My Five Daddies B.B. Hamel ~ Page 2

I step out onto the landing and frankly, I"m incredibly surprised. The waiting room looks expensively furnished, spacious and bright with comfortable modern couches, dark painted walls, and low-hanging light fixtures.

"Tori," a woman says, stepping out from behind a desk. "It"s nice to meet you."

She"s in her late thirties or forties, with thick eyeliner and a bright smile. She"s pretty, almost beautiful in an odd sort of way. Her nose juts at a slight angle, probably from being broken in the past, and she"s wearing a very conservative outfit.

I shake her hand. "It"s nice to meet you too," I say.

"I"m Stacey, manager here at Promise. Did Cara get you up to speed""

I nod. "More or less."

"Did she tell you what we do here""

I hesitate. "She mentioned it."

Stacey smiles warmly at me and puts her hand on my arm. "Don"t be nervous," she says.

"Sorry," I say, laughing a little. "It"s hard not to be."

"I know, I get it. We"re a sex club, so it can seem intimidating. But believe me, we"re an upscale place. The men here have all been vetted hundreds of times, and they pay handsomely for the privilege of being here." She pauses a second and nods her head toward the hallway which leads back into the club. "Come on, this way."

I bite my lip and follow. When Cara first told me that she was working at a sex club, I thought she was insane. I mean, that"s prostitution, which is insanely illegal. But she said a lot of politicians and rich people attend it, so it"s basically protected. Only the richest, most powerful men can even get in, so there"s no real risk. People in charge have no incentive to shut it down, since they"re the clientele.

Still, it blew my mind, and it"s even crazier that I"m here. I don"t know what I"m doing, but there"s no backing down at this point.

I expected to find something seedy and sordid, but instead the whole place is immaculately clean and furnished in a modern and expensive style. We pass by closed door after closed door, and Stacey looks over her shoulder to speak.

"So, the club takes up this whole block. It"s pretty huge. Don"t hesitate to ask anyone directions or something."

"The whole block""

She nods and continues talking. "You"ll be assigned to a single room tonight. You"re the waitress, but also the host. It"s much more than just seating people like at a restaurant. You laugh at their jokes, flirt with them, make sure they"re having a good time like you"re hosting their party. But don"t touch them and they won"t touch you. They know the rules." She stops in the hallway and turns back to me. "What did Cara say you do again""

"I"m in marketing," I say.

She smiles. "Good. And you"ve waitressed before""

I nod. "Definitely." They know all this, so I"m not sure why she"s asking. I had to do a background check, fill out a personality test, and submit a detailed resume before they"d consider letting me take Cara"s shifts. Clearly they don"t mess around here.

"Good. Listen, I"m assigning you a good group of guys. Be nice, give them whatever they want, and you"ll do fine. Okay""

"Okay," I say.

"Great. Come this way."

She leads me through another series of hallways. I catch glimpses of other girls, dressed just like me, going in and out of doors. I hear the occasional sound, laughter from another hall, the pop of champagne, and a faint moan from behind a closed door, which is the only hint of sex I"ve seen so far. As we head into a back room, I catch sight of a few topless girls, each one absolutely stunning, running away from a guy wearing a bird mask, laughing his head off. The girls are giggling as they go.

Stacey takes me into a prep room and introduces me to the kitchen staff and a few other people, including Roger the bouncer. "If anyone gets handsy, come to me," he says, his dark skin an inky pool in the bright kitchen light, his eyes narrowed but smiling.

"Thanks," I say, but I"m already pulled away. Stacey shows me how to put in orders, where to pick them up. She gives me a pad and a menu, tells me to skim it as we talk. She goes through more information than I can possibly take in, on top of the menu, which is basically all fine dining.

"And okay, if they ask for girls, come find Maurice." She points at an older gentleman sitting at a desk with at least ten phones on it in the back corner. He smiles and waves back. "He handles all that."

"Girls"" I ask, and instantly regret it.

Stacey sighs. "Sex club, remember" Easy to forget, I know, we"re not some sordid whorehouse. But we still sell sex. Don"t forget it."

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