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Possessive Brazilian will delight fans of Jenika Snow and Alexa Riley

Possessive Brazilian is an understatement.

The first time I heard about machismo, possessiveness, jealousy, and obsession and how prevalent it can be in Latin romance, I thought it was just an exaggeration.

But when I have my first hands-on, unwanted experience the first time my company sends me to Brazil I see that it"s no exaggeration at all.

And neither is the bulge in the Speedo of the older man who comes to my rescue and tells the younger man my age "hands off" before taking matters into his own hands.

Violence isn"t my thing, but neither are grabby guys. And when that older man throws out the pervy perpetrator for not knowing how to treat a lady I have to admit I"m really relieved"and totally turned on by this possessive alpha male.

And when this possessive Brazilian tells me right away that I"m his I"m not sure it"s a case of d"j" vu and I should grab my luggage and run right back to the airport, or grab him and for the first time in my life tell this real man that he"s mine too.

And the more I see that he"s a real man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is me, I realize for the first time I"m ready to give him what I"ve been saving up all these years for one man and one man only.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"I said. Take. Your. Fucking. Hands. Off. Her."

I"ve been training and competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Shotokan, and a whole laundry list of other martial arts most people couldn"t even pronounce, let alone survive one second in, since I was five.

And if this prick wants to live to see another day he better take his hands off this guest, my guest, at my hotel, here in B"zios, just over a hundred miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I"m thirty-five now that gives me a thirty year head start on kicking this guy"s ass and showing him if you so much as give a woman an unwanted glance that makes her uncomfortable, and I see it or hear about it, you"ll have to deal with me.

I don"t wait for women to complain. I do the "complaining" for them and I don"t do it with my mouth.

I do it with my fists.

But I always give the other person one chance to rectify their behavior real quick, assuming it wasn"t so far out of line that I have to take action immediately.

I competed in mixed martial arts, or MMA as it"s known, for a living. I"m literally a lethal weapon and I"m not afraid to utilize everything I"ve learned over the years to do damage to a man who doesn’t respect women.

The man"s head turns, because no other parts of his body can. I"ve got my hand in a white-knuckle grip around his arm and can literally control his body"s entire movements like a puppet.

And this clown better give me the answer I want.

And speaking of answers, how is this beautiful woman who just arrived at the poolside going to answer when I tell her she"s mine"

But in all honesty she won"t have to because it"s not a question. I"m going to show her I"m the only man for her. To win her hand and the second I do I"m going to put a ring on it and wife her up. Make her mine forever and get to work on putting babies inside that belly of hers.

She may have a wrap, or sarong, or whatever those things are called that women wear over the top of their swimsuits on, but I can see through that transparent white fabric right down to her luscious curves.

And does she ever have curves.

I"m six foot four and I fight in the heavyweight division. To say I"m a big guy is a huge understatement. And I"ve got more testosterone in my little finger than most guys have in their entire family tree. And that means she"s got to be ready for the constant desire I"m going to have for her.

Part of my training is being celibate and setting up camp in the middle of nowhere to avoid any and all distractions. I"ve been doing it my entire life and although each time I win a big fight, and I"ve won them all, women are literally throwing themselves at me.

But the minute I"m out of the ring I"m right back into my relaxation and get-away-from-it-all place here in B"zios.

Those stupid gossip mags have been trying to track me down for years, but they were never able to.

Now that my career is over I"ve turned my knowledge of B"zios into an all-inclusive luxury resort and spa.

And we"ve got some of the biggest celebrities and business owners from all over the world coming here, but none have ever been as important to me as her.

And I can"t explain why, but the moment I laid eyes on her it was like a kick to the gut.

That"s never happened to me before. Never.

Most women are all the same to me"trying to latch onto my celebrity status or money. I can see right through it.

But when it comes to her I see something real. I can see an honest, genuine person behind those blue eyes of hers.

I see a woman who has no idea who I am other than some guy who"s probably terrifying her and coming to her defense all at the same moment.

And that"s exactly what I"m going to do forever when I make her mine.

The man mumbles something and his hand comes off her arm, but mine isn"t about to come off his as I escort him to the exit.

I shove him out myself, making sure to do so close to the camera so he can"t come back and say I broke his bones or something and then hire some two-bit lawyer to come after me.

I nod to my head of security, Royce, to nonverbally communicate to him that this guy"s never allowed back inside again.

But inside is exactly where I go, right back to the pool to apologize to that perfect young woman for this man"s behavior and to assure her he will never bother her again.


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