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My secretary needs my protection.
I"m a billionaire. I"m used to taking what"s mine.
But Joanna is the one woman I"ll keep out of my bed.
Don"t get me wrong. She"s hot.
Curves that make a man hard – and the purity of an angel.
But a man like me doesn"t crush angels.
Her psycho ex is coming after her.
I"ll hide her away in my mansion out of town.
Just me and her " and my desire to f*ck her.
But I won"t touch her.
I won"t take advantage of her.
She wants to show me her gratitude.
Begs to repay me.
I"ll let her strip for me and then picture her body later – imaging it"s her hand on my c*ck.
That"s as far as I"ll let it go.
But who the hell am I kidding"
I"m hard – but I"m not made of steel.

Protected by my Boss is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words with a hot-as-hell protective alpha and a HEA.

xx Tia
Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.Books by Author:Tia Siren Books

Chapter 1


I grinned down at the iPad while I scanned the offer I"d received in my email. A young startup company had a killer app that had a lot of potential. They just needed an investor to help them get going, so they came to me. Half a million dollars was pocket change to me, but in exchange, they were willing to give me fifty percent of the company. It was a great deal and a great fucking way to start my Wednesday morning"a high-end payday with a company that was going to make me even richer.

I typed out a crisp reply to them before sending the document off again. I made a mental note to tell Roger, once he was back in after his sick days, that we needed to set up a conference call with this company. It was a pain in the ass not having my assistant here to help, but I hated the idea of someone full of shitty germs sitting at the desk right outside my door. The last thing I wanted to deal with was being sick.

I did everything possible to make sure I didn"t get sick. I took a shit-ton of Vitamin C every day. I ran every morning, even out in cold, wintry days like this one. I ran my health and life the way I ran my business"strict and orderly with little time for bullshit.

"Mr. Burke""

I glanced over at the phone on my desk when Joanna Lind"s pleasant voice filled my office through the intercom. She had a timid voice when it came to directly dealing with me. Not that I minded her shyness. It had been a bit of a turn-on since the day I hired her to help out with the front office, but also to help Roger when he was out sick. She made a nice addition to the office. She worked hard, and everyone loved her.

And I certainly didn"t mind those killer fucking curves of hers.

"Yes," I said coolly. "What is it""

"Ashton Wilkes is here to see you for your ten-thirty meeting," Joanna said. "Would you like me to send him in now""

I was partially tempted to say no. Ashton had called two days ago with a proposition that he believed I would be interested in, but I didn"t know what exactly he wanted to get me involved in. After being friends with him for a few years, he trusted me to handle whatever he had in mind. I wasn"t even sure if billionaires like ourselves had real friends, though. When it came to money, it changed people"s moral compasses. I was guilty of it myself sometimes"not that I was proud of it.

"Let him in," I said and turned my iPad off. "If you can move my eleven o"clock meeting to another time, that would be great, Joanna."

"Of course, sir. Right away."

So prompt and submissive. It made my mind wander in directions that weren"t appropriate.

The doors to my office opened a minute later. Ashton strolled in and deposited himself in the chair across from me, unbuttoning the front of his suit jacket in the process. He flashed a grin that showed just how excited he was.

"I assume there"s a reason why you needed to see me," I said, sitting back in my chair. I arched an eyebrow at him. "Correct" I have a busy schedule to keep up with over here."

Ashton waved his hand airily. "Of course," he said. "I didn"t come here to see your pleasant face this morning. I have an acquisition you might be interested in."

"What is it"" I asked, my interest piqued.

"A fashion conglomerate based right here in Salt Lake," Ashton said. "The CEO, a woman, just upped and quit after a shitty quarter, and the company is in utter chaos right now. I"m pretty sure it can be picked up cheap."

I caught on to the hint then. Scrubbing a hand across my stubbled jaw, I stared across my desk at Ashton with a frown. Female CEO. Fashion conglomerate. That sounded vaguely familiar to me.

"What"s the name of the business"" I asked.

"Jacob"s Fashion is the name," Ashton said. "It"s been all over the news for the past two days since the CEO, Donna Jacobs, fled the country. Went to South America or some shit like that." He paused to give me a long and hard look. "You seem to know her judging from that sour look on your face."

Up until a month ago, I had known Donna Jacob"s very well inside the bedroom. The woman knew how to fuck hard. She knew the definition of being discreet, too, which was an added bonus. Her tricks in bed had grown old for me, though. The relationship, as casual as it was, fizzled out on its own. We both stopped calling each other, which was a small relief for me because I hated clinginess. Donna had her own business to run, so pining after a casual fling wasn"t high on her priority list.


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