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My boyfriend introduced us.

He was handsome, charming, and sweet. We were friends.

Now everything"s changed.

When I see him, my heart hurts knowing I can"t have him. When I don"t see him, it hurts even more.

My boyfriend is supposed to make me feel protected. Make my body ache for his touch.

But it"s not my boyfriend who makes me feel that way.

It"s his father.

I gave her a job to be nice.

She was the perfect fit for my company. I had no idea she"d be the perfect fit for me.

Every day we spend together, it gets harder to say goodnight.

I can"t touch her. She"s twenty-four and I"m forty-nine. And she"s my son"s girlfriend.

But he"s not treating her right. And I know I would.

She just asked me what she should do about their relationship.

What am I going to tell her"Books by Author:Amy Brent Books

Part I



One Month Before Graduation

"The position I have open is for a personal CPA. Starting salary is sixty thousand and you would have full medical benefits: dental, emergency, eye care, the works. Your office would be on the fifth floor of the building where you could easily access the financial department if you needed them, but you would answer directly to me on all matters revolving around sound financial decisions."

"You"re offering me a job," I said.

"She won"t need it, Dad," Adam said. "She"s coming to work with me after she graduates."

"Are you"" Ryan asked.

Dinner had been going so well. My boyfriend"Adam Tucker"and I had been dating since my freshman year of college. I met him in one of my required English courses and fell in love with how much he adored Shakespeare. "An aspiring filmmaker must always seek solace in the greats," he told me that day.

It was the line that hooked and sank me before my first day of college had wrapped up.

But as I sat there next to him one month before graduation, I realized how much the dynamic of our relationship had changed. He spoke for me when he didn"t need to and always made sure I chose him over anything else. If I was going out with my friends, he would ask to come. If I was meeting them for coffee in between classes, he would always randomly show up. The free-thinking, empowering boy I"d fallen in love with at eighteen had become a dominating force in my life.

And it wasn"t the kind of dominance I enjoyed.

"I"m not sure," I said as I shot Adam a look. "We haven’t really discussed it."

"But it"s practically a done deal. I need her help at my production company, and she"s the best fit for the job," Adam said.

"Has she applied for it"" Ryan asked.

Ryan Tucker was Adam"s father. I met him three months into dating Adam, and from then on, we met him for dinner once a month every month, no matter what. He"d whisk us away to somewhere expensive and demand he pay for the meal. And most times he sent a car to pick us up. One time the car Ryan sent for us took us to his private jet, and he proceeded to take us to Italy to have an authentic Italian dinner.

Just because he could.

"We talked about this, Kylie," Adam said. "You"re going to come help me right after you graduate."

"Not right after," I said. "I do want to take a month off after I graduate and enjoy a little bit of my summer: take a breather, relish my accomplishment. But then we said we would talk about it. So, let"s talk about it."

"Are you actually considering my father"s job offer""

"Wouldn’t you"" I asked.

Dinner had been going so well until Ryan had thrown that down on the table. Adam had been talking about the production company he was starting with a friend of his and how his first-ever indie film was being submitted to Sundance. He was so proud, and I was proud of him. But I saw the Adam I"d come to know all too well over the past year slowly rear his head.

In front of his father.

"The offer is there should you want it," Ryan said. "Taking a month off after school is fine. You should take the time to enjoy your accomplishment. College is tough, much tougher than when I was going through it."

"So you"d be okay with me starting at the end of June"" I asked.

"Fine. You can start at the end of June with me," Adam said.

I shot him another look and kicked his ankle underneath the table. I needed him to stop it. This was my future, my career. It wasn"t his. Yes, he had talked about wanting my help, but the truth of the matter was that Adam was living off loans, taking them out faster than he could pay them back. He refused to work at his father"s computer game development company for extra cash, and he did not want to borrow against his trust fund like his father had offered on several occasions.

He didn"t have the money to pay me what I needed to pay back my own student loans.

But Ryan was offering me a job that would give me that capability and so much more.

"Think about it and get back to me," Ryan said. "There is no rush. All the applications I"ve received for the position are poor compared to the skills I know you could bring to the job. Your training will be paid, and every new employee in my company starts out with three weeks of paid vacation"with the ability to negotiate more after a positive first-year review of their work."

I felt Adam"s eyes boring into the profile of my face.

"That"s a very generous offer, Mr. Tucker."


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