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Shane Flanagan is Prince of the City and all around badass; that is until he comes up against Arianna Rossi the young spitfire with nothing but guts and determination on her side. Watch the sparks fly as she runs circles around him leading him on a merry chase. Enjoy the show as she insults him sweetly while stealing his heart in this tale of turf wars and budding love.Books in Series:The Spitfire Series by Jordan SilverBooks by Author:


"Patrick I need a solid old friend."

"Roberto is that you" how the hell are you my friend it’s been ages" I hear you’re having a little headache out your way is that what this is about" You need I should get some of my people on it""

"Nah paisan, I’ve got it covered it"s my baby girl; you remember Arianna yes""

"Little Arianna is she still such a spitfire""

"Mama mia if the enemy’s bullet doesn’t cut me down that child will do it I swear."

"A handful huh."

"And then some, that’s why I’m calling; I need to send her to you for safe keeping until I send my enemies to hell where they belong. This fucking gumbah Vasili is a pain in the ass, now he’s not only greedy but stupid. Word is him and his brother has concocted some scheme to force my little angel into marriage with one of their sons."

"Unethical, who would do such a thing to a young girl, what is she seventeen, eighteen""

"She just turned eighteen but that’s not the problem so much; the thing is she somehow got wind of it and is out for blood."

"Come again."

"The girl fancies herself to be some sort of gangster, my fucking idiot brother’s always filling her head with shit. Instead of baby dolls and tiaras he had her playing with epees and shuriken. By the time I figured out what the fuck it was too late. While I was busy building an empire that fuck was turning my kid into his nephew.

"You know Alphonso was always set in his own ways and since he never planned on marriage and kids I guess he figured yours were gonna be his.

Patrick laughed at his old friend’s plight; though the two men hadn’t seen each other in quite some time; years in fact, he remembered well their younger days together. Days spent on the streets of Chicago as young toughs trying to make names for themselves. The old regime had been on its way out then and they were determined to make their mark. There’d been a war back then too, the old war horses hadn’t wanted to let go but the young blood proved to be too much and youth and brains prevailed. The mob took on new connotations then; yes they still strong armed those who would oppose them but they were no longer in the market for unprecedented killings. Blood on your hands was seen as a last resort whereas before it had been par for the course. Back then in the back alleys of a festering city two young toughs had made a pledge in blood.

"Do you remember our oath""Patrick now asked Roberto.

"I thought you’d forgotten it’s been so long."

"Nah circumstances calls for a little change in plans but it’s still the same; besides it works out better this way since my Paddy is more into the saving of lives. He has no stomach for the life; now his firstborn Shane, perfecto."

"Yeah" We’ll have to sit down; I think that might be just what the doctor ordered."

"That much trouble is she""

"If she wasn’t my kid I would’ve capped her a long time ago does that answer""

"Send her to me, I’ll straighten her out."

Little did he know while he made that pledge to his old friend that things would change almost overnight.

Chapter 1

My name is Shane Flanagan those who know me and even some who don’t fear me. In my line of work this is a good thing, a very good thing.

You see I’m a very bad man, bad to the motherfucking bone. I make no excuses for myself. I would stomp a mother fucker just for fun, well maybe not so much these days, but when I was younger, yeah.

Now I would shoot a motherfucker for stepping on my kicks and it didn’t matter if they were Chucks or Gucci. It all depended on what kind of mood I was in, and who’s doing the mother fucking stepping.

But I digress, as I was saying people feared me all over this fucking place, so tell me then why this little slip of a girl thought she could mouth off at me and get away with it"

Now this Arianna Rossi is a real pain in the ass, know what I mean"

She lived upstairs of this pub that I’d just requisitioned from its previous owner. I needed her place for something else so she had to go.

It’s not like I was throwing her out in the street or some fuck. I owned enough residential buildings, all of them way nicer than this piece of shit that I could hook her up with a new pad, but no. She had to dig in her heels giving me shit about tenant"s rights and lease laws and fuck all. The fuck"

She must not have heard.

Anyway my little stepbrother James went to see Miss. Rossi on my behalf for the one hundredth time and apparently this crazy ass chick had hauled off and shot him in the ass.


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