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“Liane. You came, didn’t you"”

My trembling should have made it obvious.
But he had to twist my bliss into something humiliating.
Stoking the fire inside me even more.
Melting away anything that was left of Liane.
Or Lia.
Leaving only my need. My insatiable appetite.

He’s taken my innocence
And teased it, taunted it, caged it.
Taken it to the depths of pain.
And heights of pleasure.
Until he owns every secret inch of me.

Owned is a darker, OMYW romance novella with steamy scenes and a very happy HEA.Books by Author:Zoey Oliver Books

Chapter 1

Two Days Ago" In Seattle

"May I have it again" Please"" I tried to sound as sultry as possible, but it was useless. I knew I sounded pitiful. Hopeless. Desperate.

In truth, I was all those things and more. Or less, actually, depending on your perspective. He held all the cards. Had all the power.

And he knew it.

I mean, I"d crawled over to him. Crawled. I was kneeling next to the bed where he lay, watching television.

"Can you have what, Liane"" he asked. His tone indicated that he knew exactly what I needed, but he wanted the satisfaction of hearing me say it.

"Your cock." Just saying the word aloud–such a base, filthy word–made me clench inside. My voice cracked, making "cock" sound multisyllabic.

Without realizing I was doing it, I licked my lips after I spoke. He chuckled.

Hours earlier, I"d been on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, most of them singing along with me, along with guys holding up signs with proposals on them. Their energy lifted me and filled me like nothing else could.

But here I was, the lights of the arena having barely dimmed, groveling on the floor like a whore.

I wondered which was the real me. I wondered what my fans would think if they could see me now.

Looking down at me, where I knelt on the floor, he swung his legs around and let his feet come to rest on the floor on either side of me. He cradled my face in his large, rough hand. He let it slide back and into my hair, yanking my head back, not hard enough to really hurt, but enough to let me know he meant business- to emphasize his control.

Holding me just like that, he rose and undid his jeans with his free hand. They fell to the floor, leaving him in just his black boxers. His tented black boxers.

I swallowed hard.

"It"s right there, Liane." My head was tilted to look up at him, but all I wanted to see was his dick, his majestic slab of fuck muscle that had changed my entire life. And become my obsession.

"You"re an addict, aren"t you" A junkie. And the only thing that can fix you is right here, isn"t it"" His large hand left my hair to envelop his dick through the silk of his boxers.

I squirmed and whimpered as he massaged it. I wanted to be the one doing that. To feel it swell and pulse. To feel its power.

I pleaded with him using my eyes. My mouth opened into the shape of an "O," an invitation I was desperate for him to accept.

He slid his boxers down slowly, revealing the object of my need inch by marvelous inch.

My face was so flushed with lust and shame that I felt it might burst into flames.

"Good girl. Stay just like that," he commanded, aiming his growing cock for my mouth.

Chapter 2

Three Years Ago"

"There"s no way it"s really him, right"" I asked Shelby, my very best friend in the entire world.

"I don"t know, Lia. He has a blue check mark by his name and everything. Can people fake stuff like that"" Shelby replied.

"Stuff can look so real with Photoshop. I saw a picture the other day of a catfish that was, like, the size of a school bus. With all these guys around it- fishermen- on a dock, like they"d caught it. And it looked totally real. So, yeah, I don"t see why it couldn"t be faked. The alternative would be that Travis Zane has been watching my videos and thinks I"m a good singer. And how ridiculous is that"" I said, my voice shaking.

Shelby and I sat on my bed, looking at my laptop, reading the message I"d received on Twitter. From Travis Zane. Yeah, that Travis Zane. Three consecutive #1 albums, Grammys, sold out world tours, MTV moon men galore, posters on the walls of every teenage girl on the planet. That Travis Zane.

Shelby and I had walked home from school and after spending all of five minutes on our homework, we were online, checking our social media. My dad and Shelby"s parents had both confiscated our phones after we each got caught using them one too many times during class, but we could still use our laptops under the guise of needing to be online to study and complete our homework. So, as was our custom, we"d walked home, stopped by Shelby"s house to grab her laptop, and then over to my house which we"d have to ourselves while my dad was at work.

I barely used my Twitter, so I was surprised when I noticed that I had a direct message at all, much less from somebody famous.

"Hey Lia, I"m a big fan! Love your videos! What you did with "Fearless" was AMAZING!!!"

I"d been posting videos of myself performing cover songs on YouTube for almost a year, and I"d amassed a following of just over twelve hundred subscribers, with my most popular videos receiving over twenty-five thousand views. Not bad for a country girl from New Tazewell, Tennessee, right" And I"d gotten some feedback from viewers, comments on my videos that ran the gamut, from flattering messages like "You rock!" "Love your voice!" to creepy guys telling me what they imagined doing to me and what they did to themselves while they watched my videos, to assholes telling me how pretty I"d be if I"d just lose a few pounds.


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