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My dad"s best friend is a possessive Australian.

I had no clue this older man was so possessive, but then again this younger woman was clueless he"d even be in the neighborhood when I took a quick vacation to Bali after my first year at my first job after college.

And it"s the first time I"ve seen him in three years, and giving him my very own first time on the beautiful beaches of Bali would make this possessive alpha male, and my first crush, mine forever.

But if my dad drops in unexpectedly will my possessive Australian stand strong side by side with his best friend"s daughter, or ride a wave right out of my life waving goodbye forever"

*Possessive Australian is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



Oh my god it"s him.

I quickly duck back behind the trees that stand about thirty yards from the water"s edge at the sandy paradise that is Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali.

My heart is racing as I squat down, carefully and quietly placing my oversized surfboard on the sand while I take in the sight of him.

His palm is horizontal, level with his eyebrows as he blocks the sun"s nearly blinding reflections off the water as he surveys the surf conditions.

But as blinding as those reflections may be I can still see clear as day, because I"m not looking at the water.

I"m looking at him.

And that incredible body of his.

His back has the perfect arch, probably from years and years of paddling in the prone position on that very surfboard. And his back muscles are thick and strong as are his trapezius muscles. Surfers are often thin with wiry muscles and blonde haired but not him. He"s got dark brown hair and muscles that make him look more like a built swimmer that you see every four years when the Olympics roll around on television.

As my eyes continue down his body I notice something that has my eyes open even wider.

He"s got a green towel wrapped around his waist, or should I say barely wrapped, because it looks like the loosest knot in the world that the slightest gust of wind, or the smallest tug from my hand, could bring it down in a second.

And next to him on the sand lies his surfboard and a pair of trunks on top.

He drops his hand from his face and extends his arm across his body stretching in one direction and then the next.

How in the world is he so flexible with muscles like that"

Oh how I"d like him to twist and turn me in some of those pretzel positions he"s so effortlessly and fluidly putting his body into.

His chest muscles are thick and strong.

And don"t even get me started on his back and abs.

It seems like one or more of the guys I work with mentions "picking up a twelve pack" every other night. Well, boys this is the kind of twelve pack that I want to pick up! Or should I say pick me up. I can only imagine running my hands all over those grooves in his stomach as I take turns counting each and every muscle all the way down to his"oh my.

And oh my what is he doing here"

I was told he only uses this house once a year for a quick getaway. Apparently that"s how it works when you have houses all over Bali and Australia when you"re making literally billions in natural resources.

But he himself is a natural treasure. I"d heard Aussie guys are big, strong, rugged, and masculine but Oliver takes the proverbial cake, but judging by his fitness levels never eats it.

I suck in quickly realizing I was literally drooling at the sight of him. I"ve been stuck in front of a computer for way, way too long. That"s what explains my super pale skin, slouchy posture, and lack of any male attention in my life this last year"my first year at my first job out of college.

And after one year I finally qualified for a week of vacation. A full seven days.

And when my dad"s best friend and business partner told me a full year ago when I started that I was welcome to use his house here I knew the time was right to take him up on it.

He even told my dad where the key is hidden, who to contact in case of an emergency, and all the other information I might need.

They"re close like that. My dad went to Sydney as an exchange student when he was in elementary school. Oliver"s family hosted him for an entire school year. I bet both their family and my father"s parents were just expecting two young boys to learn a bit about each other"s culture and get into a bit of mischief, but it turned out to be the beginning of what would become a lifelong friendship made in heaven.

They did talk about their cultures, but when they were playing outside searching for and identifying the many exotic wild animals that Australia is home to and also spending a lot of time in the water together surfing, they started tossing business ideas around. They wanted better surfboards and the good ones are not cheap. There were a lot of, "imagine if we were older how much money we"d have," lines tossed around and they stayed in touch for years even after my dad headed back home.

Every year or two for the first few years after they took trips to the other"s country to stay for a vacation. And in-between those trips they talked on the phone, and this was back when you actually had to pay a pretty penny for long distance calls so they didn"t mince words when they spoke. They were always businesslike with each other, and it was their love of business that bonded them. They took turns sharing lessons learned from their earliest ventures in lemonade stands, paper routes, mowing lawns, or other small business attempts young guys find themselves pursuing.


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