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Trey snorts. "That"s kinda–"

I cut him off. "Honest""

We all crack up and she adds, "The thing is, a costume may be nice and all, but what"s underneath matters too."

"I"ll keep that in mind," I say, laughing, as I move to the front of the line. "Not sure they would be interested in me, but I guess it would be worth finding out." At the check-in counter, I look to my left. Standing right next to me is a Nero… and I"m guessing he just heard everything that was just said.

I turn around to the GoT couple and see they are covering their mouths, laughing as I discreetly point to the masked man. Like the other Neros, the only thing visible is his mouth. Awkward much"

After I get my hotel room card, I begin to wheel my luggage away, waving goodbye to my newfound allies. Just as I"m about to reach the bank of elevators, I hear a deep voice say my name.

Well, not my actual name, but he calls out to Starla.

"Meet me in the hotel bar in an hour," he says. "I"m buying you a drink."

I turn on my heels, looking the Nero from the check-in desk up and down.

"Say what"" I ask, honestly shocked that he is asking me out. He is tall and clearly ripped. He is wearing the signature costume, tight black pants, boots to his calves. Black leather cords are wrapped around his chiseled torso–and a tight tunic that reveals every inch of muscle he might have.

I swallow. I have no idea what he looks like under the mask, but maybe I don"t care.

I came here to have fun–to play out my fantasy. And this guy is dressed up just like my Hollywood crush.

"I heard you back there," he tells me. "Heard you might be looking for a Nero with a big sword."

My cheeks burn with embarrassment… but also interest. He rests his gloved hand on the faux sword that"s attached to his leather belt. I swallow. Just how big is his sword"

"And you think you have that"" I ask. "What I want""

"Oh, I know I do," he says, walking toward me with intent. He is less than a foot away and I feel a desire to play out my fantasy roll over me. Through me. Up and down me. "And if you meet me for a drink," he says, "you might just get a chance to find out."

Then he turns on his heels and walks away, leaving me breathless.

And absolutely sure of where I"ll be in one hour"s time.

Chapter Two


It takes every bit of control in me to not press her against the door, to rip off my mask and kiss those sweet pink lips of hers. To push her inside the elevator and run my hands over the skin-tight costume she wears.

The moment I saw her in line, I knew she would be mine–those curvy hips, that long dark hair, those tits so full and round–there was no question.

As I watched her chat easily with the GoT lookalike, my blood grew hot and my desire swelled. Sure, the guy was married, but I wanted her talking to me.

Only me.

Damn, she may be playing the part of Starla this weekend, but I have all kinds of ideas about the part I need her to play for the rest of our lives.

The role of my lover. My sex toy in real life. I may be like any other guy in some ways… but there is a reason I was drawn to the character of Nero. He was dark and wounded, and fucking loved the idea of making a woman beg. Pant. Pray.

It stirred something deep inside me, resonated with me to my core. Sure, I had a fucked-up childhood, but now I am a grown-ass man. Not every woman can handle a man like me–a man with a hunger for kinky sex, and a need to push the limits and go deeper into space.

Ever since my breakout role in that movie, I can"t seem to meet a woman who sees me as me. I want a partner who doesn"t think she knows me just because she"s seen my face. I want a woman who is just as interested in what"s behind the mask.

Of course, that"s what I thought I wanted in a partner–then I see her. A woman so beautiful, I can"t help but ask her out.

I"d say I am a hypocrite… but damn, then she opened her mouth, she was funny, she was self-deprecating, and most of all, she was real. Her voice lighthearted and sincere, her conversation with that couple genuine and honest… and then those eyes. She thought she was being discreet when she looked over at me, but she wasn"t. I saw. I saw her.

And she has no idea who I am.


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