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Possessive firefighter doesn"t even begin to describe my dad"s best friend.

This older man is tall, muscular, smart, and intense…and he’s the only man I"ve ever wanted. The first time he lets me know he wants me too he has this younger woman ready to share her very own first time with this hot fireman.

As a California firefighter he"s battling a year of record fires, but when when my parents return from vacation will my dad"s best friend have to do battle with my dad too"

Will my dad try and stomp out the flame we"ve built, turning our relationship to ash and dust, or will this firefighter prove to him our love is a raging inferno…set to burn white-hot forever with a house full of children, happiness, laughter and most importantly love"

*Possessive Firefighter is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"Where"s Sierra""

"Who"s that""

"The girl whose house you"re in, idiot."

"I don"t know, man. I just came for the free booze," the college-aged boy says to me.

"She"s out back," a girl in a short skirt who"s practically falling out of her top says. "But if you"re really a fireman like that shirt says then maybe you wanna stay in here. I can promise I"m more fun."

I push past the sea of bodies disgusted at what I"m seeing.

My best friend Scott and his wife Serinda decide to finally take their honeymoon a full twenty-one years after their shotgun wedding, and what do they get in return"

Their only child decides to throw a raging party on the first day they"re away.

Scott asked me to swing by the house and make sure everything was okay, and that"s exactly what I"m doing.

But everything is definitely not okay. I"m going to put an end to this right now.

I exit the back porch and see Sierra across the lawn. Her eyes immediately lock on mine and my steps freeze for a second.

Damn! Is that her"

I suddenly realize I haven"t seen her in about five years. It must have been her sweet sixteenth birthday party, but that was only in passing. I just dropped by to drop off a present while she was with her friends.

Most of the time when Scott and I hang out we"re out and about. Biking in the canyon. Surfing. We"ve have both stayed active well beyond our thirty-nine years and when we do things we meet at a rally point since our lives are so busy. I"m usually coming from a twenty-four hour shift or going to one so separate rides are a must.

But with these damn wildfires ravaging our beautiful state of California these twenty-four hour shifts have become more like forty-eight, seventy-two, and even ninety-six with a few power naps of twenty minutes wedged in.

And right now I"m running on fumes and I have no time for any b.s. whatsoever and from the looks of things here my b.s. meter is off the charts.

But what"s making me even angrier is how damn hot Sierra looks. Her top is almost as low cut as that girl"s inside and those shorts are way too close to being Daisy Dukes. And as angry as I am I"m even more pissed off at myself. Why wasn"t I dropping by the Smith"s house more often"

I shake my head trying to catch my thoughts. Thoughts I should not be having.

This is my buddy"s daughter for Pete"s sake. His suddenly very adult daughter.

It must be about ten o"clock, but even through the darkness I can see her piercing blue eyes. It"s the light reflecting from the swimming pool I tell myself, but it"s more than that. It"s my intense focus on her and only her.

Damn, I"m still frozen in place. I pick up my foot, which feels like it"s stuck in molasses, and march right over to her.

"Hey, Asher," she says.

"What in the hell is this Asher shit" It"s Mr. Adams and you know your parent"s told you not to have any parties while they were gone."

"It"s just a get-together. Just a few people came by."

"A few people" You"ve got well over one hundred people on this property and I can see five fire code violations alone from just right here where I"m standing."

"We"re being safe."

"Safe" The state is burning and what do you call that"" I ask raising my chin up in the direction of some boy who"s smoking a cigarette next to the pool. He looks at Sierra and winks before he flips the butt of his cigarette back behind him without looking into the dried out grass and that"s when I totally lose it.

I beeline it for him and watch as his eyes get big. I recognize this kid. He"s some big shot on campus and he may be six foot four and two twenty five but he"s got nothing on me. I can see from his tank top that he"s got that Abercrombie kids body. I"m six foot five and two hundred and fifty pounds and I"ve got a man"s body. The kind of body you get in the gym and from real life. From pulling people out of burning buildings. From rolling logs over in the forest when they fall and cause massive damage. That kind of real man strength.

And when I grab him by the collar his protest sounds like nothing more than a whine to me.

"Let go of me you"you"old man," he says so I put my other hand on him, sliding both up and under his armpits and lifting him in the air.

"Oh shit!" I hear some kid yell, and he"s right. I"m pretty sure the jock I"ve got suspended a solid six inches off the ground is about to make those pink pool shorts turn brown.


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