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"I didn"t discover curves; I only uncovered them."

Brea Plush had gone after the cowboy of her dreams. Her insecurities haunted her since she was a girl. All her life she watched her mama grab what she wanted, always confident, always brash.

Yet, when she finally went after the cowboy of her dreams, she is in for the surprise of her life as Cole turns the tables on her. If if she plans to keep him, she may need the help from her mama Daisy after all.

But Mama Plush may have trouble on her own.

Daisy Plush has run out of land to hide from Rand Monroe. He has finally come to find her all the way from Australia, and is the only man that ever touched her heart. But Maggie doesn"t trust the Playboy/Cowboy. She wants this hot cowboy sundae real bad, but dare she try a taste"

Can she finally just accept the fact that he is the man for her"

When Playin with Fire, a few hot men may be easy to get, but they may be hard to hold onto. Hang on for a sexy, velvet ride as you follow the women of Flatonia, Texas, who have learned “You have to be as big on the inside as you are on the out.”Books in Series:Triple K Ranch Series by J.L. BeckBooks by Author:J.L. Beck BooksCassandra Bloom Books


In Book One"

Plush Stud Ranch, Victoria Texas

Brea bit at her lip and her anger suddenly evaporated. The news about having a sister was like being knocked down by a feather or something. "Well, I guess it"s good news in a way""

Daisy gazed straight at her and tears sparkled in her eyes.

"I mean, all of it was more unfair to her than it was for me." Tears filled Brea"s eyes too. "You raised me the best you could, Mama. I got all the fun and wild stories, and bad cookin" aside, you were the bestest friend I ever had." A grin showed on her lips. "I mean, if it wasn"t for you" I wouldn"t have had pizza every day for a year, ya know""

"Pizza"" Cole asked.

Brea laughed and swiped at a tear as she remembered her mom arranging that date for the prom with the pizza boy from the next town over. "Yeah, Mama had a way with pizza like nothing you ever saw."

Daisy laughed and swiped at her own tears. "You have always been the better woman, sweet girl. The one I never was."

"That"s what I keep tellin" her," Cole spoke quiet like from behind her. "Too sweet for her own good."

Her mama gazed at him for a long moment. "Well, she sure as hell didn"t get that from me! I"m sweet where it counts, but"" She swiftly reverted to her old brashness and looked directly at him. "She did get my taste for men though, despite being so pure about it."

Brea rolled her eyes; she was no saint or virgin, but it would take her two lifetimes to catch up with her mama"s score.

Daisy straightened her black corset and sighed. "Well, I"m gonna skedaddle, got some men to"" She gave Brea a huge wink. ""ogle." Turning away, she made her way to the door.

"Wait, Ma!" Brea called.

Daisy turned around.

"I"m wondering if"well, maybe this isn"t the right"environment for a young girl""

Daisy tilted her curl crowned head. "Yeah, I"ve had a twinge or two. I try to keep her away from the beef auctions."

Cole seemed to stand up straighter. "Beef auctions"" He glanced down at Brea. "Why, there isn"t anything wrong with her seeing cattle sales!"

Daisy tilted her head back and her grin widened.

Brea started to giggle again.

Daisy then broke out into huge laughter.

Cole looked between the women. "What""

Daisy was wiping the tears from her fake lashes. "Well, we ain"t talkin about sirloin on the hoof, cowboy. It"s more like buying your steak in the raw."

Looking baffled, he tried to defend his statement. "I"ve been to like a hundred of them and I just don"t see""

"Stop, you"re killin" me here!" Daisy ordered as she raised her hand. "I"m gonna smear my paint, cowboy!"

Brea was trying to keep her laughter at bay. "Cole, you ain"t been to one of these, trust me."

"Oh, but Lordy Lord, he would break the bank, sweetie"wouldn"t he" Talk about grade A!" Daisy"s eyes almost glittered with the idea.

Brea rushed forward. "Nope, don"t you even think about it. He"s reserved permanently, Mama!" She nudged her out through the doorway.

Daisy"s laughter rang out through the hall. "But"I know some hussy"s that would spend their life"s savings!"

Brea scoffed and slammed the door shut.

"What in the hell was that all about" Steak and hussies""

Smiling at her hard-bodied cowboy, Brea shrugged. "Did you happen to see any cows since you"ve been here""

Cole looked puzzled. "No, but I wasn"t here to look at cows." He stepped close. "I was here to find me some velvet cake."

Brea"s eyes widened. "Velvet cake"""

He nodded and ran his hands along her arms. "Yep, smooth, velvety"" He leaned in close and kissed the skin along her neck. "Tasty"" Grabbing her ass in a tight grip with both hands, he pulled her close. "I get these cravings for cream-filled velvet cake."

Gasping for air, Brea felt him squeezing her buns. This man made her head spin and one of these days her heart may just beat too hard and burst altogether. But what a way to go!

Cole backed her to the door, then reached around her to turn the lock. "This alpha is gonna feast." He reached back to her waist and untied the sash to her robe.

The silky robe dropped to the floor and her body shivered with his words as she was already wet just from him touching her at all.

Pulling her forward, he seemed to wince. "I"m hard all over, just by being near you." He looked down at his now swelling jean buttons.

Brea followed his gaze and sure enough, his jeans were tightly wrapping that hardness. "Oh!"

Cole laughed, but flinched as he shifted his leg.

Brea reached out and popped the top button loose. "Better""

He shook his head, his smile gone.

She leaned close and unhooked another one. Gazing up at him, she tilted her head in askance.

He again, gave her a silent, serious shake of his head.


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