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A comprehensive collection of all short stories, deleted scenes, and special features from the Knitting in the City series.

**Janie and Quinn**
-Deleted (love) Scene from "Neanderthal Seeks Human" (new)
-Interview with Janie and Quinn (shared on a blog 2014)
-Short entitled, "Neanderthal Seeks Honeymoon" (shared in "Scenes from the City," free or $.99 limited release 2015)
-Short entitled, "Neanderthal Seeks Baby, part 1" (shared in newsletter, 2016)
-Short entitled, "Neanderthal Seeks Baby, part 2" (shared in newsletter, 2017)

**Elizabeth and Nico**
-Deleted Scene from "Friends Without Benefits," Original Opening (new)
-Deleted Scene from "Friends Without Benefits," Not so nice Nico (new)
-Deleted Scene from "Friends Without Benefits," Hunting an Elk (new)
-Deleted Scene from "Friends Without Benefits," Original Confrontation (new)
-Short entitled, "Most-Definitely-With Benefits" (shared in "Scenes from the City," free or $.99 limited release 2015)

**Sandra and Alex**
-Short entitled, "Hacking the Hacker" (shared in "Scenes from the City," free or $.99 limited release 2015)
-Short entitled, "The Junior Hackers Society" (new)

**Ashley and Drew**
-Deleted Scene from "Beauty and the Mustache" Furry Purse (shared on a blog 2014)
-Deleted Scene from "Beauty and the Mustache" Eavesdropping (shared on a blog 2014)
-Short entitled, "A Winston Christmas" (shared in newsletter 2015)
-Short entitled, "Beauty and the Beard" (shared in "Scenes from the City," free or $.99 limited release 2015)

**Fiona and Greg**
-Deleted Scene from "Ninja at First Sight" Greg"s Point of View (new)
-Extra feature, Greg"s Valentine"s letter to Fiona (shared on a blog 2016)

**Marie and Matt**
-Short entitled, "Dirty Talk is for Parties" (shared on a blog 2017)

**Kat and Dan**
-Extra feature, Dan"s Creative Curse Words (new)
-Novella entitled, "Scenes from the Hallway" (shared 2018, free limited release)
-Extra feature, Dan"s Valentines Letter to Kat (shared on a blog 2018)
-Deleted Scene from "Marriage of Inconvenience" Crying Material (shared on a blog 2018)
-Deleted Scene from "Marriage of Inconvenience" Astronaut Specialist (new)

NOTE/DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS BOOK: This book will definitely contain content that you’ve either had a chance to acquire for free (‘Scenes from the Hallway’ and ‘Scenes from the City’ were both free), or 99cents (Scenes from the City was 99cents for 12 months to benefit charity), available in past editions of my newsletter, or available on blogs/around the internets. We’ve also included a few extra, never before seen deleted scenes and new shorts just for this volume.Books in Series:Knitting in the City Series by Penny ReidBooks by Author:Penny Reid Books

Part One

Janie and Quinn

Deleted Scene: Neanderthal Seeks Human

Author"s Note: This scene takes place just after Janie and Quinn"s infamous strip poker encounter. I"ve set it up (included the early part of the chapter) so you"ll see exactly where it fits in the book. When I first wrote Neanderthal Seeks Human, I included a rough/incomplete version of this scene, but my friend (for whom I wrote the book) told me she thought the book would be better without it (without any explicit sex scenes). When I published NSH "for real" in June 2013 (after having it edited and proofed) I removed the sex scene all together and left the Ida description. I shared the rough, unedited, incomplete version on Under the Covers Book Blog waaaaay back in 2014. I finished the scene for this volume and this is the first time I"ve shared it. ENJOY.


Through my bottle-of-wine-induced haze, I"d been counting cards; so I knew he"d been cheating for the last few hands. But I couldn"t admit to counting cards; otherwise, I would have to admit that I had been cheating the whole time. Also, I was down to my underwear, tank top, bra, and one sock. Meanwhile, he was down to his tie, boxer briefs, and one sock.

This last hand meant that we were tied.

He laughed, shuffling the cards, his blue eyes actually dancing with merriment. "So, sock or shirt""

I was sitting on the floor with my back to the bed, he was sitting on the couch, and the ottoman was between us serving as a table.

I thought about which article of clothing to remove even as I let my eyes move over his chest approvingly. I"d been dreaming about that torso for weeks, ever since he made his shirtless, just-showered entrance the morning of my hangover. I"d thought about what I wanted to do when or if I actually had it within my possession.

I blinked hard and tried to focus on the footstool we were using as a table. I pressed my thighs together for no reason whatsoever, and ignored the building warmth in my lower belly.

Quinn"s soft voice pulled me from my mounting aimless frenzy. "Janie: sock or shirt""

I met his gaze abruptly and wondered if he knew what I"d been thinking; but looking at his face was almost worse. We were two minutes away from midnight. He wore a very serious expression, and his eyes were freaking smoldering again, moving between mine with what felt like violent concentration.

I huffed impatiently. "Fine. Neither."

He raised a single eyebrow. "Neither""

I tilted my head to the side, removed my gaze from his, allowed my hair to curtain my face, and leaned forward, pulling my bra straps from my shoulders and through my arms in one swift movement. Then I unclasped the bra and, like magic, pulled the white lacy brassiere from my body without removing my shirt.

Never mind that my shirt was a thin, white, tank top that was practically see-through. I didn"t want him thinking he"d won just yet, or that he could guess my moves. I was quickly learning that a bottle of wine convinced me of all sorts of fantastical things, not the least of which was that I had moves.

I tossed the bra over my shoulder and leaned back against the side of the bed.

"Ok, deal the cards," I said without looking at him. He was too distractingly beautiful. Instead, I pulled my fingers through my hair as I stretched and arched my back.

I heard his breath catch.

I looked up.

His eyes were no longer smoldering; they were now suddenly and forcefully ablaze, and he was gritting his teeth, watching me as I stretched. His look told me I was steak and he was a tiger, and that made me dinner and dessert.

"You shouldn"t do that." The dark heat in his gaze, the set of his jaw, and the white knuckles of his fists betrayed the force of his concentration. He was concentrating" really, really hard.

I stilled my movements and froze mid-stretch. "Do what""

"That." His words were ragged. "Don"t do that unless you"re finished playing with me."

I licked my lips, finding them suddenly dry, and my eyes moved hungrily over his form.

In truth, in that moment, I didn"t remember what we were playing for, which may have explained why I suddenly no longer had any desire to continue to the game.

Then again, it could have been the impaired judgment.

I let my hands fall gradually to the carpet on either side of my thighs; my hair crashed over my shoulders and down my back. I licked my lips again as I watched him and his tightly reined reaction with wide eyes. Slowly, slowly, I righted myself to my knees and, without plan or forethought, pushed the ottoman to one side. Despite what I thought were measured movements, the cards spilled off the makeshift table and onto the floor.


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