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Heather Myles isn"t exactly thrilled to accompany her groupie roommate to an Emerald Phoenix concert. The aspiring screen writer would rather be home with a good book. After Susie pleads with her, though, Heather relents. What the heck" Maybe a change of scenery is just what she needs to combat her desolation over getting turned down by yet another small production company.

After the performance, Jett Draconis, lead singer and guitarist for the band, isn"t up for the party scene. He"s grown tired of being mauled by horny devotees" until an auburn-haired goddess catches his eye. Though she initially rebuffs his advances, he"s determined not to take no for an answer. Sparks erupt between him and Heather, but Jett knows better than to fall in love. A secret from his past could destroy him"and everyone close to him"if he does.Books by Author:Helen Hardt Books

Chapter One


Janet and Lindy tongued each other in a sloppy, openmouthed kiss. Lindy, platinum-blond with fair skin, smoothed her hand over the strap of ebony-haired Janet"s soft-pink camisole before pulling it down and freeing one of her plump, dark tits. Her nipple was a deep violet, and Lindy skimmed her fingers over its tip before giving it a pinch.

Janet let out a low moan, sucked Lindy"s bottom lip into her mouth, and released her creamy tits from the scant blue tube top she wore. They kissed each other more frantically, groaning, pinching and twisting each other"s nipples.

"That"s hot, man," Zane said, stroking the bulge under his jeans.

Zane Michaels was the keyboardist for our band, Emerald Phoenix. I loved him like a brother, but he hadn"t matured past his teen years. I couldn"t deny the ladies looked great, but this wasn"t anything I hadn"t witnessed many times before.

Lindy was now nestled between Janet"s firm thighs, her pink tongue sliding between the folds of Janet"s purple pussy. Zane looked about to explode.

And I couldn"t have cared less.

Oh, Janet and Lindy were hot as hell. I"d had them separately and together, and they both gave killer blowjobs and let me fuck not only their pussies but their tight asses as well. Janet loved to be handcuffed to the bed, and Lindy let me spank her as hard as I liked.

Tonight, though" I wasn"t interested.

Same old, same old.

I still had my post-performance high, but I wasn"t looking for the usual orgy, despite Janet and Lindy"s show and the rest of the scantily clad groupies milling around looking for attention. A redhead was perched on the lap of Bernie Zopes, our drummer, and the backup guitarist, Tony Walker, was getting a BJ from two women who looked like they might be twins.

Nah, couldn"t be.

I"d already pushed a few hotties away after one shoved her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my crotch.

"What"s with you, man"" Zane had asked.

I hadn"t given him a response.

Truthfully, I didn"t have one. I just wasn"t in the mood. Not for this, anyway.

Zane passed me the joint he was smoking, but I waved it away. I no longer smoked. Bad for my voice. I"d already turned down his flask as well as the many drinks and drugs offered by the chicks in attendance. No booze. Not tonight. And I didn"t do anything harder than that.

Not in the fucking mood.

One more concert, and one more drug- and booze- and groupie-filled after-party.

If anyone had told me five years ago I"d be tired of this scene, I would have laughed in his face.


Janet and Lindy finished their show and stood. Janet strode to Zane and unbuckled his belt, while Lindy walked toward me.

"Hey, Jett. You have way too many clothes on." She cupped my crotch, my lack of erection apparent. "Not happy to see me tonight""

"Nothing personal, sweetheart. Just not in the mood."

"I always did love a challenge." She nipped at my neck.

"This isn"t a challenge."

She pulled back and glared at me with her dark-blue eyes. "Everything"s a challenge. I want you tonight, and I"m going to have you." She snaked her tongue over my bottom lip.

Well, what the hell" Fucking Lindy was no hardship, and I didn"t have anything else pressing to do. My groin began to tighten.

But was it because of the blonde grinding on me" Or the auburn-haired, brown-eyed goddess I caught a glimpse of across the room"

Chapter Two


Several hours earlier"

"I know you love this band," Susie said. "Come on. Please""

Susie was my roommate and a good friend, but she was a notorious rock and roll groupie. The woman had a pube collection, for God"s sake. She"d sworn me to secrecy on that one. She hadn"t needed to bother. Who the heck would I tell" Pubic hair didn"t regularly come up in conversation. Also, keeping locks of rock stars" gorilla salad in zippered bags made me kind of sick. I"d turned her down when she offered to show it to me.

"Sorry, Suze. Just not up for it tonight."

"I"m so sorry Rod Hanson turned down your rewrite. But sitting around wallowing in self-pity on a Friday night won"t make it any better."

"And going to a concert will""

"A concert and an after-party. And watching Jett Draconis and Zane Michaels on stage is an experience every woman should have at least once."

I did love Emerald Phoenix"s music, and yes, Jett Draconis and Zane Michaels were as gorgeous as Greek gods. But"

"Not tonight."

She pulled me off the couch. "Not taking no for an answer. You"re going."

Why was I here again"

I stifled a yawn. Watching a couple of women do each other while others undressed, clamoring for a minute of the band"s attention, wasn"t my idea of a good time. The two women were gorgeous, of course, with tight bodies and big boobs. The contrasts in their skin and hair color made their show even more exotic. They were interesting to watch, but they didn"t do much for me sexually. Maybe if I weren"t so exhausted. I"d pulled the morning and noon shifts, and my legs were aching.


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