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Emily"s looking for the father of her child.
I"m searching for the mystery woman who rocked my world one night.
I never thought I’d find her – or the surprise accident she’s been hiding from me"

It was just another charity ball.
Until I saw the beauty in the red dress.
Sassy and curvy, she had to be mine.
I told her I only do one night stands.
But she gave herself to me anyway " completely.
I commanded her body like the world was going to end.
And then she was gone, leaving me with an insatiable longing for more.
I searched for her everywhere.
Used all of my power and wealth.
And now I"ve finally found her.
She has something that belongs to me.
A secret she won"t admit to.
She"s in danger and only I can protect her.
I won"t f*cking lose her again.
I"ll crush the [email protected] who"s after her.
And reunite our family.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.Books by Author:Tia Siren Books



Four Years Ago

"He"s an ass," Sarah assured me. "He never deserved you in the first place. You are way too good for that man."

I sighed, wiping the tears that kept falling. "He cheated on me." I said the words aloud to make myself really hear them. I knew I would end up taking him back if I didn"t find a way to put him out of my life for good. "Why would he cheat on me""

Sarah tilted her head to the side, her short blond hair and blue eyes giving her the look of a pixie. "Because he"s an idiot. Emily Preston, you are a beautiful woman. I hate that you"re so pretty. I always look like a little girl compared to your supermodel looks. Seriously, you could be Elizabeth Hurley"s little sister. Leo has no idea what he lost."

I scoffed. "He didn"t lose me. He took me out with yesterday"s trash. I want to see this woman he"s been cheating on me with. What does she have that I don"t"" I whined.

Sarah shrugged. "Why" Personally, I am very glad Leo is in your past. I never really liked him."

"He wasn"t all bad," I defended.

She pursed her full red lips. "Maybe not, but he certainly wasn"t all good. The man can"t hold a job for more than a few months at a time. He was constantly mooching off you. What kind of future could you guys possibly have had together""

I nodded. "You"re right about that."

"So, will you go with me"" she asked again.

I wrinkled my nose. "I don"t know. It sounds a little out of my element."

She laughed. "Mingling with the rich and maybe a little famous doesn"t have to be in your wheelhouse. You have the looks to blend right in with all those other snobs. Come on, it will be fun!"

"What would we wear"" I asked, slowly warming up to the idea of crashing the party of one of the many disgustingly rich people in San Francisco.

The party was being held at a hotel and was supposed to be a charity ball to benefit some local school in the inner city. Apparently, the guy hosting the thing had gone to that school. He was a real rags to riches story and it was his way of paying back. A lot of people from the neighborhood where Sarah and I had grown up were invited. We weren"t specifically invited, but Sarah was confident we could get in.

"I"ve already talked to Sonja. She said we can borrow dresses from her shop," Sarah said, her eyes lighting up now that she had convinced me to go. "Come on!" She jumped off my bed. "Let"s go shopping!"

I giggled and let her pull me off the bed where we had both been sitting. I was still a little reluctant to go, but it wasn"t like I had any other plans for tomorrow night now that I was single.

It was an hour before the ball. Sarah and I had dressed at my place. I felt pretty, like a princess.

"You are stunning," Sarah said, standing next to me as we looked at our images in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

"I really like this dress," I said, smoothing the black fabric over my flat stomach.

"It looks great on you. I told you, a younger version of Hurley. That"s what I see. I"m glad you left your hair down. It looks perfect."

"You"re looking pretty smoking hot yourself," I said, taking in the sight of her little red dress in contrast with her blond hair. "You are going to have all the attention in the room."

She giggled. "Maybe I"ll find a sugar daddy to take care of me the rest of my days."

"Good luck," I muttered, putting on one last coat of mascara.

My green eyes stared back at me in the mirror. I had done a great job covering up the dark circles under my eyes, caused by several sleepless nights and far too many tears shed over Leo.

"Are you ready to do this"" she said, turning to look at her butt in the mirror.

"As ready as I"ll ever be."

It turned out to be just as easy as Sarah had promised"we walked right into the ballroom of the hotel like we belonged. The room was packed with men in tuxes and women in sparkling dresses that dared to show a lot of skin. There was a live band and twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling. Everyone walked around carrying champagne glasses, smiling and chatting as they mingled. It was a different scene than what I was accustomed to. Not a part of the upper crust of society, I was used to hanging out in dark, smoky bars, shooting pool and drinking beer straight from the bottle.

Sarah had gone off to dance with some guy, leaving me alone to watch the room.


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