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They think I"m going to protect her from the world but I"m the one she needs protecting from.
My best friend"s family is worried about their little girl going off to college.
They"ve sheltered Emma her whole life.
So I offer to let her stay with me while she gets settled and keep an eye on her.
But when Emma arrives, she"s not the geeky girl I remember.
Gone is that girl. Hello to the curviest piece of @$$ in town, and I want to take a bite.
Now I can’t focus on anything with her around, and I keep telling myself I promised her brother I’d protect her.
Turns out all I want to do is corrupt her…Books by Author:Lulu Pratt Books



I opened the suitcase on my bed, mentally making a list of things I would need for my big move. It was only to another part of Tennessee but going anywhere by myself was huge.

I had lived in Chattanooga my entire life. It wasn"t that I didn"t love it here because I did. I had a great family and friends, and it was a wonderful town, but I was nineteen now. I had studied at the local community college until I had enough credits to transfer and convince my parents that I was ready to move and attend the university in Nashville. They only agreed because my brother Greg got his friend Jackson Cooper to let me stay with him when I arrived in town. They had been friends for years. Jackson played backup lineman for the NFL team, the Tennessee Trojans and seemed to be pretty established there.

I used to have a crush on Jackson before he moved away, but that was old news.

I told Mom and Dad that Jackson would help familiarize me with the city, plus we"d known him for years, and they finally agreed. I would be going to college and studying as well as looking for a job. I had a little money from a college fund that my parents set up, but I would need some pocket money as well. Nashville was supposed to be amazing. I wanted to get out and see things. Even if I didn"t have a lot of time, I was going to manage to do that.

I started looking through my clothes to decide what to bring. I went through a thick stack of jeans, leggings and sweats. After that, I grabbed several T-shirts and a few long-sleeved shirts and added them.

Mom took me shopping for some things and I added the new socks, underwear and sports bras that I favored on top of the growing pile. I wasn"t exactly feminine and more of a nerd. I didn"t wear a lot of skirts and dresses, though Mom insisted on getting me anything I might need for Nashville and I agreed when I saw the tears in her eyes.

A chime interrupted the music that was playing, and I walked over to see that my best friend Willow had texted me.

What you up to"

Packing. So much to do!

Right, sounds like fun. I"m on my way now!

My parents were throwing a BBQ for me tonight anyway and she"d be here soon enough. Why not arrive early so we can spend some more time together before I leave"

I continued to look over my closet as the music started again. I reached for a hairband to contain my straight blonde hair and wandered around to see what else I would need. I would come home for the holidays and the odd weekend, but I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

I was going to stay with Jackson in his spare bedroom at his apartment, so I could only bring so much. I bit my lip as I imagined the tall, dark-haired man I remembered when Greg brought up the idea.

Jackson was gorgeous. He was also a player, but I didn"t mention that. I knew my brother, and he was protective as hell. Jackson wouldn"t want much to do with me, but I was worried about him bringing girls back to the apartment.

However, moving to Nashville got me out my parents" house and on the way to be an adult. I"d take the risk, but I expected Greg had a long talk with Jackson.

I heard the doorbell downstairs and smiled.

"Emma"" My mother called. "Willow"s here."

"Hey," I shouted and threw down the camisoles I was holding. I ran downstairs and greeted Willow with a smile as my flame-haired friend carried in a bag.

"I brought you something," she said with a bright smile as we returned to my whirlwind of a bedroom. Willow set down the bag beside the suitcase and sighed heavily.

"I can"t believe you"re actually leaving me."

"It"s not that far. You can visit on weekends when I have my own place."

Willow was still attending the community college and had seven-year-old twin sisters who she wanted to stay close to.

"This is for you, Em, so you can remember me."

I reached for the bag and opened it. Inside was a large picture frame with Willow and me hugging in the center. Around the border were smaller images from our long friendship. Tears started forming as I looked at the pictures, ticket stubs, buttons and other mementoes.

"I"ll visit you at Jackson"s. That man is so gorgeous!" Willow sighed.

She was much more of a dater than I was, and I didn"t doubt that she"d put the moves on Jackson if she had the chance. I was the girl who only had one boyfriend so far and with it a very awkward and brief sexual relationship. It didn"t wow me. I wondered what all the fuss was about.


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