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Possessive Canadian"

I thought a Canadian man was tolerant, humble, easy-going, and non-violent.

But when this younger woman goes to Whistler to get away from the stresses of work, I meet an older man who tells me, in a not so humble way, that I"m his from now on.

And he"s dead serious when he says that he"s not tolerant of other men trying to take me from him. And when a sexy snowboarder gives me a lusty look I see the kind of violence that he"s capable of.

And it turns me on, even though it shouldn"t.

It"s the first time I"ve met a man who was so into me. Maybe because it"s the first older man this younger woman has ever had interested in her, but it makes me realize the boys my age can"t compare to a real man.

And because he’s my real man I know it"s time for another first time"experiencing my very first time with him now that he possesses my heart.

But when it"s time to leave this winter wonderland and return to the doldrums of work, will he send me packing or tell me I"ll never pack my bags again"because my Canadian romance is going to last forever because I"m truly his no matter where in the world where we find ourselves from here on out"

*Possessive Canadian is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



She was mine the minute she walked through the door.

With her long, blonde hair and big blue eyes that were as vibrant and alert as they were beautiful there was no way I was letting her escape my grasp.

And especially not to some guy who thinks that whistling at women is okay.

"You don"t know how to use that mouth of yours to talk"" I say as I stand over him as he cowers into his seat as his table. "I"ll show you how it"s done," I say.

I point to the door. "Out!"

"I"m not hurting anyone"" he says. "Just having a little fun."

"Fun" You think that woman whose attention you"re trying to get is finding this fun"" I bend from the waist leaning in closer so my face is level with his. "Son, that woman"s got more balls than you do sitting in here tolerating your juvenile nonsense. She may not say anything to you about it, because she knows that it"s better to ignore idiots like you. But unfortunately for you I don"t. See I don"t have manners like she does. You lose them out in the oil sands of Athabasca when you"re in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a bunch of men who are so angry, lonely, and drunk that they could rip your head off and forget about it by the time they sobered up in the morning." I pause. "And if you don"t stand up and walk out of here right fucking now I"ll throw you out myself. One"" I say beginning my count to three. And his ass better be out of that chair and on his way well before I finish saying "two"."

"You can"t make me leave. This isn"t your place," he says.

"As a matter of fact it is. And you had your chance, son," I say my hands shooting up and grabbing him under the armpits as I lift him straight out of his chair causing it to tip backwards.

"Put me down!" he yells.

"Oh, I"m going to put you down all right," I say as I carry him towards the door.

If there"s one thing I hate more than anything in the world it"s rude behavior towards women. And no way in hell is anything other than respect and praise towards women going to be tolerated in a place that I own, and that I call home.

Especially not from some punk kid.

I call him a kid, but I can tell from carrying him that he"s probably a solid two hundred and twenty pounds of mostly muscle"but it"s the kind you get in a gym lifting iron plates in the air conditioning in your matching Nike outfit.

My muscles, on the other hand, were forged in the remote parts of northern Alberta, up by Fort McMurray which is nearly a thousand miles from where I recently opened this ski resort here in Whistler, British Columbia with all the money I made when I struck it rich with a massive oil find.

But he doesn"t need to know that. All he needs to know is how to treat women with a little respect and showing him the consequences of bad behavior should bring him right into line real quick.

I push him so hard into the front door that it opens outward for me. Then I release one hand from under his armpits and quickly grab the back of his pants by the top and my other hand quickly slides around and takes a hold of his collar.

I rock back on my heels and then my body weight shoots forward as I release him sending him flying in the Superman position just before his face meets a freshly plowed pile of snow.

But his face isn"t the only thing as suddenly his entire body disappears into the cold white wall.

I see some snow go flying and he kicks his way out the back and takes off in the other direction.

"You can"t do that to me!" he yells.

"I just did, and if you try it again I"ll do a whole lot worse. And I never forget a face," I holler at him, but he"s making tracks so fast and the wind has started to pick up he might not even hear me.

He"s not prepared for this kind of lifestyle, but I am.

But the moment I saw her I knew I was prepared for another kind of lifestyle"family man.

I"ve been single my entire life, just working and saving my money until I struck it rich. I was focused, burying myself in my work.

But now, because of her and her alone, it"s time for a change.

There"s no point in doing all this unless there"s someone to share it with. Someone to spoil and show her she means everything to you.

Thoughts like these never crossed my mind until I saw her.

And now those aren"t the only thoughts that are crossing my mind.


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