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The year before college was one of the best in my life.
Frank did things to my body that I didn’t know were possible.
I craved him , knowing that he was mine.
It all started in a moment and it all ends the same way.
Frank left , cravings and all.
I knew that Frank was always going to be the one I compared every other man to.
Even though he was gone in the blink of an eye.

It has been 10 years since I saw Frank.
Ten years was a long time to wait for someone.
I knew who he was as soon as I saw him again
As soon as I heard his voice.
I knew I was in trouble.

I tried to ignore the way he made me feel.
I didn"t want to feel anything for him .
But there was nothing I could do about it.
He had a way of making my body tremble.
Frank had a way of making my mind go numb.
With him it was hard to speak or think.
With Frank there was no saying no to him .

Frank had always had a way with my body.
He’s always had a way with my thoughts.
I need him back in my life.
And more importantly,
I needed the man back in my bed.Books by Author:Lauren Wood Books



"Damn Gem. This isn"t going to end well."

"Why not" Just pull over. It"s just Rusty. I don"t know what the problem is. He"s going to do anything but tell you to slow down."

"This isn"t exactly my car."

"No. You said it was your uncle"s, right""

"Well, not really."

I was starting to get nervous. He was leaving a lot out and I was sure that I wasn"t going to like what was being omitted. There was always something more when it came to Frank.

"What do you mean Frankie" Don"t mess around with me."

"I mean that this is a stolen car and it goes faster than Rusty"s old squad car. So, put your seat belt on Gemma. We"re going for a ride."

That wasn"t at all what I wanted to hear. Frank was always doing crazy shit like this and I wasn"t too inclined to jump into it. But I was in it, so I really didn"t have a choice. That"s how he got me wrapped up in his hare-brained ideas over and over again. I should have learned my lesson by now, but apparently, I hadn"t. I put my seatbelt on and glared at him.

"What" At least we aren"t on the bike."

I sighed to myself and imagined the same scenario on a bike. Yeah, that could have been worse I suppose. But once he started putting the pedal down, my heart started to beat a little faster. He was going fast already, but in seconds he was going a whole lot faster. Frank was a damn good driver, but that didn"t mean that the world was going to play along. I was worried about something pulling in front of us. We were on a state highway and people could pull out around any bend.

My heart was racing, and I looked over at Frank and he had the biggest grin on his face. I wanted to yell at him to slow down, but I was more worried about taking away his focus more than anything else. I needed him to focus on the road, not me.

He finally started to slow down and I looked behind us. Rusty was becoming further back in the mirror and then he disappeared as we went over a hill. Frank started to slow down and then made a hard right down a dirt road. The tires spun, and I didn"t think it was going to right itself after it fishtailed. I couldn"t hear anything over the blood pounding in my ears and before long I was cursing myself for getting in the car with him. I might not make it out.

The car started to slow down enough where I could breathe, and I hit him as hard as I could across the chest. I couldn"t believe he"d done that and I wanted to make sure that he knew it was not okay.

"You should have just stopped."

"Not likely Gem. You know that I can"t get anything else on my record. I"m getting too old for juvie."

"Then stop doing crap like this. Why did you steal this car""

"The guy owes me money. He"s trying to get it back without paying me. I needed something for collateral."

He was slowing way down while he was talking. "You need to keep going. Rusty is going to see all the dirt you flew up. It"s not like he won"t know we came down this way."

Frank looked at me like he hadn"t thought of that and I sighed louder. "Seriously" Tell me there is a way out of here""

I was now looking at the road in front of me that was only big enough for one vehicle at a time. We weren"t going to be able to get around this. Rusty was going to have us boxed in.

"Well we have to figure out something. There"s a circle to turn around up ahead, but that"s it. This is a nature reserve or something."

When we got to the end and I told him to get out.


"Get out because I"m going to tell Rusty that someone took me and ran off in the woods."

He looked at me like I"d lost my mind, but it wasn"t like that at all. I knew what was going to happen now and he was just going to have to go with it.

"You"re going to hide in the woods and I"ll get him to go the other way. You take the car and get out of here. We both will."

"It"s scary how quick that mind works."

"Well you always do keep me on my toes. You really got to stop this crap. Drop the car off. A few bucks isn"t going to hurt nothing."

"It"s more than a few."

I told him that I didn"t want to talk about it right now. I was just going to be thankful that it was gullible Rusty and not the new deputies brought in. They would give more chase than Rusty was going to. He pulled to the left and took out the other direction. Frank left the car door open and I waited until I saw the police cruiser to get out. I was full blown crying by then and he pulled up next to me, out of the way to see if I was okay.


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