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When my dad"s best friend, the hot cop, suddenly becomes a possessive, territorial, controlling, obsessive, borderline stalker there"s cause for concern.

And when I find out I"m this possessive protector"s obsession I"m not sure if I should run into his older man arms, or if this younger woman should take off in the other direction as fast as she can.

But when I discover this possessive policeman is obsessed with my safety and making me his I know I was smart to save my first time just for my police officer prince charming.

Will his possessiveness wear me out or turn out to be a blessing in disguise"

And will my dad give his best friend his blessing when my possessive cop decides it"s time to get down on his knee and ask to possess me forever"

*Possessive Policeman is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"Hit the lights," I say. "Now dammit!"

Gooch, my beat partner shoots me a "WTF calm down buddy" look.

"How many cups of coffee did you have this morning, Sarge""

I reach across him and hit the switch myself. I grab the microphone.

"Pull over," I say from the passenger seat.

"Are you okay, man""

"I got this one," I say as my door flies open.

"You know we never make a stop""

"Alone!" I say and shoot him a look that lets him know he can keep his ass in the seat.

"License and registration," I say in a voice that would send shivers up the spine of even the most hardened of criminals.

The girl in the driver"s seat fumbles with her keys and reaches for the glove box. She pulls it open and god knows what all spills out onto the other girl in the passenger seats knees before falling to the floor mat.

"Just one second, officer," she says. "I"m really sorry."

The girl in the passenger seat looks up. I point to the floor letting her know she can get to work anytime helping her friend pick through the mess of papers on the floor and give me the documents I asked for.

"Let"s go, girls," I say. My patience is wearing thin.

The driver finds the documents and hands them to me.

"Mr. Armstrong"" she asks.

"Officer Armstrong. What are you doing out this late Ms. Adams""

Her mouth hangs open in awe. "It"s"Um"I mean it"s"9:17. It"s not late."

"It"s over half an hour after sunset. You need to be in your apartment studying."

"It"s summer. Classes don"t start until tomorrow."

"You already bought your books for the summer semester""


"Go home right now and put your nose in them."

I hand her her registration and license back and straighten my back.

"Now," I say.

She turns the key and the engine fires up. "Oh my god!" she says in frustration as she pulls away with the window still down.

"Oh my god is right!" the girl in the passenger says before they"re out of earshot.

I walk back to the car and sit down in the passenger seat.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, man" You can get written up for that. You know the damn dashboard camera is running all the time."

"Drive!" I say.

"Holy shit, dude," Gooch says and does what I say.

If only he knew the reason behind my aggression.




I push open the front door and listen as I hear the knob hit the drywall hard.

"You said you were going to put that doorstop up, Jeff!" I yell at Katie"s boyfriend.

"I"m working on it. Chill," he says as he stuffs another Cheeto in his mouth and watches SportsCenter reruns for at least the third time today.

"Uhhh!" I say.

I take off up the stairs and hear Katie"s steps right behind me.

She"s following me so closely I don"t even have a chance to slam the door behind me when I enter my room.

"You know him"" she asks.

"I thought I did. What an asshole."

"Asshole is right. If you don"t want him then introduce him to me!"

"You"ve got a boyfriend."

"Jeff" Yeah, boyfriend is right"as in will never be the amount of man that cop had in his little finger." She pauses. "Is it just me or do you need to change your panties too""

"Gross!" I say. But she"s right. As much as that was totally out of line and out of character for Mr. Armstrong I can"t deny there was something very, very hot about it.

And I"m not sure if I should be even more upset or more turned on.

I"m totally confused. No one has ever talked to me that way in my entire life, nor have they needed to. I"m a good girl. I do my schoolwork. I don"t drink, smoke, or do drugs. Why in the hell did he go off on me like that"

I pick up my phone and hit the number one which I have set to speed dial for my parent"s house.

"Hey sweetheart," my dad says.

"Dad! What did you say to Mr. Armstrong""

"Well, hello to you too." He pauses. "What"s wrong""

Now I"m stuck. I got upset without think and my emotions got the best of me. Now I have to backpedal. "Nothing."

"It sure doesn"t sound like nothing."

"I just"saw him today. That"s all." Oh did I ever see him. How could you miss his height, muscles, and complete sexiness"

"Did he see you""


"Well, didn"t he say hello."

"Um yeah. Sure. Sorry, dad. I gotta go. Love you and mom. Bye."

I toss my phone on my bed and then decide to join it there with a faceplate onto the comforter.

"Who is he" Tell me. Tell me. Tell me."

"I need to be by myself. Out!" I say.

Without raising my head from the comforter I raise my arm and point to the door.

"I"m getting the details later."

"You"re not getting anything. And there are no details," I mumble through the fabric.

My head shoots up from the bed. "Out!"


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