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All five Daddies can"t keep their hands off me.

When I first meet them at an exclusive club for the ultra-wealthy, all five gorgeous men give me a look that demands one thing: give yourself to us.

They"re handsome, rich, alpha-as-sin, and they want me as a group.

Not individually, not in pairs, but all five at once.

It turns out, two of them are my bosses. I just started at their company and I didn"t recognize them at first. Now they both want me in their office for a very personal evaluation.

It"s crazy, I know. I can"t get involved with all these men. But it"s more than just a game. We have serious connections, deep and intense. This is real, and I think I"m getting addicted

I need to choose. Pick which one of them makes me the happiest. But I can"t make up my mind. Each man makes me feel something different and incredible, something I don"t want to give up.

It"s so wrong, and each new taste gets me closer to giving in to all five.

I have to let my Daddies decide what to do with me.

My Five Daddies is an over-the-top reverse harem romance with tons of steamy scenes and bad language. It"s only recommended for readers 18+.

My Five Daddies is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.Books by Author:B.B. Hamel Books



"Holy shit, Tori, you look hot."

I stare at myself in the mirror with a slight frown. "You mean, I look like a hooker."

Cara grins at me and drapes herself over my shoulder. "Same thing."

I smile despite myself and shrug her off. "Seriously though. I don"t have to""

"Fuck anyone"" Cara makes a face. "Do you seriously think I"m a hooker""

"No," I say quickly. "I mean, it"s just""

"Relax," Cara says, grinning and flopping down on my bed. "It"s totally fine. I get that you"re nervous."

I take a deep breath and let it out, turning back to the mirror. I"m wearing a dangerously low-cut black top that shows off my arms and stomach and tight black shorts. A pair of black heels are propped up by the door, although I can"t bring myself to think about those just yet. Cara did my hair and makeup, basically painting it on, making me look like I"m begging for attention. Which is the point, I guess.

I feel uncomfortable, but I get it. I know why she"s putting me in all this. "I guess I do look kind of good," I say.

"You do," she confirms. "And seriously, Tori. You don"t have to fuck anyone. I mean, unless you want to."

I shoot her a look. "Cara."

She grins and makes a face. "What" I"m just saying. Some girls do it, and hey, I don"t judge."

"I won"t be fucking anyone, thanks."

"Suit yourself. I don"t either, but I hear the money"s insane."

"From what you tell me, the money"s pretty crazy without the sex."

"That"s very true." She stretches and stands up. "Listen, thanks again for doing this. My mom"s been on my ass about visiting my sister and her stupid new baby for like two months now."

"You mean your niece," I say.

"Niece, sure, whatever." She sighs and stands up. "I wouldn"t be going if she hadn"t bought the ticket."

"Why" I mean, I know you don"t get along with your sister."

"She"s a bitch," Cara says simply. "Mostly though her husband hits on me and I don"t love babies. I didn"t get the maternal instant, or whatever."

I laugh and look back into the mirror. "Well, I hope it goes okay."

"Yeah, me too." She comes up behind me again. "You"re gonna be great, okay" Just stay relaxed, smile a lot, and flirt back. The guys won"t touch you, they know better. Well, most of them do."

I turn back to look at her. "Most of them" What do you mean""

She waves as she heads to the door. "Don"t worry, Roger will take care of you. Anyway, I gotta go. Make sure you wear the shoes, and smile. Okay""

I sigh, frustrated. "Yeah, okay."

"Love you, bitch," she says in her more Kim Kardashian voice.

"Love you too," I mumble, looking back in the mirror.

I hear the door shut behind her as she heads out, and the nerves come creeping back in. I don"t think I can do this honestly. I have no clue why I accepted, but it"s way too late for that. My shift starts in a half hour, and I need to get going soon if I"m going to be on time.

I never thought I"d be doing something like this, but my student loans need to get paid off somehow. Cara promised that I can make a few thousand dollars per night if I play my cards right and use my, ah, "assets," her word. That"ll go a long way toward getting me out of debt and into a new car.

I stare at myself for another minute. I barely recognize my own face. This isn"t my kind of place, I"m not really that outgoing. I"ve been a waitress before, of course, for a few years when I was still in college, but this is different. This place" I"ve never been anywhere like it.

Doesn"t matter. Time to suck it up and do it. I can handle it. I take a sharp breath, feeling better after my little personal pep talk, and turn to the heels. I slip them on and totter out my bedroom door, confidence waning, but dedicated to seeing this through.

* * *

Promise is in a nondescript building in the richest part of the city. It"s tucked away behind a dry cleaner and a bottle shop. The door is red with a green square in the middle, and there"s no other identifying information on the outside. Cara says that"s on purpose, they don"t want just anyone coming inside. I ring the bell to the left and wait a second.

"Yes"" the voice says.

"I"m Tori, Cara"s replacement. She said to say the words, "I promise to be polite.""

There"s a slight pause and then a buzz. "Come on up, Tori."

I pull open the door and step inside. There"s a dimly-lit staircase ahead of me jutting sharply up toward the second floor, and so I start to climb. My heart is beating quickly, and I"m so nervous I can barely stand it, but I"m keeping one foot in front of the other.


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