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He wants to make me his wife.
I want his big, hard" vintage guitar.
We"re a match made in heaven.

I never thought I"d marry a musician, but when Chase comes back into my life with a smile and a proposition, I know I"m about to make some sweet mistakes.

He says he"ll get me a recording contract if I become his wife. All I have to do is pose with him for pictures and help rehab his bad reputation.

Unfortunately, it"s not so simple when all I want to do is pose naked on his bed.

Chase is a member of Slide, one of the biggest bands ever. I realize I"m in way over my head as soon as I whisper I Do.

I should run far, far away, but it"s hard to leave when his hands can"t seem to stay off my body.

This is a huge mistake. We"re lying to the whole world, and sooner or later we"re going to get caught.

I"m marrying the rock star, even if that means losing everything in the process.

Marrying the Rock Star is a super steamy, over the top, hate to love rock star romance with adult themes and lots of laughs. It"s only for readers 18+.

Marrying the Rock Star is a full length standalone novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA!Books by Author:B.B. Hamel Books



Tijuana is a blur.

I know we got there early. Joss was on the phone the whole time with Grace, talking about some married couple stuff, I don"t know, and Nathan was his usual sullen self. Landon invited me for a round of Mezcal, which was probably where everything went wrong.

That stuff is brutal. It"s basically tequila, but worse.

Landon took me to some little dive not far from the venue. I don"t remember the name, but it was full of locals that barely glanced up when we entered.

After that, it was elbows on the bar, drinking until showtime.

Everything else is hazy. I remember the show. It was in this little bar called Moustache, way too small for us, but Karl wanted some kind of special intimate thing. We recorded the show and I think it went pretty well, but who knows.

Then the after party, with a big group of people. Joss disappeared early, probably to call Grace again. Landon and Nathan were hanging, groupies were everywhere.

Then there"s Ashley. She"s a blur too, but I do remember some things.

Pretty. Big blue eyes. Very excited smile. Huge, gorgeous tits.

She"s an American girl that came across the border just to see us play, and as soon as she approached us I just knew she was going to let me fuck her.

I"m pretty sure we did something, but it couldn"t have been much. There was another party in the tour bus, and Joss complained we were being too loud, and I remember taking her back toward my bed but everything after that is a blur.

She was gone early the next morning. Karl kicked everyone out, and I was left with a throbbing hangover as the bus sped off toward our next gig in Arizona.

It"s a story as old as time, and it should"ve ended there. I"m normally nice to the girls I sleep with, I"m up front about what I want from them, that nothing"s going to happen past that one single night, that I won"t ever call.

It"s maybe mean, I don"t know. But I prefer honesty.

Of course, nothing"s ever that simple.

"Did you see it""

We"re on the road somewhere between California and Phoenix, Arizona.

"See what"" It"s nearly noon and I"ve been awake for a couple hours, nursing an epic hangover. I groan and sit up. "I"m getting too old for this shi""

"Dude, you gotta get online." Joss stares at me, a mixture of horror and pity.

I frown. That"s not a look I"m used to getting from him. Landon, yeah, he sees that shit all the time. Joss is basically always trying to keep Landon in line.

But I"ve never had to feel his wrath before. I keep my shit together. Sure, maybe I got a little too loose yesterday in Mexico, but it was Mexico.

When it"s in another country, it doesn"t count.

I pull out my phone and as soon as I turn on the screen, I"m greeted by a million messages and emails, even more than usual.

"What the hell"" I say, starting to scroll through them.

"Dude, what was that girl"s name from last night""

"Uh," I grunt, wracking my brain. "Ashley something."

"Blonde, right" Kinda young""

"Young"" I say, scrunching up my face. "She was in her twenties, at least. I think I asked for her ID at one point."

Joss shakes his head at that, but whatever. It"s a good practice. Better safe than sorry.

"Well, she"s been writing some shit on social media," Joss continues. "Some really" fuck, man, some really heinous shit."

I start to feel my panic rising. "What kind of shit""

He takes a breath and gives me that look again. "You"d better read it yourself."

It"s all over TMI. I don"t know how this happened so fast, since she was kicked off our bus barely a few hours ago, but they already have an interview with her.

And it"s not good. It"s very, very not good.

Chase Lewis, bass player for super band Slide, allegedly had some very interesting sexual desires according, to a young fan who met him after the Slide show in Tijuana, Mexico.

TMI broke the story . . . Ashley Kelty, twenty-two, contacted TMZ with the story.

Ashley claims she met Chase after their show, and he was kind, at first. However, allegedly he brought her to a nearby hotel and proceeded to take her through a series of lewd and unusual sexual scenarios.

"I didn"t know what to do," Ashley told TMZ. "I didn"t say no, it"s not like he assaulted or raped me or something. I actually kind of liked it."

When pressed for more details, Ashley continues. "It started with feet. He was into my feet . . . smelling, licking, you know . . . Then he asked me to spank him, told me to call him my "big baby boy" or something weird. I don"t know, it was kind of fun, just really bizarre."

Chase Lewis, twenty-five, is a founding member of the rock band Slide. They are currently touring in support of their critically acclaimed third album, Love Is Real, a new sonic direction for the band.


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