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I"m the girl who likes "the cock in the back hole."

At least, that"s what the dating profile my so-called friends set up for me claims. I"m also into BDSM, Furries and "I"ll try anything twice."

I have no idea the profile exists until the replies start rolling in. They range from funny, to downright creepy and everything in between. Just as I"m shutting down my email account for good, a new message pops up.

He"s funny and he’s the only one to suspect the profile is a joke, so I think what the hell" I reply.

When he suggests that we meet, I say yes. When I walk into that bar, he’s sitting at a table, facing the other way. He turns his head just enough for me to be able to make out his face"


It"s Cameron Hunter, one of the rudest, most arrogant assholes I"ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. He’s also the son of one of the state’s most influential judges.

The same judge who’s about to become my step-father…Books in Series:Awkward Love Series by Missy JohnsonBooks by Author:Missy Johnson Books

Chapter One


"No." I cross my arms over my chest. "Sorry, but it"s not happening."

"Come on, Darcy," Sasha gently coaxes. She gives me a stern look. "You know the rules. We"d hate to have to use our reserves tomorrow."

"Bullshit you even have reserves," I snort, even though I know she probably does. Sasha always has something else planned as a backup. "And when you say rules, do you mean the shitty ones you made up to torment me"" I query, rolling my eyes. "Cause if you do, then I"m over it."

"Someone is in a mood," Katie comments.

"I think it"s the fact she"s gonna be so old tomorrow," Sasha whispers to Katie. They both giggle, while I scowl at them.

"You"re a year older than me, fuckwit," I remind her with a roll of my eyes.

I glance over at the guy and groan.

"Fine, I"ll do it," I say with a sigh. "But I swear, this is the last time. Got it" This also means you"re never allowed to prank me again, okay""

"Well, it"s a little late notice for tomorrow," Kat huffs. She glances nervously at Sasha, who shrugs. "I don"t think you appreciate how much planning we put""

"Fine," I cut in with a sigh. "Go crazy tomorrow, but no more after that."

"Okay," Sasha grumbles.

I gulp down my beer then I stand up and sashay over to the bar, where the insanely hot guy is busy talking with a friend. I study the way his dark colored suit clings to his athletic frame and I swallow. I"m already regretting what I"m about to do.

Waking up next to him tomorrow would"ve gone a long way to helping me feel a lot better but after this, there"s no chance in hell of that happening.

They stop talking when I"m a few feet away and exchange a look. I know exactly what that look means. They think I"m about to throw myself at one of them. I smile at the guy with the dark hair.

I lower my gaze seductively as I press my lips together, then I lift my eyes to meet his. He"s grinning like an idiot at his friend, because he thinks he knows exactly where this is going. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

"I"m so sorry to interrupt, but I"ve trying to work up the courage to come over here and speak with you all night," I murmur, flashing him a hesitant smile.

I twirl a lock of my long, dark hair around my finger and glance back over at him, doing my best to look embarrassed.

"I"m glad you did." He hums, giving me an encouraging smile. "So, what can I do for you, sugar""

"I wanted to ask you something." I let out a nervous laugh, then I take a deep breath. "God, this is embarrassing, but I was hoping " I wanted to ask you if you"d mind if I, uh, do something for you""

"Yeah, sure." He grins.

"It"s probably going to get me booted out of here," I say with a high-pitched giggle. "But I have this fantasy where I like to be watched, so I was wondering ""

"You want me to watch you"" he murmurs. "Here""

The look in his dark eyes intensifies. He glances at his friend, like he can"t believe his luck, then he turns back to me and grins. I bite my lip in anticipation.

"I don"t want to make you feel uncomfortable," I add hastily.

"Not at all, darlin"." He cocks his head to the side and leers at me. "Knock yourself out," he adds, as he leans back against the bar.

I turn around and assume the position facing away from him. I roll my eyes at Katie and Sasha, who are nearly on the floor, they"re laughing so hard. I shake my head at them because I haven"t even started yet and they"ve lost control.

I can"t believe I"m doing this " again.

I twist around, swinging my hips to the beat of the song, playing in my head as I dance Gangnam Style, step for fucking step. The expression on this poor guy’s face as I whip my imaginary pony is fucking hilarious.

Someone puts the song on their phone, on speaker, which gives me the musical backup I need to really get my groove on. I"ve got quite the little audience going as people clap and whistle, watching me sway my hips. I wink back at Sash and Kat, who are still in hysterics.

When the song ends, I simply stroll back to the girls like nothing happened.

"It never gets old." Sasha gasps, clutching her stomach.

"Oh, trust me. It does," I retort.

You trick a guy into believing you"re about to get off in front of him in a crowded bar, but then instead, you start dancing Gangnam Style, one time, and suddenly it"s your thing.

The only time you"ll ever catch me doing that is today.


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