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Three times the Dom, three times the submission.
The night I was taken changed everything, and shattered who I thought I was.

Stolen away, they put me up on that stage, ready to be sold to whoever could pay.

And there are three who could. Three rich, powerful, dominant, gorgeous men " men with the means to pay for their darkest desires. Three possessive, dangerous men who want me on my knees, ready to submit.

They"ve locked me away in their mansion " at their mercy and at their bidding. They stir something dark in me " desires I"ve never admitted even to myself. And I know its"s wrong to think this way about the men who"ve bound me and made me their possession, but it can"t be controlled.

Maybe there"s something wrong with me " something broken. Maybe it"s always been like that, and maybe only they can fix it.

Submitting, and giving up total control to the three tempting, filthy, dominant men who paid for my obedience might be the key to my salvation.

But only if I dare.

Paid For Three Times is a dark, steamy read involving a mfmm menage romance with three completely obsessed alpha heroes. This is all about her " no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty romance with plenty of steam, this one"s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING!Books by Author:Madison Faye books



"Be a good girl. Open your mouth."

I did as I was told, feeling my pulse run hot in my veins as the shiver teased its way through my body.

I opened my mouth.

"Good girl," he growled, much closer to my ear than he"d been before.

I gasped.

I might not"ve been able to see them with the blindfold on, but I knew they were there.

All three of them.

I could feel their presence in the room " could feel the power they exuded as they circled me like sharks.

Hungry. Focused. Ready to devour me.

I whimpered as I felt a thumb press against my bottom lip " whose, I wasn"t sure, but I trembled just the same. The thumb pressed into the softness, parting my mouth slightly before sliding between my eager, wet lips.

"Suck," a voice growled in my ear, making me moan and strain against the silk ties binding my wrists behind my back.

The voice was behind me this time, though the thumb was from one of them standing in front of me. I could feel the heat from both of their bodies, radiating like fire against my all but naked body " naked but for the sheer, black lace stockings up to my thighs, the red-heeled black stilettos, and the collar.

And the blindfold, of course.

I moaned as I closed my lips around the thumb, sucking gently and swirling my tongue delicately over it.

I wanted to please him.

I wanted to please them.

Because through them, I"d found myself. Through them, I"d tapped into the darkness inside of me that I knew now had always existed just below the surface.

Waiting to be awoken.

I felt the man behind me growl as he moved against me. He"d unbuttoned that crisp Oxford shirt, and I melted against the powerful heat of his bare, muscled torso at my back. I sucked harder as I felt the thickness between his legs pressing into my bare ass " his hands skimming up my sides.

The man in front growled as I sucked his thumb, moving closer to me, just to the side. He too had lost his shirt, and I whimpered at the feel of bare, hard-bodied men pressing into my exposed skin from either side. One powerful hand slid up my body, teasing over my belly and my ribs before it cupped my breast firmly, rolling the nipple between a finger and a thumb.

My head swam. My pulse raced. My body ignited for them.

And then I felt the third man, and that"s when the cry broke from my lips.

His hands slid right over my hip, moving firmly down between my legs.

I was dripping wet for him.

I moaned loudly again, my lips clasping around the thumb again and sucking as I felt this third man"s fingers slide wetly over my clit. He teased me, letting his finger just brush over the eager nub as he moved to press against me.

I whimpered.

He"d lost his shirt and the rest of it, and I moaned as I felt the thick, pulsing heat of his cock hot against my thigh. The man behind me growled into my ear again as his hand dropped between us. I felt him tug at the buckle of his belt, and my body shivered as I heard his impeccably tailored suit-pants drop to the floor. He pressed against me again, and this time, I cried out as I felt his cock throbbing hard against the cleft of my ass.

The thumb pulled from my lips, and I whimpered with a soft pout.

The man in front of me chuckled darkly. "Oh, pet, I am far from done with this mouth." I heard him removing his belt as well, his pants coming undone.

"On your knees," the man behind me whispered heavily in my ear.

I shivered, the moan catching in my throat as my heart thumped widely and the desire teased between my legs.

I knelt for them. I did as I was told.

Of course I did. After all, I belonged to them. These hard, dominant, bad men owned me " officially. Bought and paid for.

But then, that"s not the only reason I did as they said. I did so, because I was a good girl.

I was their good girl.

I moaned as I felt them move closer around me, hands cupping my jaw, fingers tangling in my hair. A finger traced over my cheek.

And it didn"t matter that everything was caving in. It didn"t matter in that moment that far badder men than these three were after us with every intent of killing all four of us. It didn"t matter that we"d broken the rules. It didn"t matter that we"d moved far past whatever this had started as.

It didn"t matter that I wasn"t the same girl I"d been before.

Before them.

"Open your mouth, beautiful," one of them whispered darkly.

My lips parted.

My heart pounded in my chest.

My pussy throbbed with need for them.


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