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Failure isn’t an option. Even for her.
She was beautiful.
It was dangerous.
She was fierce.
It made her a target.
She was loyal.
It would be her downfall.
I am Dane Anderson.
I’m powerless to my attraction to her, even if she’s my next job. As a hitman in an underworld she can only fear, I have a reputation to uphold.
She will learn, no matter how innocent she is, I never fail on a job …
Including her.Books by Author:Chelsea Camaron BooksRyan Michele Books



The call had me rattled.

Not because it wasn"t my turn. The rotation had me out. There were three of us who worked together. They had my back, and I had theirs. In our line of work, you never fully trusted anyone, but we couldn"t work all the damn time without some sort of break. Unfortunately, it wasn"t simply building up time off and submitting for it. Jobs came when they came, and there was no predicting it. So I had acquired a team within my same skillset. Together, we were able to work in time off for each of us as well as not allowing a man to go in alone.

This also allowed protection from the men we worked for. Since not every job was a repeat client, we didn"t always know the people we were working for. This made us all vulnerable. Every move we made had to be thoroughly planned, calculated. Knowing I had them at my back, though, there was more security in numbers. By having an organization, it made anyone considering killing us on the backend of completion of a mission a non-issue because there were more pieces involved than a single individual.

I was on vacation if one had to label this time off. To any regular or new client, they would deal with my associates. I wouldn"t even be bothered to know my skills were requested.

Anyone else wouldn"t have dared to track me down during this time out. There was no way to tie me to life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since my office, my apartment that was registered to me, and anything else he managed to seek out, sent everyone back to Philly. My house in Lancaster was in Ellen Sue"s name. Again, I had no ties from my business life to my personal one. I couldn"t. There was only one man who knew about Onyx, Garrett, and Paxton. There was only one man with enough balls to intrude on my personal life and time.

No one would dare risk my retribution.

There was only one man willing to risk himself and my freedom by calling me at Onyx"s home.

No one else would risk the blow back from me. No one else had the pull he did. No one else was untouchable and invincible.

Except him.

He didn"t give a shit what my life had become, only what I owed him. My time off didn"t matter one bit to him, only his request mattered.


They fucking blew.

I couldn"t deny the marker. I wouldn"t deny what I owed to him.

No matter what it cost me.

This week of my life was dedicated to my brothers, Onyx, Paxton, and Garrett. The business we had built together.

I needed a chance to refocus. Things were changing. My brothers were adjusting to life and building families of their own. I was happy for them. Garrett was still the single man standing with me, but it was only a matter of time before he fell down the rabbit hole of love too. It wasn"t entirely a bad thing. Only in my line of work, love" well, it never worked.

While I would never have what Onyx and Paxton had found, I was truly happy for them. Anyone attached to me was at risk. It was why I had worked myself so hard to be shut off from everyone including them. The distance between them and my job was in place. They were untouchable by my world. They didn"t exist there, and I was bound and determined to keep it that way.

The only person who knew of them had this one marker left and then he would be nothing more than a past associate to me.

This was it.

After this job, my world and family would be in the clear. He would never cross a line to touch them or share my connection to them with anyone. I hadn"t crossed him, and he wouldn"t cross me. It was how it worked when you dealt with the darkest of men. While I couldn"t trust him not to use any weakness to get me in line, he wouldn"t cross me as long as I did my job.

It had been this way for years now and wouldn"t be changing. I just had to get through one more task to have it all wiped away.

Onyx, Paxton, Garrett and I had worked hard to build our little empire. We had done it all together. Each of us bringing our own skillsets to the table. For me, it was our business that meant the most personally. I made more money in my other ventures, but it wasn"t something I could be proud of; it was something we survived on in the beginning. The business was what pushed me through job after job. The chance to control someone"s dream. To give them the child they truly longed for. I took side job after side job pouring as much money into the business until we made it to where we were today.


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