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My neighbor just seduced me. She thinks we"re only playing.
But my love isn"t a game. And I"m not about to walk away a loser.

I was minding my own business when my new neighbor walked in.
Holy f*cking sh*t.
I"ve never seen anyone more beautiful.
Curves to kill. Mouth-watering lips.
Too bad she’s my sister’s best friend.
When she "accidentally" bumped into me, I knew what she wanted.
It"s been years since I had a little fun, and Nina"s the perfect person to play with and more.
But my daughter needs me more than Nina.
Her mother"s back.
She all but slapped me in the face when she showed up to reclaim our girl.
But I"m not letting her go without a fight.
I just hope Nina is up for the challenge.
We could be the perfect family.
No more one-night stands. I"m playing for keeps from now on!

“One Night Stand” is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of a steam and a HEA.Books by Author:Sarah J. Brooks Books

Chapter 1


Inside my head, I was fuming. But outside, I was keeping that veneer carefully and pointedly controlled. Even though I wanted to toss the boxes against the door just to hear the bang, I put one foot in front of the other and promised myself that I wasn"t going to make myself look crazy in front of my new neighbors just yet. Though if they knew what I"d been through, perhaps I wouldn"t seem quite as crazy.

I carefully balanced a box full of books on my hip, pushed open the door, and dumped it in the center of the small living room. Glancing around, I still couldn"t believe that this was where I was living now; that this was my fresh start. Away from Fred, away from all of it. My heart twisted in my chest, and I wondered if I"d made the right choice or not.

No. I couldn"t think that way. I"d done the right thing walking away from Fred. What else could I have done" I had walked in on him balls-deep in another woman for the love of God. If I"d taken him back after that, I would never be able to respect myself again. He begged and pleaded with me, and I ignored him, packing up my stuff as swiftly as I could and putting every realtor in the city on speed-dial so I could find a new apartment. He would be stuck with the one we had once shared, with the crappy peeling paint and the mildew spreading over the corner of the bedroom wall. Seemed appropriate, that rot so obvious that we had both ignored until now, as though not focusing on it would get it to vanish.

I had known there was something wrong with Fred for months"hell, maybe even since we had moved in together. It had been his idea to lock me down like that, but he probably only wanted it so he could guarantee that his rent was going to get paid every month for a change; he was on the brink of being booted from his old apartment for failing to deliver on time. I was the one with the job, even if it was just bussing tables in a coffee shop down the street, and that meant he could use me to wring money from and make sure that his lifestyle was upheld. If you could call sitting around smoking pot and playing video games while keeping a secret phone full of other women"s numbers a lifestyle, which he probably would.

I"d had my suspicions for a long time, but I had put them to the back of my mind because, well, what else was there" All the time that we had been together I watched my friends get together with these amazing partners, people who valued them, laughed with them, seemed to actually love them and not care who knew it"and then there was my boyfriend, who would check out other girls right in front of me, who my friends would apologize to me for. But what else was there for me" I was hardly a catch myself, drifting through life with no career and no plans to settle down. It wasn"t like I was going to find anyone better, so I just stuck it out with Fred in the hopes that he would improve. Spoiler alert: he didn"t, and now I was two years down, moving my stuff into a new apartment and trying to scrub the memory of his pimpled ass as he fucked some woman I"d never seen before.

Ugh. I shoved that memory to the back of my mind where it wouldn’t bother me anymore and ran down to the moving van outside to grab another box. But before I made it out the front door of the building, I ran into someone. Someone I"d never seen before. Someone I knew I"d recognize if I had.

"Hey." I slowed my roll, even though I was paying for the moving van and knew they were getting impatient as it was.

"Hey," the man replied with a smile. He was a little older than me, maybe by a few years; he had deep, oak-brown hair with a slight wave to it that curled down to his ears like he hadn"t had time to get it cut in a while, and matching eyes that glinted playfully in the morning light. He was lean and strong, broad shoulders leading down to toned arms.

"I"m Nina Harrison." I extended my hand to him. "I just moved in upstairs. Well, actually, I"m still in the process of moving in upstairs."

"Logan," he introduced himself. "So you"re the one with the moving van outside""

"Yeah, that"s right," I replied. "But it"ll be out of here soon. Just a few more trips."

"You want a hand"" he asked, and a smile curled up on to his lips like he was suggesting something else entirely. I shrugged, pretending I didn"t hear the flirtation, playing the game.


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