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Once upon a time, a nobody met a prince.
Then she met his best friend, a second prince.
Then she learned they like to share, and that"s when things got interesting.
That"s when things got downright scandalous.

My life has never been a fairytale. Absent parents, a grandmother gone too soon, and a job working the kitchens for the most heinous bitch in the Kingdom of Bandiff.

But that"s before I sneak into the hottest royal ball on the planet. That"s before I waltz right into them.

The McDermott Princes. Princes, plural. There"s two of them " both gorgeous beyond belief, alpha as hell, and more tempting than sin. Both with their eyes on me and both with that look that says that I"m theirs.

Two princes, one baker. This might sound like too many cooks in the kitchen, but they say they like to share. They say they"ll tear their whole kingdom down to make me theirs. They say they want to make me their Queen.

Pretty soon, breaking into a royal ball is the least of my problems.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. It"s filthy, and oh-so-wrong. It"s a royal scandal of epic proportions, and I"m right in the middle of it.

"I"m right in the middle of them.

Maybe this is a fairytale after all. Ever heard of the cook who found a crown" How about two crowns" Two big, dominant, mouthwatering, pulse-quickening crowns.

I"ve never found a happy ever after. Now, I think I"m about to find two of them.

*This mfm romance is all about her – no m/m.*Books in Series:Royally Screwed Series by Madison FayeBooks by Author:Madison Faye Books

Chapter 1


Heat pounded through my skin " my pulse roaring like fire through my ears and through my veins. I swallowed thickly, my bottom lip catching between my teeth as they raked across it.

This was wrong.

It was filthy " without even touching, without even doing anything physical, it was. I knew that. I was dirty, and naughty.

"And it made me feel alive.

All that and forbidden, of course, given who they were. Or who I was. Or that I was there to begin with because I"d pretended to be who I wasn"t " because I"d snuck into a place and into a world I had no business being in. Their world.

I shivered under their gazes " theirs, plural. As in, two of them. Two men, and not just any men, no. Two gorgeous, powerful, huge, built, fierce and intense men, staring right at me.

Two princes, at that. Two actual, royal princes.

Two sets of eyes trailed over me, undressing me with their gazes, pulling my clothes from my skin under the intensity of those stares. Two sets of perfect, soft and yet ruggedly masculine handsome lips glistened temptingly in the low light of the kitchen. One opened his mouth, his tongue running over his bottom lip as if to tease me even more. The other brought his hand up, his finger raking over his chiseled perfect jaw, his thumb teasing over his own lips.

The walls holding up my willpower began to crumble even more. The defenses I"d always surrounded myself in cracking under the heat of those gazes.

They moved closer, and I gasped quietly.

"So why don"t you show us""

I bit my lip, trembling as my eyes darted between them. Two. There were two of them. Two of them, one of me, and all alone in the baking kitchen of the palace. A naughty Cinderella story in the making, like something out of a romance book. Like something out of a fantasy that I"d barely ever even admitted to myself that I"d dreamed of.

And yet, there we were. Two gorgeous, dominant, fiercely sexy princes.

And me.

All alone, the heat rising, the distance between us closing, and the aching need blazing through me getting hotter and more impossible to ignore.

"Show you what" I whispered, my tongue darting over my own lip. The two of them caught the movement, one growling audibly, the others swearing under his breath as their eyes locked onto my lips. Like they were jungle cats who"d just spotted prey for dinner. Like they were two men who"d just staggered out of a month in the desert, and my lips were water.

They looked at me with a hunger and a want that no one had ever looked at me with before. Not even close. They looked at me like I was the only thing in the world they ever wanted to be looking at.

"You know," the other growled lowly, both moving closer. "Show us, beautiful."

"Show you wha ""

"Everything," his brother growled. "Show us everything."

They moved right into me, and suddenly, the spark caught, and the fire engulfed us all. I gasped as four hands slid over my body, running over the dress that wasn"t even mine, sliding across my hips. Those two sets of perfectly impossible to ignore lips moved against my neck, making me cry out as they found the soft skin there.

"This is" this is crazy," I managed to gasp.

"You"re welcome to walk away at any time," one groaned into me, his hand sliding into my hair and tangling it in a fist.

But even if it was true, I knew no part of me would. I knew not a single cell in my body would let me walk away from them right there, not after those lips on my skin, and those words in my ear. Not after those hands pulled me tight to them.

Two princes, and me. All alone as the heat engulfed us, and as I started to fall.

This was wrong. It was filthy. Scandalous, even. Oh, but it was happening. And it was happening right now. My pulse roared in my ears, my skin erupted in fire, and as the two of them moved to take me, I melted into them.

"But, maybe I should back up and start at the beginning.

Chapter 2


The big oven door slammed shut, and I exhaled deeply. Air puffed out my cheeks as I moved back to the stool next to the big wooden kitchen table and sank into it. Sweat trickled down from my headband, and as I reached for my water with one hand, I wiped the other across my brow to dry it. Dry, but now with a big streak of baking flour across it.

Eh. Whatever. Who the heck was I trying to impress"

I drank deeply before I set the cup down, taking another big breath before I stood again. This time, I made sure to set the timer for the oven before I went over to the big industrial refrigerator to start in on the next course for the night.


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