighs. "Get your fucking hands off her."

I turn to see the owner of the voice, and when I see him, the sight takes my breath away.


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